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Major Projects
Baiyun Airport T2 terminal to be put into use next February
Update: 2017-04-18     Source: english.gz.gov.cn
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is counting down to the launching of its T2 terminal.

According to the Airport, T2 terminal will launch the first "cloud plus" theme commercial district, which has a planning area of 44,000 square meters, 1.5 times that of the commercial district at T1 terminal. It is said that top international brands and brands with Lingnan characteristics and regarding cultural experience will be introduced into the district.

T2 terminal covers a floor area of 658,700 square meters, equipped with a 222,000-square-meter ground transportation center (GTC). It offers seamless transportation of civil aviation, urban rail, metro and expressway. Its design capacity can meet the demand of 45 million passengers annually. It is planned to be put into use in February, 2018.

The commercial district at T2 terminal and GTC will welcome over 360 stores. According to the person in charge, high-quality commercial carriers will be introduced into the district from the whole world. The Airport is aiming to build a Skytrax five-star terminal, to boost the construction of the world-class aviation hub.

"Baiyun Airport is a name card of Guangzhou, so it should be integrated with more local and Lingnan elements, which makes it stand out among the aviation hubs around the world," said the official in charge of T2 commercial plan. In order to highlight the regional characteristics, Baiyun Airport has reserved places for stores of Guangzhou’s time-honored brands and Cantonese culture.

The most distinctive feature of T2 terminal is the "cloud plus" theme. At the fourth floor of the terminal, seven theme sections will be set up, including "cloud + delicacies", "cloud + street" and "cloud + market". It is said that emerging commercial service regarding interaction, experience and presentation is warmly welcomed, such as "culture + book bar", "catering + baking", "music + karaoke". The Airport hopes the innovative products and multifunctional interaction can bring feeling of freshness to the passengers.

As can be seen in the commercial plan of T2 terminal, preset experience projects contain "parent-children interaction", "sci-tech interaction", "cultural and creative bookstore", "art gallery", "music admiring and singing", etc. It is likely that the commercial service at T2 terminal will be a new highlight and favored by the passengers while waiting for the flight at the Airport.

(by Monica, newsgd.com)

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