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Renowned artists show you around iconic Guangzhou
Update: 2020-08-31     Source: Newsgd.com

Between August 23rd and September 12th, nine renowned artists will visit landmark buildings in Guangzhou including Canton Tower and Yong Qing Fang to share Cantonese culture with the local residents through performances and storytelling. The event entitled “Tour Guangzhou with Art” forms part of this year's Guangzhou Art Season which is running from now to September 16th with the theme "Art Illuminates Life".

Furthermore, if you wish, you even don't have to leave the comfort of your couch to watch these fascinating shows but can visit the iconic landmarks on cloud, because the Guangzhou Opera House is bringing them to you via its livestream rooms on its official WeChat account, weibo, Bilibili and yizhibo.com. Scan the following QR code to watch either the live stream or playback of the shows free of charge on WeChat.

Time: August 29th

Venue: Shawan Ancient Town

Artists:He Kening, national inheritor of Cantonese Music and celebrated Gaohu performer; Yang Xuefei, world-renowned classical guitarist

Highlights:At the birthplace of Cantonese Music—Shawan Ancient Town, He Kening and Yang Xuefei will stage an improvised duet of "Colorful clouds chasing the moon", a masterpiece of Cantonese music.

Time: September 6th

Venue: Experimental theatre, Guangzhou Opera House

Artist:Xie Dongxiao, representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage Lingnan Guqin

Highlights:Guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese instrument from the zither family with a history of more than 3,000 years.

Time: September 10th

Venue: Canton Tower

Artists:Ou Kaiming, an established Cantonese Opera artist, two-time winner of China's Opera Plum Blossom Award, the top Chinese award for opera, and national inheritor of intangible cultural heritage Cantonese Opera; Yu Kuizhi and Li Shengsu, who are national first-class performers and established Peking Opera artists with the National Peking Opera Company

Highlights:Three senior artists will work with younger talents from Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Theater and National Peking Opera Company to present both Cantonese and Peking opera performances on the same stage.

Time: September 12th

Venue: 3rd Floor, Zhongshu Ge, Yong Qing Fang

Artist:Dong Huilan, provincial inheritor of intangible cultural heritage Guangzhou costume making skills

Highlights:Dong will share her personal stories and unveil some little-known facts of making costumes.

Time: September 12th

Venue: Gushu Plaza, Yong Qing Fang

Artist:Liang Haoming, authorized narrator of celebrated novelist Louis Cha's martial arts novels, Cantonese storyteller

Highlights:It used to be a folk custom to "take a bench, occupy the front row seats to listen to Cantonese storytelling under a banyan tree" in Guangzhou.

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