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Under a bridge near a cottage a stream flows – such poetic scenery is on display in downtown Guangzhou. How can it be so clear and cool? Fresh water comes from its source - it is the product of the Guangzhou Municipal government's efforts to renovate riverlets. Nowadays, Donghaochong displays a fresh look, with six historic bridges restored to their original state,, such as Donghaochong Yuexiu Bridge, Xiaodongmen Bridge, Zhuhengsha Bridge and Donghua Bridge, and four newly built bridges.

Besides, more than ten scenic spots have been built along the creek, such as Yuexiu Bridge Cascade, theme sculptures memorizing watercourse regulating on Yuexiu Plaza, lotus pond, landscape rocks, dams, pavilions and courier stations. Restoration efforts have also been made in the former residences of Lu Xun (Chinese literateur, thinker, revolutionist and educator) and Soong Ching Ling (wife of Sun Yat-sen, the modern democratic revolutionist), to enable them to fully manifest the water-based concept in a delicate manner.

Near the Caomilan Bridge and on the wall of Yongyaobei Elementary School will be set up two sets of figure sculptures and four murals to remodel the life scene of ordinary people in Guangzhou during the period of Republic of China, and vividly reflect the customs of old Guangzhou.

Donghaochong is the only moat existing in Guangzhou, stretching for 3000 meters from north to south. Its source is traced back to Luhu Lake at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. After flowing through the three main roads in downtown Guangzhou, namely the ring road, Dongfeng Road and Zhongshan Road, it rushes into the Pearl River at the Dongdi Iron Bridge, west of Dashatou. It was dredged into a moat in the third year of Hongwu's reign in Ming Dynasty, with a total length of 4225 meters and width of 7 to 11 meters.

۞ Donghaochong Museum

After visiting the Lychee Bay Stream, you may further get to know Guangzhou's unique watercourse culture by coming to Donghaochong. The Donghaochong Museum is the first museum focusing on the traditional watercourse culture in China. The modern photoelectric technology has been well utilized to recover, record and display the situations of commerce and trade as well as humanity of those times, and to reproduce the map of the six drainage canals and historic stories and customs of people living on the banks of Donghaochong, which can be seen by virtuer of the new display to be quite impressive.

※ Location: Donghaochong, Yuexiubei Road

※ Transportation: Take bus to the East Gate (Zhongshan 3rd Road) Station, Yuexiu Bridge

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