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A Letter to All Foreign Nationals in Guangdong
Update: 2020-04-08     Source: Newsgd.com

Foreign friends in Guangdong:

Welcome to Guangdong!

For the safety and health of your family and friends, yourself and the public, and in order to prevent and control the COVID-19 outbreak, a series of disease containment measures will be rolled out at community level on all Chinese and foreign nationals with a recent travel or residence history outside Chinese mainland. We appreciate your understanding and support, and we would like to kindly remind you the following:

1.Please monitor your body temperature on a daily basis according to China’s laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control. In public areas, please wear your mask, avoid gathering activities, adopt ‘social distancing’ practice, take timely disinfection measures in the workplace, elevators, garages, restrooms, and keep proper indoor ventilation. While you are staying at home, remember to open windows for ventilation, maintain personal hygiene, frequently wash your hands, reduce unnecessary in-person visits, and reduce social gatherings and activities in crowded public area.

2.If you feel sick with a fever, cough or other possible symptoms of COVID-19, please wear your mask, proceed to one of the designated hospitals and seek medical care in the fever clinic, during which public transportation should be avoided, and proper social distance should be kept with others. Your companions should also wear masks and avoid close contact with you.

3.While you are seeking medical care, please cooperate with the epidemiological investigation by voluntarily reporting to the doctor your travel or residence history within the last 14 days and your contacts before and after the onset of symptoms.

4.Once confirmed that you are infected with COVID-19, please stay optimistic, strengthen communication with medical personnel and receive treatment positively.

5.Please comply strictly with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and other regulations launched by all levels of government in Guangdong for epidemic prevention and control. Those who refuse to implement the regulations or even disturb epidemic prevention and endanger public health and safety will be held accountable in strict accordance with the law.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese government has adopted strong measures to curb the spread of the disease and to ensure the health and safety of people. To promote the global efforts in fighting against the pandemic and for the health of all people in the world, we encourage you to work closely with Guangdong people, so that we can jointly win the battle against the virus and return to our normal life.

The Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province

April 4th, 2020

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