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Guangzhou Municipal Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection Unit

The "Soul Purifying Well" inside the temple. Located in Xiangxue Park at the foot of the Luofeng Peak, Luofeng Temple enjoys a history of over 800 years, and is now a cultural relic under the protection of the Guangzhou Municipality.

It was built in the Song Dynasty. It was originally built by Zhong Suihe, the earliest ancestor of the Zhongs in Luogang and an official of the Song Dynasty. It is located at the foot of the Luofeng Peak with the name of Zhongde (Virtue Cultivation) Hut. Cui Yuzhi, Zhong Suihe's disciple and the Right Minister of Song Dynasty and Zhong Yuyan, Cui's 4th son and Chaoyi Official, once pursued their studies here. Later, Zhong Yuyan resigned and returned here to expand the hut with such building as Qingyu Pavilion and Suyu Tower. It changed its name to Luokeng Abode, a place dedicated to educate his children and disciples. After the death of Zhong Yuyan, his son Zhong Shishen made his statue to recollect his virtue and portrait. Again, it was renamed as Yuyan Academy.

In 1532, the Rencheng year of Emperor Jiajing's reign in Qing Dynasty, the Zhongs clansmen rebuilt the Yuyan Academy into a large scale compound, expanded several temples and recruited several monks to manage the temples. Henceforth, these academy, halls, temples and affiliated buildings were generally called Luofeng Temple.

If Luofeng Temple served as a studying place from Song Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty, then it became a complete cultural symbol since Ming Dynasty. This cultural symbol integrated the feudality, clan and religion, which can better drive the clan members and offspring to make a determined effort to study, cultivate virtue, win honor and achieve glory by writing than a simple studying place, so as to uphold the clan honor. Since ancient times, the folk custom in Luogang has been unsophisticated and reverent of knowledge and virtue. From the ranks of Luogang scholars sprang up 6 imperial scholars, 10-plus provincial graduates and a large number of civil officials, military officers, eminent persons, and poets; for which the cultivation by Luofeng Temple surely played a tremendous role. 

Location: Inside Xiangxue Park, Luogang, Luogang District

Bus: take 569 to Luogang (Xiangxue Park) Terminal Stop

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