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Government's Work Report
Government's Work Report 2012

January 6, 2012

at the First Session of the Fourteenth People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality

Acting Mayor Chen Jianhua

Dear Deputies:

On behalf of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, I would like to deliver to you a report on the work of the government for your deliberation and also for comments and suggestions from the members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other representatives present.

I. Review of the Work over the Past Five Years and of 2011
II. Goals and Major Tasks in Five Years to Come
III. Work Arrangements for 2012

I. Review of the Work over the Past Five Years and of 2011

During the five-year term of office of the current government, Guangzhou City scored remarkable achievements in scientific development. Under wise leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC, the State Council, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, the Guangzhou Municipal Government, and the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, and thanks to the strict supervision and strong support from the People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality and the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Guangzhou Municipal Government pushed forward the law-based administration and actively fulfilled its responsibilities. Standing with all Guangzhou citizens, we upheld the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" to further carry out the outlook on scientific development, steadfastly put in practice the Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the Outline for the Plan), proactively handled severe challenges resulting from the international financial crisis and devastating natural disasters, and strongly adjusted the structure, boosted the transformation, planned the development, and benefited the people's livelihood. As a result, we made substantial achievements in reform & opening-up and modernization construction, as well as successfully completed major goals and tasks that were defined at all sessions of the 13th People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality.

Over the past five years, Guangzhou City achieved a leap-forward development in economy, with comprehensive strength being advanced to a new high.

Economic strength rose sharply: it is estimated that GDP of Guangzhou City hit RMB 1.238 trillion yuan in 2011, an increase of 11 percent from the corresponding period of last year and 1.8 times that in 2006. It is predicted that fiscal general budget revenue deriving from regions under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou totaled RMB 396.5 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 18.4 percent. Of which, local fiscal general budget revenue in Guangzhou City was RMB 96 billion yuan, up by 18.1 percent on a yearly basis, respectively 2.3 times and 2.4 times that in 2006. Last year, total retail sales of consumer goods in Guangzhou City attained RMB 522 billion, up by 16.5 percent from the same period of last year and 2.4 times that in 2006. It is roughly estimated that Guangzhou-based financial institutions' balance of deposits and loans respectively rocketed to RMB 2.58 trillion yuan and RMB 1.78 trillion yuan, respectively 1.93 times and 2.05 times that in 2006.

Structural adjustment was expedited: We adhered to the high-end industry development strategy to strongly build a contemporary industry system, and it is predicted that the structure of the three industries was adjusted from 2.1:40.2:57.7 in 2006 to 1.6:36.9:61.5 in 2011. Meanwhile, contemporary service industry including finance, insurance, commercial trade, convention & exhibition, contemporary logistics, and culture and tourism witnessed a booming development trend, with contribution rate of the service industry for Guangzhou City's economic growth hit 60.5 percent, an increase of 3.7 percentage points from 2006. And so the industrial structure that focuses on serving the economy was further highlighted. In addition, advanced manufacturing industry including automobile, shipbuilding, and major equipment production was further developed and strengthened, and it is predicted that the gross output value of industrial enterprises above designated scale in 2011 hit RMB 1.5750 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.5 percent from the same period a year earlier and 2 times that in 2006. In the meantime, the high-tech industry's development pace was quickened, and it is predicted that gross output value of high-tech products in industries above designated scale amounted to RMB 631.1 billion yuan, making up 40 percent of gross output value of industrial enterprises above designated scale and an increase of 10 percentage points from 2006. Furthermore, urban modern agriculture achieved stable development, and it is predicted that total output value of the agriculture hit RMB 34.9 billion yuan, an increase of 3 percent on a year-on-year basis. Also, state-owned enterprises subordinate to Guangzhou Municipality achieved remarkable results in structural adjustment, transformation, and upgrade, with economic benefits being increased to a large extent.

Private enterprises underwent sound development: it is predicted that in 2011, private economy in Guangzhou City realized added value of RMB 475 billion yuan, accounting for 38.4 percent of Guangzhou City's GDP and representing a year-on-year increase of 11.5 percent (0.5 percentage points higher than Guangzhou City's economic growth rate). Meanwhile, we have achieved a remarkable result in "Remove the Secondary Industry from Downtown and Develop the Tertiary Industry" and "Double Transfers" programs, as well as shut down, transferred, and eliminated 6,119 enterprises of different types. Within five years we totally arranged 89 key industry projects, with total investment hitting RMB 500.5 billion yuan, which further enhanced the city's development potential. Aside from that, we over-fulfilled the "Energy-saving and Emission Reduction" task during the 11th Five-year Plan. It is predicted that in 2011, the energy consumption per unit of GDP in Guangzhou declined more than 4 percent on a year-on-year basis, and we can over-fulfill the annual plan in different emission reduction tasks.

New breakthrough in technological innovation: we incessantly enlarged the investment in technology R & D, and it is predicted that in 2011, total social investment in R & D shared 2.25 percent of the GDP of Guangzhou, an increase of 0.55 percentage points from 2006. Additionally, we have built 11 state-level and 23 provincial-level international technological cooperation bases in the form of cooperation, as well as completed construction of 12 industry-university-institute innovation platforms like the Industrial Technology Research Institute. As a result, we have incubated ten "RMB 10 billion yuan" innovation clusters including new-type display, energy-saving & environmental protection, and mobile Internet and so on. What's more, we have consummated the talent policy, brought into play the function of the Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars, and introduced 13 international advanced technological innovation teams and 25 outstanding managers and put up 55 postdoctoral workstations of different kinds (an increase of 111.5 percent from 2006). It is worth pointing out that in 2011, Guangzhou City's capacity in creating the intellectual property rights was further raised, and its applications for invention patents and quantity of granted invention patents in this year respectively hit 8,172 and 3,146, an increase of 25.7 percent and 58.2 percent from the same period of last year, and 3.0 times and 4.5 times that in 2006. Needless to say, the informatization development index (IDI) reached 0.946, and the Internet penetration rate exceeded 70 percent in Guangzhou, with the result that network-based management was basically realized in Guangzhou City's government management and public services, making the city's E-business turnover rank the top as compared with its domestic counterparts. In 2011, Guangzhou City was honored one of the "China Top 10 Innovative Cities".

