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Creative Industry Parks

Taikoo Dockyard is an important historic site of foreign trade and port transport in modern Guangzhou, which extends the history of the "Silk Road" on the sea in ancient times and foreign trade of Sup Sam Hung in modern times.

It was built by the former British Swire Co., Ltd. between 1904 and 1908. The dockyard comprises of 3 T-shaped open type concrete docks and 7 (8 numbers) warehouses constructed with brick and wood. About 26 giant cargo ships with 3,000 deadweight tons operated by the licensed ship company of Swire handled goods at the dockyard. Taikoo Dockyard was expropriated by Guangzhou Military Control Commission on February 24, 1953. It have been operated by The Guangzhou Harbour Bureau and Guangzhou Port Group in succession ever since it was nationalized.

Now, the 100-year-old Taikoo Dockyard has become a special park clustering culture, creation, food and trade. The park also brings in red wine, exhibition hall, clothes design studio, cinema, yacht club, Chinese-style restaurant and boutique hotel, which make it the "city parlor" of Guangzhou.

Stepping into Taikoo Dockyard, you will be attracted by the long queue at the gate of the Taikoo Box at the first glance because it has become one of the most popular cinemas in Guangzhou. Besides, neighbouring to the beautiful Pearl River, Taikoo Dockyard gives its visitors a romantic feeling when they are walking along lines of old warehouses, leaning on the black metal railings and staring one or two yachts on the river in a long distance.

With a wide and tall usage space and stairs and crossbeams with great stage effect, the "LOFT" designing mode inside the dockyard gives it unique cultural characteristics. The whole dockyard is exquisite beyond compare with more than ten different buildings, each showing its own features. 

There are office area, exhibition area and business supporting area in Taikoo Dockyard. Docks 1 and 2 are the wine exhibition center selling imported wine. Dock 3 is the exhibition center where new brands release, products exhibition and cultural shows are putting on with the 1,300-square-meter T-shaped open type dock reconstructed into a stage on water. Docks 4 and 5 are clothes creative design area which provides a platform for design, exhibition and business negotiation for creative enterprises. Docks 6 and 7 is Taikoo Movie Box, the first aquatic movie city in China, with tens of thousands of classic movies both at home and abroad.

※ Address:
No. 124 Gexin Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou the riverside.

※ Transportation:
· Metro: Line 8 to Fenghuang Xincun or Shayuan Exit B or D, walk for about 8 minutes or transform to the above buses to the destination.

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