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Dragon Boat Rain blasting Guangdong
Update: 2019-05-27     Source: newsgd.com

Rainy weather is expected in Guangdong from Monday (May 27th) to the end of this month, the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau forecast, adding that Pearl River Delta, Shanwei and western Guangdong would see strong rainstorms on Tuesday.

Heavy rains accompanied commuters this morning (May 27th), with 37 rainstorm warnings issued as of 8:30 am, with seven cities and counties releasing red rainstorm alerts, including Yangchun, Yangjiang, Taishan, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Doumen and Zhongshan.

Gaozhou of Maoming was blasted by rainstorms. Rain is expected to continue through to midday. The Gaozhou Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm alert at 9:05 am today.

The Guangdong major meteorological disaster emergency office responded to the weather situation at 8:30 am by launching a level-three emergency response, a relatively high-level emergency response mechanism. Measures are being taken by provincial and local authorities to try to prevent and minimize losses.

Meteorologists have reminded residents that Guangdong has now entered the "Dragon Boat Rain" season (May 21st to June 29th), which means the region is prone to persistent and heavy precipitation.

In 2008, Guangdong experienced a particularly long "Dragon Boat Rain" season, with the province receiving an average of 625.6 millimeters of rain, as opposed to the usual 335.2 millimeters.

The arrival of the "Dragon Boat Rain" season means rivers swell, allowing dragon boat races to take place successfully. The period is also the early peak season for flooding across the province.

Authorities have reminded residents to be aware of the risk for flash flooding in urban areas, as well as mudslides and falling trees in mountainous and rural areas.

During periods of serious weather, residents have been reminded to keep up with television, radio, internet and new-media rainstorm red alert releases.

3-Day Forecast for Guangzhou

May 28th, Tuesday, rainstorm, 23℃ - 27℃;

May 29th, Wednesday, rainstorm, 24℃ - 26℃;

May 30th, Thursday, thundery showers, 24℃ - 28℃;

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