Open-type economic development level got improved: we have achieved a balanced development in foreign trade, and it is predicted that in 2011, Guangzhou City realized total import & export value of more than US$ 115 billion, an increase of 11 percent on a yearly basis and 1.8 times that in 2006. Of which, export value of Guangzhou City totaled US$ 56.1 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 16 percent and 1.73 times that in 2006. Meanwhile, we constantly expanded the size of using foreign investment and introduced contractual foreign investment of US$ 28.43 billion all told over the past five years, with foreign investment in actual use amounting to US$ 18.92 billion. Therein, it is predicted that in 2011, we introduced contractual foreign investment of US$ 6.72 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 35 percent, actually used the foreign investment of US$ 4.26 billion, an increase of 7 percent from the corresponding period a year earlier. All told, 224 enterprises of the "Global Top 500" settled in Guangzhou City. Moreover, we held the "New Guangzhou•New Business Opportunities" promotion meetings for merchant invitation, during which we signed 400-odd projects in total. By actively implementing the "Go Global" Strategy, Guangzhou City totally invested US$ 2.366 billion in overseas market within past five years, making the city further broaden its overseas investment sectors. Aside from ceaselessly deepening its cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, we have established a long-term mechanism for the "Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao" cooperation. So far, Guangzhou Nansha Economic & Technical Development Zone has become the "First Try, First Pilot" comprehensive demonstration zone for Guangdong Province to implement the CEPA.

Economic growth pole's driving role was intensified: For several consecutive years, Guangzhou Development District's major economic indexes have ranked the top amongst its domestic counterparts, during which Zengcheng Industrial Park has been upgraded to a state-level economic & technical development zone, and development and construction of the Nansha New District has been listed into one of the national development strategies. It is predicted that in 2011, gross output value of industrial enterprises above designated size in the three major state-level development zones hit RMB 685.5 billion yuan (43.5 percent of the city's total), making the three major state-level development zones become an important platform to boost the transformation and upgrade of Guangzhou City's economy. In addition, we have made a breakthrough in construction of such core independent innovation carriers like Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge Town, the Scientific Town, Tianhe Intelligent Town, Guangzhou International Bio-island, etc., accelerated construction of industrial function zones like Contemporary Service Industry Function Zone, Advanced Manufacturing Industry Base, National High-tech Industry Base, Guangzhou Airport Economic Area, etc., and further sharpened up the city's economic growth engine.

Over the past five years, we pooled resources in Guangzhou City to organize a series of events and further enhanced the city's influential power.

Splendid and successful "Two Asian Games": Themed as "Welcome Asian Games, and Create New Life", we pooled resources in Guangzhou City to elaborately hold the 16th Asian Games and the First Asian Para Games, during which both opening ceremony and closing ceremony were wonderful and amazing, event running, efficient and in order, security work, precise, services, considerate and meticulous, and preparatory work, clean-fingered and high-efficiency. As a result, we lived up to the commitment "Two Asian Games with Equal Splendor" and received high recognition and extensive praise from people at home and abroad. All citizens in Guangzhou construed the spirit of Guangzhou Asian Games (i.e., Daring in Thinking and Action for the People, and Harmony and Toleration for Sharing), and further enriched Guangzhou City's spiritual connotation in the new era. In a word, successful holding of the "Two Asian Games" displayed Guangzhou City's great achievements resulting from its reform & opening-up and modernization construction in an all-round manner, as well as greatly raised Guangzhou City's international influence, city cohesion, and citizens' sense of pride.

City environment and appearance achieved "Great Transformation": We seized favorable opportunities resulting from hosting of the Asian Games to strongly put in place the city environment and appearance's "Great Transformation" project, with a view to culminating in the ultimate goal of "Making the Sky Bluer, the Water More Limpid, the Road More Expedite, the Living Better, and the City More Beautiful". Meanwhile, we implemented the "50 Measures on Rectifying the Air Pollution" and "New 31 Measures". As a result, air quality in Guangzhou was superior to the National Grade II Standard for five consecutive years, and the city's good air quality days hit the number of 360 in 2011, making Guangzhou cast off the "Serious Acid Rain Region" hat that has been put on the city for 10 years. In addition, we have fulfilled the comprehensive rectification to 127 rivers in the city, completed construction of the Baiyun Lake and the Haizhu Lake, newly built 38 sewage treatment plants, laid sewage interception pipeline of 1234 kilometres, and processed up to 88 percent of the urban daily sewage, an increase of 16.36 percentage points from 2006. Thanks to the city's unremitting endeavors, water quality of the Pearl River (Guangzhou Section) was raised from the grade lower than Grade V to Grade IV. Furthermore, we have completed construction of the Xijiang River Water Diversion Project, and water quality of water supply plants in Guangzhou downtown met the new national standard two years in advance. Simultaneously, we implemented 30 traffic improvement actions and put 263 new bus lines into service, in order to gradually alleviate the traffic jam. Also, we fulfilled the comprehensive rectification to 1,500 commodities' living environments, and completed 17 "Villages in City" reconstruction schemes. Of which, the reconstruction to Liede Village and Huangpu Ancient Village has achieved initial success, making 100,000 villagers' living environment get improved. Besides, we put in place the Garden City Action Outline, pressed ahead with the "Green Mountains and Lands" project and the "Urban Reforestation Upgrade & Reconstruction", during which we newly built and reconstructed green lands of 246 square kilometers, realized 41.66 percent of forest coverage in Guangzhou City and 40.15 percent of green coverage ratio in the built-up area, completed construction of the greenway network of 1,862 kilometers, and made per capita public green area hit 15.01 square kilometers. In succession, Guangzhou City was granted such honorary titles as "National Garden City", "National Forest City", "National Exemplary City in Environmental Protection", and "National Hygiene City".

Successful construction of the "National Civilized City": We further promoted construction of the Socialist Core Value System, extensively organized contemporary citizen education, strongly put in practice the citywide campaign of "Welcoming Asian Games, Enhancing Civility, Building New Styles, and Promoting Harmony", continuously improved the voluntary service, and cultivated a multilevel civilized construction network that involves urban & rural families, communities & village, enterprises, and districts and townships, and thus citizens' quality of civilization and the city's civilization degree were further improved. In 2008, Guangzhou City was selected into the "First China Advanced Cities in Ideological and Moral Construction of Juveniles". Thanks to its unremitting endeavors over past 13 years, Guangzhou City was honored the title "National Civilized City" in 2011 for the excellent performance.

Over the past five years, social undertakings achieved all-round development, and the people's livelihood and welfare got improved remarkably.

