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Located in the intersection between Taihe Town and Liangtian Town of Baiyun District, Maofeng Mountain is about 25 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou. The highest peak reaches as high as 534.9 meters, 152. 9 meters higher than Mount Davis, the highest peak of Baiyun Mountain. Placid at its bottom but steep at its top, the main peak is shaped like a bamboo hat and therefore is called "Maofeng Mountain" (Maofeng literally means hat top).

The forest park is part of an expansive hilly region, which is home to some twenty peaks above sea levels. With steep hillsides, deep and serene gulches, the forest park seems misty and hazy. With a forest coverage of over 95%, the park is a natural habitat of great biological diversity. In addition, Maofeng Mountain boasts such main attractions as Causeway Bay Reservoir, Shatian Reservoir, roaring waterfalls, Maofeng Ancient Temple, Thousand-Year Ancient Path and revolution memorials.

The concentration of anion in Maofeng Mountain reaches 67,000 per square centimeters, making it the oxygen bar of Guangzhou. It is a prime destination for the white-collar workers who live a hectic life to relax themselves and alleviate their pressure.

Maofeng Mountain is also a good location for conducting outdoor development training. Outdoor development projects include: orienteering, field operations, rock climbing, prompt drop, beach landing, camping and site practice. In addition, tourists can hold bonfire parties, have barbecue and play billiards and Ping Pong.

۞ Causeway Bay Forest Ecological Scenic Spot

Causeway Bay Forest Ecological Scenic Spot is divided into six main sections, namely, Causeway Bay Sightseeing Lake Section, Dalingtou Forest Sightseeing Section, Daluan Mound Natural Habitat, Dawo Forest Tourism Development Section, Baiyun Miaopu Section and Zhugutang Wildlife Preservation Section.

۞ Maofeng Mountain Climbing Sightseeing Region

This region is divided into the following sections: Maofeng Ancient Temple Sightseeing Section, Mountain-Climbing Section, Tianhu (Heaven Lake) Forest Leisure Section and Maofeng Mountain Villa Reception Section.

۞ Shatian Youth Activity Region

Shatian Youth Activity Region is divided into Science Camping Activity Section, Orienteering Activity Section and Jiaolong (Flood Dragon) Lake Water Sports Section. It is a large-scale youth activity center, very popular among young people.

۞ Shiling Forest Culture Scenic Spot

Shiling Forest Culture Scenic Spot is home to three villages, namely, Toupo, Shiling and Jionglong. On both sides of its roads lie a variety of farmlands. The scenic spot sits in close proximity to Taihe Town, enjoying advanced transportation. It is divided into Forest Culture Plaza and Fengliuwo Sightseeing and Entertainment Section.

۞ Fei'e Kangshan Garden Sightseeing Region

Fei'e (Flying Geese) Kangshan Garden Sightseeing Region consists of Herbary Forest Sightseeing Section and Fei'e Kengshan Landscape Sightseeing Section.

۞ Jiulongjian (Nine Dragons Stream) Flower Sightseeing Region

Jiulongjian Flower Sightseeing Region consists of New Century Flower Base and Huakeng Reservoir Leisure Sightseeing Section

۞ Liangdonggang Landscape Forestry Development Region

Located in the south of the forest park, Liangdonggang Landscape Forestry Development Region lies between the main ridge of Liangdonggang to its west and Longyandong Forestry Farm to its east. It consists of Liangdonggang Red Autumnal Leaves Landscape Section and Baishandong Orchard.

۞ Shuifeng Shichuan Landscape Sightseeing Region

Located in the south of Maofeng Mountain and in the north of Shuifeng Village, this region consists of the following five scenic spots: Shichuan Ecological Landscape Section, Lanwu (Basket House) Flower and Orchard Section, Chatouwo Mountainou Village Landscape Section, Dadingzi Forest Sightseeing Section and Huangmatang Peach Garden.

۞ Nanshan Sightseeing and Bodybuilding Region

Located in the east central part of the forest park, this region consists of a mountain-climbing bodybuilding section and a canyon waterfall exploration section.

۞ Management and Service Center

Located in the middle of the forest park, the management and service center consists of a reception management section and a food entertainment service section.

※ Location: The intersection between Taihe Town and Liangtian Town of Baiyun District

※ Transportation:
1.Take No, 529 Bus at Guangzhou Railway Station or take No. 246 Bus at Guangzhou Zoo to Taihe, and then transfer to No. 502 Bus to Jiulong Jian (Nine Dragon Stream) of Maofeng Mountain
2.Take No. 504 Bus to Xiejiazhuang Bus Terminal of Taihe

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