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Municipal Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection Unit

Xiaopengxian Celestial Hall was an academy, where Kang Youwei, a famous scholar of Qing Dynasty and the leader of Wuxu Reform Movement, pursued his studies in his childhood. Since it's creation it has gone through several renovations, yet its initial building time remains unclear. In 1993, it was designated as a historical and cultural heritage protection site under the guardianship of the Guangzhou Municipality. Due to the advances in urban development in Guangzhou the Xiaopengxian Celestial Hall had to be dismantled completely on October 26, 2001 to make way for the expansion of municipal roads. At that time all the dismantled materials were numbered for records, including pillars, doors, stone sculptures, steps, and ground tiles, which were then moved to Zuiguan Park. Thus in August, 2002, it was faithfully rebuilt, stone by stone pillar by pillar in that park where it now stands.

Xiaopengxian Celestial Hall was once renamed as "Bagong Ancestral Hall", enshrining and worshiping the eight figures of the contemporary Chinese national hero Lin Zexu, the important statesmen of late Qing Dynasty,  Cen Chunxuan and Dai Hongci, significant political figures of the middle and late Qing Dynasty, Ye Chen, and the well-known representatives of the Westernization Movement at the end of Qing Dynasty, Zhang Zhidong, Li Hongzhang, Zeng Guofan and Zuo Zongtang. Later, Bagong Ci Elementary School was established on the site.

Originally Xiaopengxian Celestial Hall was a three-quadrangle grey brick ancient architecture of Lingnan characters. However, the 2nd and 3rd quadrangles were dismantled in the 1980s', but which will be considered for re-construction according to relevant planning.

※ Address: No. 2 Xinshalong Dong, Huadi Jie, Fangcun District

※ Transportation:
·Bus: take bus 193, 202, 207, 222, 277, 411, 414, 552, 74, 75, 812, 81, 91 to Liangui Beizhan Stop

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