People's livelihood was advanced to a large extent: We have promulgated and implemented the "66 Actions for Benefiting the People" and 17 supplementary opinions, and so income of urban and rural residents was improved little by little. It is predicted that in 2011, urban residents' per capita disposable income and rural residents' per capita net income respectively hit RMB 34,300 yuan and RMB 14,700 yuan, an increase of RMB 14,449 yuan and RMB 6,912 yuan from 2006, with average annual growth rate within five years respectively touching 11.6 percent and 13.6 percent. It is noteworthy that growth rate of rural residents' income was higher than that of urban residents for 4 consecutive years. Over the past five years, we assisted 360,000 needy people in finding new jobs. In 2011, registered urban unemployment rate in Guangzhou was controlled within 3.5 percent. Also, we constantly reinforced the city's ability in social assistance. In 2011, the average standard of basic living allowances for urban residents and rural residents respectively hit RMB 467 yuan and RMB 377 yuan, an increase of 45 percent and 118 percent from 2006. Statistics show that over the past five years, we have sponsored 144,500 retirees within the social security range, 81,500 needy corporate retirees, and 2.57 million urban residents to purchase the basic medical insurance. In addition, we basically extended the coverage of the new-type rural cooperative medical system to the entire Guangzhou City, which mitigated the public's difficulties and high expense in medical treatment. In the meantime, we completed reconstruction of 16,400 dangerous and dilapidated houses in the countryside, and earnestly carried out the "Reward for Urban Parents Who Abide by the Family Planning" policy, which benefited 150,000 residents. Health level of residents in Guangzhou was improved constantly, and life expectance of urban residents increased from 77.88 in 2006 to 79.04 in 2010.

Fulfilled practical things on the people's livelihood: We earnestly fulfilled 10 practical things on the people's livelihood and completed them in 2011. First, we kicked off the counterpart-assistance to mountainous townships and impoverished villages in the north of Guangzhou. As a result, 180 of 206 impoverished villages had their annual collective income exceed RMB 100,000 yuan, and per capita annual income of 81 percent poverty-stricken households with labor capacity surpassed RMB 5,000 yuan. Second, we allocated RMB 46 million yuan from the municipal finance department to fulfill relevant affairs in an all-round way. For instance, students from those poor families with registered permanent residence in Guangzhou were exempted from tuition fees to study at secondary vocational schools. Third, it is predicted that in 2011, newly-increased population that participated in five major insurance types hit 1.78 million person-times, over-fulfilling the scheduled goal (namely, newly-increased population in the five major insurance types hits 820,00 person-times). Aside from that, we involved all rural residents aged above 35 (1.11 million persons) into the social endowment insurance system, and completed the task assigned by Guangdong Provincial Government one year ahead of schedule. Fourth, we implemented the National Essential Medicines System at all of the government-run grassroots medical health institutions, and raised the urban residents' basic medical insurance and the New Rural Cooperative Medical System's fiscal subsidy standard respectively to RMB 200 yuan and RMB 230 yuan, with the result the New Rural Cooperative Medical System's actual per capita payment was RMB 371 yuan. Fifth, we advanced basic living allowances of urban and rural residents by 17 percent to 25 percent, established a temporary price subsidy and price rising linkage mechanism, which benefited nearly 160,000 people in need. In addition, we sponsored 77,000 poor rural residents and severely disabled persons to purchase the New Rural Social Endowment Insurance, and adjusted the orphan raising standard upwards to RMB 1000 yuan/person/month, as well as established a normal growth mechanism. Sixth, we raised capital to build 90,281 indemnificatory houses, completed 106 percent of the target mission, and resolved 77,200 households of registered low-income families' housing difficulty one year in advance. Seventh, we newly built and rebuilt urban roads of 81 kilometers, newly put up 27 pedestrian crossing facilities, and additionally set up dedicated bus lanes of more than 70 kilometres. At those junctions between the city and countryside, we put 100 new bus lines into running and completed the construction and reconstruction of 24 bus stations. Eighth, to the elderly aged above 80, we raised per capita standard of the long-life healthcare fund to RMB 100 yuan/month, RMB 200 yuan/month, and RMB 300 yuan/month according to the age section, with beneficiary scope being extended to the elderly aged above 70 with registered permanent residence in Guangzhou and those cadres who retired from troops stationed in Guangzhou. Besides, we installed the "Safe Link" emergence call system for free for the elderly aged above 80. Ninth, we completed construction of 50,000 rural street lamps, which lighted 30 percent of the country roads in Guangzhou. Tenth, we newly built 240 community fitness paths, 188 community basketball courts, and a lot of fitness squares, as well as paved new greenways of 802 kilometres, over-fulfilling the greenway construction mission (500 kilometres).

All-round progress in social undertakings: We achieved a balanced development in education and constantly improved the education level. For instance, 84.51 percent of schools in Guangzhou have normalized the compulsory education, making most regions in Guangzhou become a provincial outstanding city, district, or township of education. Meanwhile, we further developed the secondary vocational education and higher education, during which high-skilled talents team was expanding constantly, and achieved good performance at the World Skills. We have completed construction of the grassroots health service institutions that basically covered urban and rural areas, put up a lot of public cultural facilities like Guangzhou Grand Theater and the Museum of the 1911 Revolution etc., and basically put an end to construction of the urban "10-minute Culture Circle" and the rural "10-mile Culture Circle". Moreover, we have successfully held the 9th China Art Festival, the 8th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities, and China Golden Bell Awards, as well as displayed large numbers of artistic masterpieces. While boosting construction of the "People-benefiting Cultural Project" down to the earth, Guangzhou City was selected as one of "Most Characteristic Cities in Chinese Culture". Over the past five years, we constantly expanded the coverage of legal services for public interest, and organized the public sports events vigorously. For instance, we have held 57 international-level events within five years, during which Guangzhou City cultivated 2 Olympic champions and 65 world champions. Particularly at the 7th National Intercity Games, Guangzhou City seized the first place in terms of gold medals, total medals, and total scores, and its football team won the championship of the Chinese Super League for the first time. Aside from that, we successfully completed the earthquake relief work in Wenchuan County of Sichuan and the post-disaster reconstruction mission in Weizhou Township, as well as pushed forward the "Counterpart-assistance" work (including assistance to Tibet and aid to Xinjiang) in a down-to-earth manner. All told, we invested aid funds of RMB 1.686 billion yuan and offered assistance to three cities including Meizhou, Yangjiang, and Maoming, with the result that we assisted 98.96 percent of poor households in shaking off the poverty. For two consecutive sessions, chief executive of Guangzhou City has been elected the co-chairman of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), making Guangzhou City's international sister cities and friendly cooperation & communication cities hit the number of 41. Furthermore, we always accentuated and improved the "National Defense Mobilization", "Civil Air Defense", and "Special Assistance to Families of Martyrs and Servicemen" work, and for six consecutive times Guangzhou City was honored the title "National Double-support Model City". Within the five years, we scored remarkable achievements in eliminating pornography and illegal publications, and cracking down on smuggling, during which the people's organizations like the trade union, the Communist Youth League, and the Women's Federation further intensified their roles of keeping in close contact with the masses. For five consecutive years, Guangzhou City was granted the honorary title "Guangdong Province Advanced Unit in Population Control and Family Planning", making it become an exemplary city in comprehensive reform of China's population & family planning. In addition, Guangzhou City was honored other titles like "National Advanced Unit in the Work for Disabled Persons", "National Advanced Unit in Ethnic Work", and "Guangzhou, A City of Love". Also, we registered progress in those work relating to ethnic & religious affairs, judicial administration, women & children, overseas Chinese affairs, trade promotion, Taiwan affairs, port, statistics, archiving, confidential, consultation, literature & history, annals revision, meteorology, etc.

