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Located in Paitan Town in the northern mountainous region of Zengcheng City, Baishui Village Scenic Spot is a provincial tourism resort. Situated in the Tropic of Cancer and covering an area of some 200 square kilometers, Baishui Village Scenic Spot is regarded as a magnificent emerald in the Tropic of Cancer. The resort can be likened to a countryside park of South China, which boasts unique waterfalls, weathering landforms and topography, an enchanting countryside landscape and a mesmerizing ecological system that consists of forests, hot spring and mountainous lakes.

The main attraction of Baishui Village is Baishuixian (White Daffodil) Waterfall, which is the number-one waterfall in terms of water head in the Chinese Mainland. Apart from that, there are a number of exquisite natural and man-made wonders, such as the picturesque Zhengguo Island Lake, the village of She Ethnic Group that presents manifold customs and ritual and Hexiangu (one of the legendary seven immortals) Temple.

The scenic spot that covers some one hundred square kilometers is free from industrial pollution, with mind-refreshing air and high concentration of anion. In the area near Baishuixian Waterfall, the concentration of anion reaches 112,380 per square centimeters. In this sense, the resort is a natural oxygen bar.

The resort is also home to the first green way of Guangzhou. It is a delightful journey to cycle or walk along the greenway. Along the greenway, you will pass gardens, cross over farmlands and expose yourself to a vast blanket of green grass and blooming flowers. You can also hand pick fresh and mouth-watering strawberries.

On weekends, it is a great delight to watch Baishuixian (White Daffodil) Waterfall, the number-one waterfall in terms of water head in the Chinese Mainland with friends and families. Or you can choose to climb the "Number-one Ladder of South China" and the wooden boardwalks, altogether 9,999 steps.

The resort is home to Guangzhou Flying Saucer Training Center for the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games. Interested tourists can try their luck and test their shooting skills in the center.

۞ Farmland: 50 meters away from the resort lies a farmland where tourists can hand pick fresh strawberries and cabbage. The price for strawberries is set at RMB 10 per jin (one jin equals half a kilogram).

۞ Greenways: In the bicycle station of the resort, bicycle renting services are available. A variety of bicycles are up for rent, including single-person bicycle, couple bicycles and bicycles for three people. The rent varies from RMB 15 to RMB 25.

۞ Food: The Lixiang Restaurant in Baishui Village Scenic Spot serves some one hundred specialties and local delicacies. Recommendations include French-style grilled chickens and port meat balls.

※ Ticket Price: RMB 60 per person

※ Transportation:
- Special Bus Line: Take a bus to Zengcheng at Tianhe Coach Terminal or Guangzhou Bus Terminal. Get off at Zengcheng Bus Station or Zengcheng Guangming Bus Station where you can take a special bus line directly to Baishui Village Scenic Spot.
- Self-Driving Route: Zengcheng Square – Lijing Dadao, Zengpai Highway – Xiaolou Town – Paitan Town – Baishui Village Scenic Spot

>> Website: www.bsz.cc

>> Attractions Nearby: Conghua hot spring, Conghua Shimen National Forest Park, Hexiangu Temple, Zhengguo Island Lake

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