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Guangzhou's shopping street Beijing Road takes on a new look
Update: 2020-09-25     Source: Newsgd.com

Beijing Road, a must-visit shopping street for both locals and visitors alike in Guangzhou, has taken on a new look after a six month renovation. Covering one main road and nine neighbouring streets, the commercial district is now much more than a place to go shopping.

People visit Beijing Road on the evening of September 23rd when the road reopened to the public after a six month renovation. 

Living up to its billing, Beijing Road is home to 1,057 brands including 161 internationally prestigious brands such as Chanel, domestically famous brands such as LI-NING and Chow Tai Fook, ranging from retail and catering to culture, leisure, comics, e-sports, and more.

In the 1.1 kilometer-long main road, there are four national key relics protection units, five provincial and six municipal historic sites. The commercial district is also home to 52 time-honored brands and 35 Cantonese intangible cultural heritage products including Cantonese porcelain, Cantonese embroidery, olive carving and lion dancing.

People visit Beijing Road on the evening of September 23rd when the road reopened to the public after a six month renovation.

Walking on the street, you will encounter mobile flower beds, greeneries on windowsills, special benches, restrooms adorned with graffiti, and smart trash cans, which are aimed at creating a beautiful environment and comfortable experience for you.

Featuring 376 arcade buildings with uniquely Lingnan cultural elements, the whole street will be lit up more brightly during the nights, and the 3D display screen for the naked eye at XinDaXin department store is the country's largest so far.

People visit Beijing Road on the evening of September 23rd when the road reopened to the public after a six month renovation.

For food lovers, the gourmet street Huifu Road nearby is well worth visiting. There are old snack bars, time-honored household dessert and soup parlors as well as hole-in-the-wall restaurants, which might look shabby but offer some of the city's finest foods.

And you don't want to miss out on the Dafo Temple or literally "big Buddha temple" too. It is one of the grandest Buddhist temples in Guangzhou with a history of more than a thousand years. A stream of visitors, Buddhist devotees or otherwise, make a pilgrimage to this sacred place each year.

The Dafo Temple

Comic elements and e-sports highlighted at Beijing Road

The commercial district is a great destination for both parents and children as well, with comic elements, e-sports and VR facilities being highlighted after the renovation.

At the PLG Esports Center, visitors can play e-sports matches, VR games, board games and many other fun activities with the most up-to-date equipment. An AR game called "Encounter Beijing Road" enables players to know more about the culture and landscape of Beijing Road during the game.

Dozens of fiberglass dolls of comic characters created by local companies and artists are displayed on Shengxianli Plaza, which is a nice place for children to play and take photos.

The Fuxue Xi Street and its neighboring areas will be built into a cultural block with the theme "comic and graffiti" before the end of this year, and, after the transformation is finished, there will be more comic shops, comic themed coffee shops and restaurants, as well as regular bazaars and salons in the neighbourhood.

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