Over the past five years, we registered new progress in construction of habitable city and countryside, and constantly improved the city's bearing capacity.

Urban space layout was further optimized: We deepened implementation of the city development strategy of "Expansion in the South, Optimization in the North, Advance in the East, Link in the West, and Adjustment in the Middle", and completed formulation of the Outline for Guangzhou City's Overall Urban Plan (2010-2020), in which the specific urban planning involved 10 zones. In addition, we formulated the plans for key functional zones (including Zhujiang New Town –Yuancun Village, Pazhou Region, Baiyun New Town, Bai'etan Region, Urban New Middle Axis Region, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangzhou (Huangpu) Port Business District, etc., as well as successively put in practice these plans. So far, construction of the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge Town has been kicked off, and a new round of development and construction in Nansha New District is being unveiled.

Expedited infrastructure construction: Over the past five years, we invested RMB 230 billion in consummating the traffic infrastructure all told. By now, we have completed construction of the Nansha Port District Phase II Project, and it is estimated that in 2011, Guangzhou Port's cargo handling volume and container handling volume respectively hit 447 million tons and 14.40 million TEUs, ranking the world sixth place and seventh place. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Expansion Project was accelerated, and it is estimated that in 2011, the airport's passenger throughput surpassed 44 million person-times, ranking the world top 20. Within five years, we have put metro lines of 120 kilometres, expressways of 216 kilometres, BRT lines of 22.9 kilometres, and municipal roads of 1,860 kilometres into service, in addition to building and running the Guangzhou South Railway Station, and consummating the rapid railway and HSR network system. After the completion of a great many landmark buildings like Canton Tower and Huacheng Square, we further reinforced Guangzhou City's functions as a central city.

City management level was improved pronouncedly: We have consummated the city management mechanism that is centered on district and characterized by comprehensive rectification between departments. By rectifying illegal land use, demolishing illegal buildings and unregistered outdoor billboards, implementing the "Laying Three Lines Underground" policy, strengthening the management to manhole covers and spoil trucks, we have effectively curbed "Six Disorders", and further improved the city's management and comprehensive law enforcement level.

Urban daily waste sorting work was promoted stably, with the proportion of non-toxic garbage disposal exceeding 90 percent. We have made remarkable achievements in the "Shopping Basket" program, and strengthened food supply and price control. At the meantime, we never halted the step in reinforcing supervision on food and drug safety, and curbed the occurrence of serious food safety incidents. By standardizing the house renting management, we further raised the city's ability in serving and managing floating population. Besides, we scored striking achievements in public security comprehensive control, set up the citywide public security video monitoring system, and incessantly consummated the society's prevention and control system. Thanks to this, violent crime cases declined day by day, and thus citizens' sense of security was further redoubled. By intensifying the supervision on safety production, we created a favorable safety production environment on the whole. In addition, we further consummated the emergency management system, successfully eliminated the public security crisis during the 2008 Spring Festival travel rush, handled well different kinds of unexpected accidents, and maintained the society's harmony and stability.

New countryside construction was promoted progressively: It is estimated that over the past five years, the municipal-level fiscal departments invested RMB 27.251 billion yuan in agriculture. Meanwhile, we completed standardized construction for the water conservancy project of 1.13 million mu of farmlands, rectified 285 "Five Small" water conservancy projects. We boosted construction of the central townships at a stable step, and realized "Five Connections" in all administrative villages. In addition, we launched the "Village Appearance" rectification to basically realize the uniform collection & transport, and non-toxic processing to rural daily garbage.

Over the past five years, we have registered new breakthroughs in reform of key sectors and construction of the government, and become more competent in scientific development.

All reforms were further deepened: We have completed a new round of reform to governmental departments, accelerated reform of the administrative examination & approval system, cleared up nearly 3,000 administrative examination & approval items within five years, and streamlined 66.1 percent of the municipal-level examination & approval items. We implemented the governance authority reform of "Streamlining Administration and Strengthening the Prefectural Government" (county-level city) and facilitated the transfer of 64 items of governance authorities to lower levels. We have basically completed the reconstruction to state-owned enterprises' corporate system, and gradually consummated the legal governance structure, which helped effectively resolve local financial institutions' problems left over by history, and improve the urban construction investment & financing system. We have scored breakthroughs in reform of cultural system, restructured all municipal state-owned for-profit cultural institutions and eight art troupes into enterprises, and incorporated a lot of large-scale state-owned cultural enterprise groups. We strongly made innovations in reform of social service management, and constantly consummated construction of "One Team and Three Centers" in the communities. We developed social organizations at a fast rate, and strengthened the support to them. In addition, the community's function of assuming the social service management was further enhanced, and an initial success has been registered in Zengcheng City's Comprehensive Supporting Reform for Planning the City and Countryside's Development. 

Construction of democracy and legal system recorded conspicuous achievements: We earnestly implemented decisions and resolutions made by the People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality and its Standing Committee, regularly submitted work reports to the People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality and its Standing Committee, and consciously accepted the People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality's supervision in legal affairs and works. We earnestly fulfilled the Degree of Satisfaction Test & Appraisal and Special Q & A that were organized by the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality, regularly made work reports to Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, and consciously accepted the democratic supervision of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC. Over the past five years, we totally organized and implemented 17 representative proposal decisions, dealt with 1792 suggestions, criticisms, and opinions that were put forward by representatives of the People's Congress of Guangzhou Municipality, and handled 2500 proposals that were brought forward by Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, with a handling rate hitting 100 percent. We launched the "Reception at Three levels" event, consummated the municipal leaders' reception system, and kept accessible the Mayor's Hotline, and set up the "China Guangzhou Release" official micro-blog in an active response to citizens' requests. We have completed the 5th Five-year Plan of Law Popularization, making Guangzhou City honored "National Advanced City in Law Popularization" for five consecutive times. Over the past five years, we have formulated 19 legal law drafts, promulgated 52 governmental regulations, and amended and abolished 81 governmental regulations. As a result, legal environment in Guangzhou was further consummated.

