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Dafo Temple is one of the five renowned Buddhist temples in Guangzhou. It was originally built by Liu Yan, King of the Southern Han Dynasty, (917-971) with the name of Xinzang Temple corresponding to the 28 lunar mansions. It was expanded in Ming Dynasty, changing its name to Longzang temple and later Commissioner Office. The office was burned down in 1649, the first year of Emperor Shunzhi's reign in Qing Dynasty. Pingnan King Shang Kexi donated his pay in the spring of the second year of Emperor Kangxi's reign in Qing Dynasty, and rebuilt the temple imitating the layout of the official temples in the then capital city. The architecture also featured the local styles of Lingnan, making it a view with cultural and artistic values.

The construction area of the Temple totals 1,200 square meters and ranks still No. one in Lingnan. Although weather-stricken for over 300 years, its style and features are still extant. Its Great Buddha's Hall faces south with the quality wood donated by An'Nan King (now Vietnam) as the beams and columns, which is basically in good condition to this day.

In 1733, the 11th year of Emperor Yongzheng's reign in Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou Zhifu (magistrate) Liu Shu selected Dafo Temple as the place to announce government decrees. He built the Xuanyu Pavilion before and Weituo Halls and Jialan Hall on either side of the Great Buddha's Hall as well as the East and West Gate of Buddha Realm and Zen Forest. Then the temple was extended widely, boosting the Buddhist services. It was far-famed and became one of the five renowned Buddhist temples in Guangzhou.

In September 2000, Dafo Temple founded the first modern Buddhist public library in Guangdong province. Regular Youth Buddhism Courses, Buddhist doctrine exchange discussions, Zen courses, Senior dharma assembly and Chinese traditional culture reading courses for children are offered here.

In 2001, Dafo Temple took back the patriarch pagoda garden, which is located at the east foot of Baiyun Mountain and covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. The Buddha Villa was rebuilt in the Dafo Temple and opened to the public officially.

※ Address: No. 21 Huixin Xijie, Huifu Donglu, Yuexiu District (No. 22 Huixin Zhongjie)

※ Admission: Free

※ Transportation:
Take bus 544, 236, 10, 3, 541, 1, 190, B8, 219, 221, 183, 6, 66 toBeijing Lukou Stop

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