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Notification on Further Strengthening the Disease Prevention and Control Work in Communities and Rural Areas, Guangzhou Command Center for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Control and Prevention (No.3)
Update: 2020-02-07     Source: Guangzhou Command Center for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Control and Prevention

In order to rachet up our efforts in disease prevention and control, to practically guard people’s health and safety and to protect public interest, in accordance with laws and regulations such as Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and Emergency Response Law of the People's Republic of China, following the requirements of Guangdong Province’s Level One Response to Major Public Health Emergency, you are hereby notified of relevant matters as follows:

1. Residents must take preventive measures properly. You are advised to clean your hands frequently. Non-essential travels should be avoided. Visits to other people’s houses or apartments are not recommended. Group lunches or dinners should also be avoided. You must wear a face mask in public places. Indoor entertainment and cultural facilities in rural areas shall be closed.

2. Entries and exits to all residential blocks/villages must be monitored and controlled. Strengthen management over the entry and exit of people/vehicles, residents and vehicles of residents who do not reside in the residential block/village (including but not limited to couriers, food deliverers and their vehicles) are restricted from entering into the residential block/village. Items delivered by courier services or food delivery services should be placed at the designated area for customers to collect. A control point must be set up at each entrance and exit, residents must present identifications when entering into and leaving the residential block/village. Residents’ body temperature must be measured upon entering and leaving the residential block/village. According to work instructions, residents whose body temperature exceeds 37.3 Celsius degrees should be cooperative with regard to medical observation and report their conditions to the residents’ autonomous committee or villagers’ autonomous committee.

3. Arrivals into Guangzhou should be reported on the day. People who do not hold Guangzhou Hukou and people who hold Guangzhou Hukou should report their arrivals to the organizations they are affiliated with and the residents’ autonomous committee/villagers’ autonomous committee on the day if they are travelling from outside of Guangzhou. If further propagation of the disease was caused by anyone arriving into Guangzhou who had deliberately concealed their travel history to the most affected areas or health conditions, such persons shall be held legally liable.

4. People who are currently held up in the most affected areas shall not return to Guangzhou until the Level One Response to Major Public Health Emergency has been lifted. For people working for public organizations (Party and government affiliated organizations, other public institutions and state-owned-enterprises) who returned to Guangzhou before the Level One Response is lifted, they shall be held accountable by the discipline and inspection body at the corresponding level. For people without a Guangzhou Hukou, if they had travelled to the most affected areas and entered into Guangzhou before the Level One Response is lifted, they shall not be entitled to apply for the point-based Guangzhou Hukou within three years of time, nor can they apply for the point-based public housing. 

5. People who returned to Guangzhou from the most affected areas must be placed under home quarantine or stay at quarantine centers, and are not allowed to go out. People who have returned to Guangzhou from the most affected areas within the past 14 days must receive medical observation under home (including dormitories) quarantine. The quarantine will end in 14 days provided that no symptom has been found. Any respiratory symptoms such as fever, coughing or dyspnea must be reported to residents’ autonomous committee/villagers’ autonomous committee immediately. Under the guidance from staff of the residents’ autonomous committee/villagers’ autonomous committee, people with such symptoms shall wear appropriate protections and go to nearby fever clinics to receive medical diagnosis. Concealing information or delaying the report of information is strictly forbidden. Whoever conceals their exposure to the most affected areas or goes out before the quarantine period ends shall be sent to quarantine centers by law. If further spread of the disease was caused by people who refused to be placed under mandatory quarantine at home or quarantine centers, they will be held legally liable.

6. Sufficient care and essential supplies shall be provided to people under home quarantine. Street (town), residents’ autonomous committee/villagers’ autonomous committee must provide health management and sufficient care to people under home quarantine. Several measures must be taken, including: a health notice must be put up in front of the door of residents who are under home quarantine; a home quarantine letter must be sent to residents involved; a designated contact from the community must be identified; a thermometer, a dozen of face masks, a body temperature record sheet, a pen and a pamphlet on the disease must be given to residents under home quarantine. People who are under home quarantine shall not leave their property without authorization. They must report their body temperature every day. Garbage produced by people under home quarantine must be placed in sealed rubbish bags inside the property. These bags must be put outside of the door at designated hours determined by the community. The community must sterilize the rubbish bags first before leaving them to designated disposal areas.  

7. Businesses, public institutions and landlords must fully take on their responsibilities in disease prevention and control. Businesses, public institutions and landlords are the main responsible persons while staff managing rented properties are direct responsible persons. Anyone who does not report on properties which have been rented to people returning from the most affected areas, anyone who violates requirements for home quarantine or quarantine centers, anyone who does not report the health conditions of people under quarantine at home or at quarantine centers and anyone who does not cooperate with staff from the government or community shall all be held legally liable.

All residents and people travelling to Guangzhou must follow disease prevention and control rules launched by the state, the province and the city. Anyone who violates disease prevention and control regulations shall be held legally liable.

Guangzhou Command Center for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Control and Prevention

February 7, 2020

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