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Baiyun airport: frequently asked questions about coronavirus
Update: 2020-02-10     Source: Newsgd.com

1. Are body temperature checks required at the departure terminals?

The airport has equipped its entrances and exits with infrared detection devices, which can meet the demand of temperature checks on large passenger flow and have no influence on the access to the airport. Temperature checks are also required in the parking lots and transfer areas.

2. Are roads to the airport blocked? How long in advance should passengers arrive at the airport?

There is no roadblock on the approach to the airport at present. The airport suggests domestic passengers arrive at the airport 2-3 hours in advance while international passengers allow up to 4 hours because there will be temperature checks on every passenger at the entrance of the airport expressway. The process is expected to take 30-40 minutes. Please keep yourself updated with the latest flight arrangements.

3. Will cabin crew or ground crew enforce temperature checks on arrival passengers?

Airport staff will conduct temperature checks on passengers at every exit of the aircraft. There will be temperature checks and other health related checks on passengers arriving from an epidemic area.

4. What measures will be taken if the airport detects a departure passenger with fever?

If a passenger’s body temperature exceeds 37.3°, the airport’s health and quarantine department and medical team will come and conduct further inspection on the passenger based on his/her actual health status.

5. Is it possible to take a flight if a passenger has got cold or fever? Will the security crew allow him/her into the airport?

It’s suggested that individuals should stay at home and avoid going out if his/her body temperature exceeds 37.3°. Once detected, the airport’s health and quarantine department and medical team will come and conduct further inspection on the passenger based on his/her actual health status.

6. If a passenger has a fever but has been confirmed by a hospital that it is not the novel coronavirus, will he or she be able enter the airport and take the flight?

All passengers with a fever are suggested to stay at home and avoid going out. If a passenger has to travel, hospitals should issue documents to confirm his/her health status. He/she also has to pass through related health inspections to enter the terminal.

7. What measures will be taken if the airport detects an arrival passenger with a fever?

Baiyun airport will make arrangement for control of the passenger in advance when it receives notification from the airline. The health and quarantine department and medical team will arrive to conduct further inspection on the passengers based on the actual situation.

8. What other measures have been taken to prevent novel coronavirus? How can I get a mask at the airport?

Baiyun airport has increased the number of temperature detection devices at the airport entrances, and its sanitation department has strengthened disinfection procedures in the terminals.

The airport aims to provide passengers with free masks at inquiry counters in the two terminals, but the supply is limited. It’s suggested that passengers should buy masks before arriving at the airport.

9. Are international flights cancelled? Will the Baiyun Airport close?

Thus far, the immigration inspection department has placed no restrictions on exit but some countries are currently carrying out temporary measures for Exit and Entry.

The airport is operating as usual, and is not closed.

10.Are there any flights from Guangzhou to Hubei?

All flights to the epidemic area were canceled as of January 26th.

11.Can tickets be refunded or rescheduled during the epidemic?

If passengers require to refund the tickets bought before 0:00 of January 24th, all airlines or ticket agents should refund the tickets without any service fee. For more details, passengers should contact the relevant airline or ticket agent.

If you have any other questions related to the novel coronavirus, please dial the 24h service hotline 020-96158 to make an inquiry. Please note the call queuing time will be longer due to the large amount of inquiries at present.

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