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Entertainment and Nightlife

"Rosy Cloud at Dusk in Baiyun Mountain" was among Guangzhou’s top eight sights as early as seven hundred years ago. During the Yuan Dynasty, a poet wrote: "Ascending to the top of Baiyun Mountain, I see villages scattered along the river and fishing boats floating on the waves." Although these views are gone forever and the Pearl River cannot be seen from Baiyun Mountain, in the same place, visitors can enjoy the sparkling nightscape of the largest metropolis in southern China. And many local residents enjoy climbing the mountain at night to experience its serenity while building up their bodies.

Baiyun Mountain is a major draw card of Guangzhou. Located in the north of the city, the mountain comprises more than thirty peaks and forms part of the Southern Kunshan Mountains. The viewing platform at the park on the mountaintop provides a vantage point to enjoy a panoramic view of the dynamic and vibrant city down below in the midst of refreshing breeze and the rustle of the pine woods. Climbing Baiyun Mountain at night is a popular pastime among Guangzhou folks. The mountain is a true oasis amidst the sea of activity taking place in the surrounding metropolis and provides a tranquil escape to stressed workers seeking a sense of space and wellbeing, and many people would come here at sunset to enjoy fresh air.

Yuntai Garden and Luhu Park are also popular spots for people climbing the mountain at night. The garden is a world of flowers, water and lights, featuring a large number of exotic flowers and plants from all over the world, and visitors can also enjoy the view of dancing reflection of colorful glass lights on the surface of the gurgling stream. The Luhu Lake is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city and an ideal spot to get together with friends for night tea.

※ Location: Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Baiyun District

※ Transportation: There are many ways to get to Baiyun Mountain.
· You may take the dedicated bus to the mountain from Yuehua Road or catch Bus No. 11, get off on Lianquan Road at Shahe, and then walk up the mountain;
· You can also take Bus No. 24, 199, 223, 36, 285 or 540, get off at Yuntai Garden, and take the cable car to the mountain (the cableway stretches 1,672 meters).
There is also a road in the mountain. You can drive eastwards from Luhu Lake to the mountaintop park, westwards to the Huangpo Cave and North Mountain Park, southeastwards to the southern gate, and eastwards to Plum Garden Avenue.

※ Website of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area: www.baiyunshan.com.cn

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