Construction of the government was further strengthened: We further made public government affairs, gave full respect to the public opinions, and promulgated the Regulation of Guangzhou City on Major Administrative Decision-making Procedure and Measure of Guangzhou City on Major Administrative Decision-making Hearing (Trial) to constantly improve the city's capacity in making decision by law, scientifically, and democratically. We have completed construction of the Municipal Administrative Service Center, and put in practice more than 100 network-based government service projects. We strengthened construction of the public servants team and further improved the organ style and administrative efficacy. We were the first to make public the governmental budget in China. And since 2009, we have been registering zero growth in "Three Public Expenditures" (namely, official budgets in respect of official receptions, vehicles, and overseas trips) in three consecutive years, implying that we scored a new achievement in building an honest and clean government.

Looking back on the past five years, we deeply understand that to do well the government's work and facilitate Guangzhou City's rapid and healthy development, we must cling to the outlook on scientific development, further emancipate the ideology, think boldly and do competently, in order to creatively plan the city's future development. We must accentuate focal points, shatter hard nuts, follow up with the implementation, and promote all work as a whole. We must uphold the human-centric philosophy, pay respect to public opinions, and take the people's happiness as the supreme pursuit, in an effort to improve the people's livelihood and welfare. We must gather strength and unite together to move forward, in order to incubate the city spirit, raise citizens' level of civilization, and build a strong cohesion for realizing the "Happy Guangzhou". We must deepen the reform and opening-up, adhere to "First Try, First Pilot", and build the system's new advantages, in order to offer inexhaustible incentives for the city's development. We must advocate the "Law-based Administration", keep clean and high-efficiency, boost the construction of the democracy and legal system, and spread the society's justice and fairness.

By summing up previous work, we clearly know that some problems and vulnerabilities on Guangzhou City's social and economic development stay to be solved and strengthened, and they include: First, the reconstruction to industrial structure is still a huge challenge, and the city is not that strong in independent innovation and core industry competitiveness. Second, it is still an arduous work for us to plan the city and countryside's development. Third, we should further improve the city's scientific and lean management, and handle those frequent illegal construction issues. Fourth, social construction relatively lags behind, and we should further equalize basic public services and improve the social service management to adapt to the social structure's deep-going change. Fifth, we still have a lot of work to do in those issues relating to the public's interest, such as housing, traffic, education, medical treatment, social security, and environmental protection. Sixth, we should further improve the construction of the government and strengthen the administration by law. On the ground of this, we must attach much importance to these problems and earnestly resolve them by virtue of forceful actions.

We scored hard-won achievements in the past five years as a result of the wise leadership from the Central Committee of the CPC, the State Council, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, Guangdong Provincial Government, and the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, the great efforts and common endeavors from all citizens, and the strong support from people of all walks of life. I hereby, on behalf of Guangzhou Municipal Government, pay high tribute to all citizens, officers and soldiers in Guangzhou-based PLA and armed police troops, all democratic parties, all people's organizations, and people of all walks of life, as well as express my heartfelt thanks to all compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other countries and all international friends for their support and attention to the modernization construction of Guangzhou.


II. Goals and Major Tasks in Five Years to Come

It is urgent for us to build a national central city in an all-round manner, take the lead in achieving city transformation and upgrade, and press ahead with construction of a "Happy Guangzhou" within five years to come. In the meantime, we must be confronted with both important strategic opportunities and unprecedented difficulties and challenges. At present, there remain lots of uncertain factors that set hurdle to rejuvenation of the world economy. Moreover, with further implementation of the state's regional coordinate development strategy, all regions in China are witnessing a booming development trend in scientific development. In this context, we are right standing between the "Pacemakers" and the "Pursuers", making us have no choice but pull ahead. Particularly after the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou is set to achieve new development at a new starting point, which is of higher standard and larger difficulties. At the crucial phase of transformation and development, we have to resolve lots of deep-rooted problems, such as inadaptability between the supply of public services and the people's more and more demands on livelihood, unbalanced development between the urban and the rural areas and between regions, inconsistency between the extensive economic growth mode and improvement of the city's core competitiveness, and incompatibility between monotonous urban governance structure and diverse interest patterns. On account of this, we must keep clearheaded to further enhance the sense of hardship, sharpen up the mind to find potential crisis in the good situation and seize new opportunities on the road of advance, and reinforce the strategic planning to improve the coping capacity and carve out a new chapter for Guangzhou's scientific development.

In five years to come, the overall requirement on the government work is as follows: We should hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strictly abide by Deng Xiaoping Theory and Important Thought of Three Represents to further implement the outlook on scientific development and put in practice the Pearl River Delta's Outline for the Plan in an all-round way. In light of the strategic deployment of the 10th Guangzhou Municipal Congress of the CPC, we should focus on the goal of "All-round Construction of a National Central City" and the core mission of "Taking the Lead in Achieving Transformation and Upgrade and Build a Happy Guangzhou", take "Construction of an International Trade Center and World-famous Cultural City" as the strategic emphasis, and uphold the city development philosophy of "Low-carbon Economy, Intelligent City, Happy Life" to make substantial breakthroughs in construction of strategic facilities, strategic leading industries, and strategic development platforms. We should deepen the reform and opening-up, make scientific planning, and build the Nansha New District at a leisurely pace. We should step on the "New-type Urbanization" development road to comprehensively raise the city's core competitiveness, cultural soft power, and international reputation, in an effort to advance the construction of a modernized cosmopolitan metropolis that faces the world and serves the whole nation.

