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March to June

Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River are symbolic natural scenic spots of Guangzhou. The Pearl River has enriched the economic and cultural life of the people of Guangzhou, and as a result, the customs and ritual of Guangzhou embody the features of water and rivers. Water can change its shape to adapt to different containers, round or square. Dragon boat racing is the best interpretation of the characters of Guangzhou citizens. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, dragon boat racing was a necessary governmental and civic activity during the Duanwu Festival (also known as the Dragon Boat Festival). In 1994, the Municipal Government of Guangzhou officially designated the Duanwu Festival as the Dragon Boat Festival. As things stand today, the tradition of dragon boat racing is mainly observed in Tianhe District, Haizhu District, Panyu District and Zengcheng City. Simply put, dragon boat decoration artworks are shown from the first to the fifth day of the fifth month according to Chinese lunar calendar. The most famous dragon boat decoration artwork is from Xintang.

۞ Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race

During the Duanwu Festival, dragon boat races are held in almost every district and village of Guangzhou, the most festive and famous of which is the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race staged in the Pearl River (between Haiyin Bridge and Guangzhou Bridge). Every village sends teams to participate in the event. Not only that, the event attracts international students and foreign friends to compete for honor.

۞ Liede Home Visit

Located in the city center, Liede Village has kept its own dragon-boat tradition. For Liede Village, dragon boats are not vehicles for fierce competition, but means of transport to make home visits.

From the first day to the fourth day of the fifth month according to Chinese lunar calendar, dragon boats transport Liede villagers for a home visit. By the fifth day, citizens from other villages pay a return visit to Liede on dragon boats. They gather together with their relatives and family members to watch dragon boat races and to eat dragon-boat cakes.

※ Time: The fifth day of the fifth month according to Chinese Lunar Calendar

※ Location: Liede River near Liede Bridge

۞ Xintang Dragon Boat Show

Ye Chunsheng, the famous folklorist writes in his books Lingnan Customs and Dragon Boat Race in Guangzhou: "The most famous dragon boat show in the Pearl River Delta is in the Xintang Dragon Boat Show of Zengcheng of Guangzhou". In Xintang which is located along the East River (a river branch of the Pearl River), dragon boat races are called dragon boat shows. Shows are staged from the first to the eighteenth day of the fifth month according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. The most exciting show falls on the twelfth day.

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