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Located in Center Square of the People's Park of Yuexiu District, the circular center is both a testimony to the 2,200-year history of the city of Guangzhou and a geographical original point of Guangzhou.

As the zero-mile spot of the city, Guangzhou's Zero Point is set at Southern Square of the People's Park which stands in front of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. Its light was officially lit on October 21st, 2010. The sculpture of the zero point is cast with refined copper, the surface of which is carved with patterns of excavated relics of "Nanyue King Mausoleum", such as Dragon-Phoenix Jade and Immortals Rowing Boat. Walking around the zero point, you will vividly feel a heavy sense of history. 

Flower pots are placed around the zero point as railings. Do not cross over the railings and step on the zero point. Lights are lit for one hour at definite time every evening.

۞ Distances of major civic Buildings from Guangzhou's Zero Point:

Distances to General Civic Features:

· To Haixinsha - 6.3 km;
· Garden Hotel - 2.5 km;
· Baiyun Hotel - 2.6 km;
· Guangdong People's Stadium - 2 km;
· Mount Yuexiu Stadium - 1.5 km;
· Guangzhou Chess Institute - 4 km;
· Guangdong Gymnasium - 3.5 km; 
· Asian Games Town - 29 km;
· Gruangzhou Tower - 6.5 km;
· Beijing Lu - 450 m;
· China Plaza -1.9 km; 
· Huifu Donglu Gourmet and Flower Street - 600 m;
· Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market - 2.5 km

● Distances to nearby Historical and Cultural Tourist Attractions:

· Wuxianguan Taoist Temple - 700 m; 
· Ancient Road Relics - 450 m;
· Chenghuang Temple - 700 m;
· Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall - 700 m;
· Nanyue Kingdom Palace Museum - 600 m;
· Stone Statue of Five Goats, Zhenhai Tower - 1.5 km; 
· Donghao Stream Museum - 1.5km;
· Six Banyan Temple - 500m;
· Guangxiao Temple - 900 m

About 50 meters from the "Zero Point" on the east side of the Southern Square of the People's Park, there is a miniature sculpture of the ancient town of Guangzhou with 18 gates. The sculpture is made of pure bronze, weighs five tons, and covers an area of about 10 square meters. It depicts the ancient town of Guangzhou which had 18 gates and more than 300 buildings.

· Metro: take Line 1 to Gongyuanqian
· Bus: take the following bus lines to Guangwei Lu Terminal: No. 64, 528, 217, 27, 193, 14, 22, 293, 83

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