In the forthcoming five years, the major goals of Guangzhou in terms of social and economic development are epitomized as follows: We should complete the 12th Five-year Plan in an all-round way and take the lead in expediting the economic development, city development, cultural construction, and social construction's transformation and upgrade, in a bid to improve the city's core competiveness greatly. We should constantly enhance the city's comprehensive economic strength, and make Guangzhou's GDP surpass RMB 2 trillion yuan in 2016, with average annual growth rate hitting 11 percent or so. We should make remarkable headway in transformation of economic development mode, basically build up the contemporary industry system, and make new breakthroughs in construction of the world-influential international trade center, international shipping center, advanced manufacturing base, regional financial center, and national innovative city. We should further deepen the reform and opening-up and stimulate the city's vitality, and make it grow into a core portal for foreign cooperation and communication in South China. We should make substantial progress in Program of "Premier Region" Construction in Guangdong Province's Habitable Cities & Rural Areas, and basically complete the construction of the ecological city that is paved with dense flowers, green trees and clean waters. We should make the city rank the top in China in terms of the construction of public culture service system and the competitiveness of cultural industry, as well as advance the construction of the world-famous cultural city. We should make a significant progress in development and construction of the Nansha New District, and further intensity the city's leading and exemplary role. We should further perfect the pattern of Integration of Urban and Rural Development, narrow the income gap between urban and rural residents, and make the city more civilized, the citizens richer and happier, the society more harmonious and stable, and the democracy and legal system more consummate. At that time, we will basically complete construction of the law-ruled government.

To achieve foresaid goals, we must further carry forward the spirit of the 10th Guangzhou Municipal Congress of the CPC, fix eyes on the "12338" decision and deployment, give priority to focal points, seize the key, and pay heed to the implementation of "One Key Goal" (namely, to build a national central city in an all-round manner, take the lead in achieving city transformation and upgrade, and press ahead with construction of a "Happy Guangzhou"). We must firmly grasp strategic opportunities resulting from transformation and upgrade, reinforce three functions (i.e., bring together high-end elements, make technological innovation, and offer comprehensive services), improve the people's livelihood and welfare, and raise the city's core competitiveness. Here, I should accentuate the "Two Strategic Emphases", and that is to say, first, we should accelerate the step to dovetail the city's business environment and the international market situation, in an effort to cultivate a world-influential international trade center; second, we should focus on the spread of "Lingnan Culture" to build an open, tolerant and diversified world-famous cultural city. We have put forward the "Three Concepts on Urban Development", according to which, we should firmly cultivate the three-in-one philosophy (i.e., Low-carbon Economy, Intelligent City, and Happy Life), and pay more attention to the industrial upgrade, technological innovation, and human-centric principle, so as to realize the inclusive development and strengthen the city's ability in sustainable development. As for the "Three Major Breakthroughs", we should pull together and integrate resources, in an effort to achieve significant breakthroughs in construction of 12 strategic facilities, 15 strategic leading industries, and 27 strategic development platforms, improve the comprehensive bearing capacity of Guangzhou as a national central city to a large extent, and raise the city's core industry competitiveness on the whole. According to requirements of the "Eight Major Projects", we should make meticulous preparations and strongly promote the eight major projects including industrial upgrade, technological innovation, integration of urban and rural development, ecology and environmental protection, cultural guidance, talents gathering, happiness of the people, and party building innovation, in order to inject strong power in Guangzhou for its new-type urbanized development and scientific development.

To put in practice the "12338" decision and deployment, we should plan Guangzhou's development with a global vision, strategic ideology, and innovative consciousness in the "Coordinate System" consisting of world advanced cities. Simultaneously, we should deepen the reform and further the opening-up to stand courageously ahead of the upsurge, make bold explorations, promote the innovative development, and lay stress on the "Six Attentions": Firstly, we should pay attention to improvement of the core industry competitiveness. When enlarging the economic scale, we should raise the quality of economic development. According to the principle of low-carbon economy development we should carry out the industrial upgrade project to strengthen competitive industries, incubate strategic emerging industries, improve traditional industries, and cultivate strategic development platform. In addition, we should consummate the open-type innovative system, optimize the business environment, speed up the construction of contemporary industry system, upgrade the "Service provided by Guangzhou", expand the scale of products "Made in Guangzhou", and raise the level of breakthrough "Created in Guangzhou" and elevate the "Guangzhou Quality". Secondly, we should pay attention to the integration of urban and rural development: we should consummate and plan the system & mechanism of urban and rural development, put in practice the project of "Integrated Urban and Rural Development, better the network-oriented city space layout (namely, "One Metropolitan Area, Two New City Areas, and Three Sub-centers"), build strategic infrastructures covering the urban and rural areas, establish an "Intelligent City" running system, and improve the resource utilization rate. Also, we should strengthen the urban land reservation, built an ecological city where citizens stay in harmony with the nature, promote the connotative urban development and the affluence-oriented rural development, in order to boost the common prosperity between the city and the countryside. Thirdly, we should pay attention to improvement of the people's livelihood and welfare. In the next five years, we should take the people's happiness as the supreme pursuit, and implement those projects in respect of the people's happiness; we should also strongly promote the basic public services' equalization, do well in aspects related to the people's livelihood, reform and make innovations in the community service management system, in order to harmonize different interest groups in the city and countryside, promote social equality, justice, and harmony, endeavor to achieve the common prosperity, and raise all citizens' sense of happiness. Fourthly, we should pay attention to improvement of the cultural soft power. We should put in practice the cultural guidance project, deepen the reform in the cultural system, spread "Lingnan Culture", and protect and utilize the historical & cultural heritage. In addition to bringing prosperity to the cultural undertakings, we should strengthen the cultural industry, cultivate "Guangzhou-style" city card, boost the equalization and optimization of public cultural services' and meet the increasing demands on spiritual and cultural life from public. Fifthly, we should pay attention to construction of talents team. Taking talents as the primary strategic resources, we should kick off the "Talent Gathering Project", give priority to the education development, consummate the system and mechanism of "Cultivation, Introduction, Utilization, Stimulation of Talents", plan and promote construction of the multilevel talent team, and inspire the vigor for Guangzhou's development. Sixthly, we should pay attention to innovations in system and mechanism. By deepening the system reform, we should make significant progress in reform of key segments and crucial links, further consummate the socialist market economy system, and establish a cooperative governance mechanism that features favorable interaction amongst the government, the society and the market. In the meantime, we should call on more citizens to participate in the city governance to optimize the contemporary city governance structure, as a way to offer system and mechanism guarantee for scientific urban development in Guangzhou. We believe that through unremitting endeavors in the next five years, Guangzhou is bound to carve out a new-type urbanized development route that integrates low-carbon economy, intelligent city, civilized society, graceful environment, integration of urban and rural development and happy life. Thus, Guangzhou will advance more steadily in creating new glories in scientific development.


