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Longtou (meaning dragon head) Mountain Forest Park is located in Miaotou Village of Nangang Town in Huangpu District. It is so called because an intermontane stream winds along the way downwards like a flying dragon. Longtou Mountain boasts some ten peaks, the highest of which reaches 198.8 meters. Longtou Mountain is surrounded by a vast plain, its highest peak looks all the more imposing and magnificent. Its fertile land makes it a natural habitat that breeds some one hundred plant species, including arbor, herbage, shrub, ferns and vine. On the top of Longtou Mountain, one can have a panoramic view of the Pearl River, admire Lotus Mountain and take in the beauty of the rising and setting sun. In a word, Longtou Mountain is a prime destination for one to escape the bustling city life.

Covering an area of some 3,000 mu (One mu equals about 667 square meters.), Longtou Mountain represents the second highest mountain in Huangpu District. Under its feet stretches a vast expanse of fertile plain, making Longtou Mountain look all the more imposing. Longtou Mountain is of egg stone topography and is a product of the ancient oregenetic movements. It is also part of the mesa terrace of Guangzhou. Its granite rocks feature stripe-like patterns and bizarre shapes.

Longtou Mountain is home to a cultural heritage, namely, Longgu Temple, which was established in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The temple was twice destroyed during the Japanese aggression and the Cultural Revolution. However, the temple still exists and now has a history of some 600 years. In close proximity to Longgu Temple sits Nanhaishen (South Sea God) Temple, which is a symbol of Guangzhou as a thousand-year sea port. As one of the starting points of the Marine Silk Road, Nainhai Temple, the largest temple for the God of Sea receives some 100,000 tourist during the three-day celebration for the birthday of Polo (the God of Sea) each year. There is a local proverb which goes as follows: the number-one priority in life is to celebrate the birthday of Polo and the second is to get married.

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※ Address: Longtou Lu, Miaotou Community, Shuidong Jie, Huangpu District

※ Opening Time: 6:00 – 18:00

※ Ticket Price: Free of charge

※ Telephone: 32210393

※ Transportation:
- Metro: take Metro Lie 5 to Wenchong Station and then take one of the following bus lines to Miaotou Station: No.B29, No. B30, No. B31. Then walk for about eight minutes northward along Longtou Lu.
- Bus: take one of the following bus lines to Miaotou Station: No. B1, No. B26, No. B28, No. B29, No. B 30, No. B31 and then walk for eight minutes along Longtou Lu.
- Self-driving Route: drive along Zhongshan Dadao and then turn to Huangpu Donglu or Guangyuan Expressway. Take Exit Fenglenan, drive along Fengle Zhonglu and then turn left.

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