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Tianhe District's COVID-19 Update
Update: 2021-08-13     Source: Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

Tianhe District reports that an international inbound traveler has tested positive for COVID-19.

Upon the receipt of report, Tianhe District immediately launched an emergency plan that includes epidemiological investigation, contact tracing, testing, control and management of key sites, and disinfection. We hereby notify the details of the case as follows:


Mr. Zheng, a 24-year-old overseas student, living in Yuandong Building, Tianhebei Community, Linhe Street, tested positive today. On July 24, Zheng flied back to China from the UK and arrived at Baiyun International Airport. He was then transferred to a designated hotel in Foshan for a 14-day centralized quarantine. At the end of the quarantine on August 8, he was transferred to Yuandong Building, Tianhebei Community, Linhe Street, Tianhe District for a 7-day home monitoring, and his PCR test result on that day was negative. Currently, he has been transferred to No.8 People's Hospital of Guangzhou for isolation and medical treatment.

Travel history

On August 7, Mr. Zheng was discharged from centralized quarantine in Foshan Jintaiyang Hotel, and was transferred to a designated point on the square of Guangzhou Railway Station at 10:20. His father picked him up at 10:30 and sent him to Yuandong Building.

On August 8, Mr. Zheng reported to Tianhebei Community Committee at 13:41 and then went to Linhe Community Health Service Center to receive a PCR test, the result of which was negative. He went to Dawang Supermarket on the ground floor of his building to buy daily necessities at 15:01 and shopped in Fengsui Hardware Store at 16:20.

At 11:15 of August 9, he bought breakfast (soybean milk) in Panjianping Bun Shop in a building nearby and returned home.

On August 10, he stayed at home for all day long.

On August 11, he stayed at home but developed fever at nighttime, and tested positive for COVID-19 at 21:00.

According to preliminary information, the patient has performed personal protective measures, such as wearing a mask, when going out during the home monitoring period.

Community management and control & mandatory testing

To protect the health of residents, Tianhe District will put Yuandong Building and other key sites to a  temporary full lockdown, and will immediately conduct universal PCR testing in the partially lockdown areas. Please follow the instructions of the government and your community, and go to a testing point to take a PCR test in an orderly manner.


If you have been to the above-mentioned key sites, please report to your community committee and go take a PCR test in a nearby community health service center as soon as possible. Please do not believe or spread any rumor. Always stay alert and take proper personal protective measures. Please wear a mask, wash your hands often, keep your room well-ventilated, and practise social distancing. If you  experience a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms, please strengthen self-protection, avoid taking public transportation and immediately go to a fever clinic for medical treatment.

Tianhe District COVID-19 Control and Prevention Command Center

August 12, 2021

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