III. Work Arrangements for 2012

The year 2012 will witness the new government to fulfill its work in the first year. Since we shoulder the new missions (namely, take the lead in achieving transformation and upgrade and build a "Happy Guangzhou") as well as carry new expectations from all Guangzhou citizens, we should follow the decisions and deployment of the 10th Guangzhou Municipal Congress of the CPC in a down-to-earth manner, carry forward the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and espouse the outlook on scientific development, and cling to the faith in moving forward along the new-type urbanized development road. Meanwhile, we should always keep the pioneering spirit to overtake others, always maintain the perseverance of shattering hard nuts, and always persist in benefiting the people. We should enhance confidence, stand together, seize opportunities, and make progress from stability, in an effort to promote the scientific development of Guangzhou.

This year, major anticipated objectives for Guangzhou City's economic and social development are as follows: 11 percent growth rate of local GPD; 10 percent growth rate of total investment in fixed assets; 14.5 percent growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods; 8.5 percent growth rate of total foreign export value; 4.3 percent decline rate of energy consumption per RMB 10,000 yuan of GDP; decline rates of SO2 discharge, nitrogen oxide discharge, COD discharge, and ammonia nitrogen discharge of above 2 percent, 5 percent, 3 percent and above 3 percent respectively; 11 percent growth rate of urban residents' per capita disposable income; 12 percent growth rate of rural residents' per capita net income; around 4 percent growth rate of CPI; registered unemployment rate in cities and towns within 3.5 percent; natural growth rate of the population within 7.2 percent. In the meantime, we should focus on nine aspects as follows:

(I) Endeavor to improve the economic development's quality

Maintain the economy's stable and rapid development: We will go all out to promote the construction of 101 key projects worth RMB 71.4 billion yuan, carry out contractual projects signed at the "New Guangzhou, New Opportunities" promotion fair, ensure the projects' timely kickoff and early completion, and boost stable investment growth and strengthen the city's economic development potential. Also, we will launch the "Countryside Tour of Guangzhou Products" and "Online Sales of Guangzhou Products" to improve Guangzhou products' market shares. We will further invigorate the consumption markets of tourism, catering, shopping, and convention & exhibition and so on, incubate new-type consumption industries like culture & entertainment and sport & leisure, in a bid to boost the consumption market's constant growth. We will assist enterprises in streamlining import and export channels, and boosting the foreign trade's steady development. We will regulate the economic running and build a favorable development environment.

Speed up the industrial transformation and upgrade: We will put in practice the "Industrial Upgrade" project, formulate supporting policies, and give full play to the leading role of RMB 4 billion yuan fiscal support funds, in order to incubate and develop strategic leading industries, and boost the industries' high-end, agglomerate, and low-carbon development. We will strengthen the development of competitive industries, and focus on the development of five contemporary service industries (i.e. trade and convention & exhibition, finance & insurance, contemporary logistics, culture & tourism, business and technological service) and four advanced manufacturing industries (i.e. auto manufacturing, petroleum & chemical, electronic products and major equipments). We will speed up the construction of a lot of contemporary service carrier projects such as International Commodities Exhibition & Trading Town, Zhujiang Film Studio Creative Culture Park and International Medicine Port. We will build up the Guangzhou Huadu (International) Automobile Industry Base with annual capacity of 1 million passenger vehicles and 960,000 automotive engines, Zengcheng Complete Vehicle Production Base with annual capacity of 300,000 entire vehicles, GAIG Passenger Vehicle Production and R&D Base, and Nansha Passenger Vehicle Base Expansion Project, promote the construction of such projects as Hexie Large-power Locomotive Overhaul Base and Airplane Maintenance Base, and boost the agglomerate development of high-tech industries like new-generation flat panel display, broadband mobile communication, and CNC machine tool. Incubate and develop strategic emerging industries: We will focus attention on developing six emerging industries, namely new-generation information technology, biology and health, new materials industry and high-end production, fashion and originality, new energy and energy saving & environmental protection, and new energy vehicles. We will build the National IC Design Industrialization Base, Photoelectric Technology Industry Base, and South China International New Materials Base, etc. to incubate new growth drivers. We will restructure and upgrade traditional industries and implement the "Campaign for Upgrading Top 100 Traditional Competitive Industries" so as to consolidate and rejuvenate the time-honored brands in Guangzhou. We will impel the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries like traditional Chinese medicine, piano, audio, leather products, textile, pearl, and food, and rub up the golden signboard "Food in Guangzhou". We will optimize and reconstruct the commercial wholesale and trade market, strongly develop the E-business, and propel Guangzhou City's transformation from the "Millennium-old Commercial Capital" to the "Modern Commercial Capital". We will improve the industry's spatial layout and strongly boost construction of three major state-level development zones, six major contemporary service function zones, nine major innovative industry development zones, and nine major functional development platforms, with a view to providing forceful support carrier for the industry's transformation and upgrade.

Boost foreign trade's transformation and outbound communication & cooperation: We will streamline the export structure, and direct processing trade enterprises to quicken their transforming from OEM production and entrusted design to marketing of self-owned brands, in an effort to boost the trade mode's transformation towards the "Goods Trade plus Service Trade". We will optimize the market structure to further consolidate market shares in developed countries like European countries, the USA and Japan, and expand shares in emerging markets like the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS), the ASEAN, the Middle East, and Africa. We will optimize the foreign investment utilization structure, make innovations in merchant invitation and investment introduction mode, and continue organizing the "New Guangzhou, New Opportunities" promotion event, so as to draw attention from the Global Top 500. We will promote the development of the cross-border RMB trade settlement, and advocate enterprises to "go out" to realize the internationalized development. We will deepen the cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao and expand the communication with Taiwan, as well as take the initiative to set the "Guangzhou International City Innovation Award". We will serve as the host to hold the 2012 Annual Board Conference of World Association of Major Metropolises, so as to promote Guangzhou City's friendly cooperation with other cities in the world. We will accelerate the construction of the "Guangzhou and Foshan Integration" and the "Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing Economic Circle", and promote strategic cooperation between Guangzhou and its surrounding regions, as well as plan the infrastructure construction and realize the industry's staggered and coordinate development.

