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January to February

The Spring Festival flower market in Guangzhou is a carnival of Guangzhou citizens. This annual event features endless streams of people, blooming flowers and great festivity. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, the spring festival market of Guangzhou has long been well known around China and enjoyed a high reputation. As a unique activity of China, the flower market is a manifestation of the time-honored custom of Lingnan, but also a integral part of the life of Guangzhou citizens. It reflects the tradition of making a good beginning in a new year, and therefore has produced a host of flower languages.

۞ Festival Flower:

The three kinds of necessary flower for the Spring Festival Flower market are: oval kumquat, peach blossom and daffodil.

۞ Kumquat

Given that "桔" (the Chinese name of kumquat) is phonetically similar to "吉" (which means auspice in English), to place a pot of kumquat at home is a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Peach blossom symbolizes great success and for young people, it means good romance. Daffodil is a symbol of wealth and good luck.

۞ Canton-style Flower Arrangement

The flower arrangement activity during the Spring Festival flower market is a combination of the oriental charm and the occidental passion. The flower basket is usually decorated with natural cane ornaments, which add a touch of nature to it. Real flowers and mixed with fake flowers, adding radiance to each other.

۞ Opening days of the flower markets of different districts

※ Time: Most of the flower markets are opened somewhere between the 28th and 30th of the first month according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

※ Locations:
Tianhe District: Tianhe Sports Center
Huangpu District: Huangpu Stadium
Yuexiu  District (West): Xihu Road and Jiaoyu Road
Yuexiu  District (East): Dashatou Sanmalu
Liwan District: Liwan North Road
Haizhu District: Binjiang West Road (Renmin Bridge-Jiefang Bridge) and Baogang Avenue (Binjiang West Road-Nanhua West Road) 
Baiyun District: Yuanjing Road
Panyu District: Shengtai Road
Luogang District: Qingnian Road
Huadu District: Guangzhou Flower Capital on Furong Central Avenue
Places of flower fairs in Nansha District, Conghua City and Zengcheng City may be determined independently by local governments.

※ Time:
Flower fairs are scheduled to open prior to every Spring Festival. With 24:00 on the New Year’s Eve as the deadline, flower fairs will last three days, in Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun and Huangpu, five days in Luogang, seven days in Panyu and 10 days in Huadu, and run from 8:00 to 24:00. On the New Year’s Eve, fair duration will be extended to 2:00 the next day (the first day of the Lunar New Year).
Duration of flower fairs in Nansha District, Conghua City and Zengcheng City may be determined independently by local governments.

* Note: Time and locations may be adjusted according to changing circumstances.

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