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Located in the northeast of Conghua, Huanglong Lake (literally meaning yellow dragon lake) tourism resort is approximately 100 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou. The resort is very accessible to tourists. Depart from Guangzhou and drive all the way northwards along Guangzhou –Conghua Highway. You will pass Jiekou, Wenquan and Liangkou, turn into a six-kilometer tourism route in the lake region and you will reach the resort.

Huanglong Lake is regarded as a natural wonder of Lingnan. Long and narrow, the lake winds through valleys, stretching for dozens of kilometers like a flying dragon. Rowing in its crystal-clear water and exploring the spectacular landscape, you will have an amazing feeling that can be best described by a Chinese poetic line: Doubt there is no way at the end; a new village jumps into sight. Huanglong Lake Forest Park boasts a landscape of mind-numbing beauty, which features roaring waterfalls, bizarre rocks, lush trees, upright bamboos, murmuring streams, singing birds and blooming flowers. The legends of "the Yellow Dragon" and "Maitreya Buddha" add a mythical touch to this tourism resort. Legend has it that a young man deeply moved heavenly immortals with his devotion to worshipping Buddha. The Heavenly King sent the Yellow Dragon to earth to help the young man practice immortality. Maitreya Buddha from the west also descended to the earth to watch over the young man. As such, Fogong Temple, which is located in Fogong Peak where the Buddha descended, is now still a popular place for worship and prayer.

Huanglong Lake is not only a picturesque scenic spot, but also a reservoir of abundant resources. With a typical subtropical climate, the lake region is warm in winter and cool in summer, blessed with ample rainfall and fertile land. It boasts some 4,000 hectares of forest and nearly 500 hectares of water area that could be tapped to develop aquaculture. A variety of flowers, herbs, and precious Chinese herbal medicine are yet to be developed. The lake region is home to countless birds and beasts, which makes it a wildlife zoo. Among them, cervusunicolor, pangolin and silver pheasant are national protected animals. Over one hundred tons of high-quality partial silicate mineral water can be produced per day.

۞ Scenic Spots in Huanglong lake Forest Park

● Dam: Established in 1976, Huanglong lake is the largest reservoir at the municipal level of Guangzhou. The reservoir boasts a holding capacity of 90 million cubic meters. As a masonry gravity dam, the Huanglong dam measures 185 meters in length and 63.5 meters in height, rising all the way to the canyon and presenting a magnificent feature. Located in Liangkou Town of Conghua, the dam covers 460 hectares and is home to over 1,000 plant species.

● Fogong Temple: The temple is located in Fogong Hill. Legend has it that Maitreya Buddha once stood here, giving the hill a magical touch. Hidden deep in the hill, the temple emits a sense of mystique.

● Huanglong Waterfall: With a water head of nearly one hundred meters, the waterfall is like a silver string hanging on the steep cliff. Its spectacular beauty can be described by one poetic line: "The spring covers the steep cliff, splashing out water like blooming flowers".

● Longhui Pavilion: The name "Longhui Pavilion" was given by Zhu Senlin, the former governor of Guangdong. Province. Standing in the pavilion, one can get a panoramic view of Huanglong Lake and its picturesque scenery and appreciate the statue of Zhu Senlin, a kind and fatherly figure.

● Huanglong Plum Blossom: Huanglong Plum Blossom is a famous scene of Huanglong Lake Forest Park. Every year on new year's eve, plum trees cover the banks of the lake and the entire mountain. The blooming plum flowers give the forest park a white blanket, presenting a remarkable and lingering scene.

● Glacier Cluster: The glacier clusters that date back to three million years are another scene peculiar to Huanglong Lake Forest Park. Sitting in granite river bed of the V-shaped canyon, the cluster consists of several hundred glaciers of different sizes and shapes. The most awe-inspiring glaciers include Footprints of Immortals, Spirit Cattle Hoof Prints, Dinosaur Footprints, Loving Couple Hole, Sword-testing Stone, Color Stone, all of which are vivid and lively in shape.

۞ The Best Season for Visit

Summer is the best season to have a tour around Huanglong Lake Forest Park., which is a production base for high-quality cranberry. Every May is the best time for tasting the mouth-watering fruit.

※ Address: Liangkou, Conghua of Guangdong

※ Transportation:
Self-driving Route: Depart from Guangzhou and drive all the way northwards along Guangzhou –Conghua Highway. You will pass Jiekou, Wenquan and Liangkou, turn into a six-kilometer tourism route in the lake region and you will reach the resort. 

※ Telephone: 87855228-2222 (Tourism Office), 87855235 (Service Office)

>> Attractions Nearby: The northwest part of the resort is connected to Fogang; to its south is Liangkou of Conghua where a hot spring resort is located; to its east lies Liuxi National Forest Park; further to the south is the famous tourism and health preservation spot, Conghua Hot Spring Resort.

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