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Municipal Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection Unit

In ancient China, a Chenghuang Temple was a temple dedicated to the worship of the gods protecting the city. According to historic record, Guangzhou Chenghuang Temple was originally built in 1370, the 3rd year of Emperor Hongwu's reign in Ming Dynasty. It was the largest Chenghuang Temple of its time in the Lingnan Region. It was a landmark in Ming and Qing dynasties and one of the eight sights of Guangzhou in Qing Dynasty. Originally, Guangzhou Chenghuang Temple was grandiose in scale, including the Etiquette Door, the Centre Door, the Worshipping Pavilion, the Great Hall, etc. The existing Guangzhou Chenghuang Temple was a reconstruction in Qing Dynasty. In 1920, the Temple was removed to build streets, leaving only the Great Hall and the Worshipping Pavilion.
In ancient China, local officials needed to pay homage to local gods. Worshipped by provincial officials, Guangzhou Chenghuang Temple was superior to other Chenghuang Temples in the province. It was upgraded to administer all the Chenghuang temples in the province and became the Capital Chenghuang Temple of Guangdong in Emperor Yongzheng's reign in Qing Dynasty. No wonder it was built more grandiose than most others. Yet it is a very great pity that only the Great Hall and the Worshipping Pavilion survived the removal campaign in 1920. 

※ Address: No. 48, Zhongyou Dajie, Zhongshan Si Lu
※ Transportation:
· Metro: Peasants' Movement Institute of  Line 1
· Bus:
(1) Caiting Stop: 102, 107, 108, 191, 22, 243, 264, 517, 7, 833
(2) Cangbian Lu Stop: 10, 190, 191, 211, 219, 233, 27, 36, 544, 66, 76A, 76, 833, 864, 93
(3) Wende Lu Stop: 10, 12, 182, 190, 1, 215, 219, 221, 222, 24, 264, 36, 42, 544, 66, 7

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