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Flower Appreciation

To the west of Liuhua Lake on the Dongfeng West Road of Yuexiu District lies a delicate and serene garden -Liuhua West Garden, which is reputed as "Home to potted plants".

Liuhua West Garden was built in December, 1964. Facing the gate is a rocky grotto wall. The front of the garden is an exhibition hall, in the middle a garden for potted plants, and at the rear a reception hall. Walk along the winding paths and corridors, appreciate the lotus pond, the willows on the bank, the greenery-covered island amid singing birds and fragrant flowers. You will be attracted by the natural beauty of the garden. In the showcase room of the Banyan Shade Hall, the pavilion, and the greenhouse, over 300 potted plants are on display of Lingnan style.

When the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, visited the garden in 1986, she planted a precious oak tree brought from Britain with Ye Xuanping, the then Governor of Guangdong Province. In the same year, the potted plants of West Garden won three gold medals and one silver medal in the 5th International Flora Expo held in Italy.

Since the garden is "Home to potted plants", potted plants must be the main protagonists here. In the showcase room of the Banyan Shade Hall, the pavilion, and of the greenhouse, over 300 potted plants are on display in various styles. Some of them are deep-rooted, strong and old, tall and straight, some elegant and luxuriant, seemed natural yet more beautiful than being natural, deserving careful appreciation. There is a teahouse at the gate which has been established for more than ten years. It will be a treat to sit down at a table and taste a cup of special green tea.

Besides, the garden is dotted with flowers and plants, waterside pavilions, and rocky mountains for people to appreciate, or fish, or to rest. It's a good place to visit in the summer months.

※ Location:
No.1 Liuhua Road

※ Transportation:
Take bus No. 29, or No. 52, or No. 231, or No. 238, or No. 260, or No. 530, or No. 552 and get off at the West Garden Stop.

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