Make full efforts to build the regional financial center: We will impel the construction of financial platforms in Guangzhou, such as Guangzhou International Finance Center, Guangzhou Financial Innovation Service Zone, Guangzhou Carbon Emission Permit Exchange, and Guangzhou Shipping Exchange. We will offer support to financial institutions to make them become stronger and larger, as well as speed up developing village & township banks, small loan companies, and financing guarantee institutions. We will strongly implement the "Double Hundred Listed Companies" Project in respect of company listing, actively develop the equity investment market, and build the equity investment center and fortune management center. We will make innovations in financial products and services, accelerate the development of such segments as technological finance, automotive finance, trade finance, shipping logistics finance, and consumer finance, propel the construction of the community-based finance service system, and tighten the cooperation with financial institutions from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other countries.

Help enterprises become larger and stronger: We will improve the business environment, uphold the "Fair Competition" market rule, promote the uniform supervision to the for-profit state-owned assets subordinate to the city, deepen the reform to state-owned enterprises, and improve the system of board of directors and the corporate assessment & incentive mechanism. We will promote the state-owned assets' capitalization and state-owned capital's securitization, formulate and promulgate detailed rules for supporting the nongovernmental economy's development, and support the development of headquarters enterprises, private enterprises, and middle, small, and micro innovative enterprises. We will direct nongovernmental and foreign-funded enterprises to participate in construction of strategic leading industries, strategic facilities, and strategic development platforms. In addition, we will sift out 100 enterprises and offer strong support to them, in an effort to make some enterprises jostle into China Top 500 Enterprises and China Top 500 Service Enterprises, and to improve Guangzhou-based enterprises' competitive edge in an all-round manner.

Strongly develop the low-carbon economy: We will improve the policy and regulation system in respect of the low-carbon economy, and formulate corresponding plans and guidelines. We will build up a lot of low-carbon industry bases, and cultivate the leading enterprises in low-carbon economy. Besides, we will further promote the relocation of enterprises in the "Suppress the Secondary Industry" program and accelerate the "Double Transfers", as well as call on those high energy-consuming enterprises to save energy. We will focus on such sections as residual heat & pressure recycling, electromechanical reconstruction for energy saving, green lighting, etc. to impel the R&D and application of low-carbon technologies. Meanwhile, we will make great efforts to do well the "Provincial-level Circular Economy Pilot" work, popularize the clean energy, raise the proportion of the renewable energy, and advocate the contract-based energy management. We will carry out the "Building Energy Efficiency and Technical Innovation Model Project" to strongly develop the green buildings. In response to the low-carbon lifestyle, we will build low-carbon community and low-carbon traffic system, and call on public institutions to save energy.

Implement the "Invigorating the City by Quality" strategy: We will steadfastly build the all-round, all-process, and all-staff quality consciousness to improve the product quality, engineering quality, service quality, and environment quality, and then raise the "Guangzhou quality". We will call on enterprises to adopt international standards and overseas advanced standards, and sponsor them to take part in domestic and overseas standardization events, in order to introduce more than 80 secretariats of domestic and overseas standardization technical committees into Guangzhou, complete the formulation and revision of more than 150 standards and technical specifications, and strengthen the influence of "Guangzhou Standards". We will strongly develop the industrial design, speed up the construction of the public platform in respect of quality & technology inspection and test certification, and newly build two national quality inspection centers. We will strengthen the brand incubation to newly build a lot of national famous trademarks and provincial-level brands, gradually cultivate some world-famous brands, and redouble Guangzhou City's international competitiveness.

(II) Endeavor to improve the people's livelihood and welfare

We will earnestly complete ten practical things concerning the people's livelihood: First, we should stabilize the "Shopping Basket" price (namely, material price), and sponsor the construction of 100 fair-price shops. We will offer fiscal subsidies to those planting & breeding bases and cold storage bases that shoulder Guangzhou market's oriented supply mission and those fair-price shops (dedicated zones) that implement the "dovetailing of production and sales, and docking of agricultural products and supermarket" policy. As to those people with low income, we will offer temporary price subsidies. Second, we will improve the social security level, and raise the urban workers' per capita monthly basic endowment insurance treatment by 8 percent to 10 percent. We will establish the special medical assistance system for serious and extremely serious diseases, and raise the urban and rural residents' basic living allowances by 10 percent to 14 percent. To those needy families with low income, we will raise the accreditation standard from 120 percent of local basic living allowances to 150 percent of local basic living allowances. As for the "Senior Citizens of Six Categories", we will increase the government's home-based care service standard by RMB 100 yuan according to original standard. After that, we will purchase the home-based care services of RMB 200 yuan per month and RMB 300 yuan per month respectively for those senior citizens aged above 70 and for those senior citizens aged above 60 who suffer from severe disability or those senior citizens who only live with severely-disabled offspring. Third, we will improve the public health service level. With that, we will increase the citizens' basic public health service items to 11 items and 37 sub-items, perform rehabilitation surgery for 1,000 poor cataract patients for free, and offer the birth defect interference service for free to about 100,000 households of families that give birth to children according to Guangzhou City's family planning policy. Fourth, we will sponsor the preschool education that is beneficial to all people, in order to sponsor the children of needy families with low income, orphans, disabled children, and other "special care" objects to receive the beneficial-to-all-people preschool education. Fifth, we will strengthen the housing security system, establish and perfect the indemnificatory housing system that is centered on the public rental housing, raise capital to build 45,000 indemnificatory houses, and resolve housing problems for 15,000 households of low income. Sixth, we will promote the employment, and grant 60,000 occupational skill training vouchers to direct laborers in Guangzhou City to improve their work ability through participation in the occupational training. To those units that reemploy personnel with employment difficulties in Guangzhou, we will offer them subsidy of RMB 350 yuan per person per month in terms of payment of the Social Insurance Premium, as a way to assist 180,000 registered laid-off workers in achieving reemployment. Seventh, we will continue doing well the "Poverty Alleviation" work in mountainous townships and villages in the north of Guangzhou, and make the annual collective income of the assisted poverty-stricken villages exceed RMB 100,000 yuan and the per capita annual income of the impoverished households surpass RMB 5,000 yuan by the end of this year. Also, we will significantly improve the poverty-stricken townships' municipal and public service facilities. Eighth, we will improve the traffic conditions. This year, we will optimize and newly build 50 urban and rural bus lines, and increase the proportion of bus lines accessible to the metro to more than 55 percent . We will perfect road facilities in Jinshazhou and Tongdewei, and additionally put up awnings for pedestrian bridges at main road sections. Ninth, we will improve the community convenient services, and build at least one family comprehensive service center for each street in Guangzhou City. We will make governmental departments' online service items access to citizens' web pages, as well as install self-service financial terminals at 50 communities. Tenth, we will organize colorful cultural and sports events. In addition to newly building 50 community cultural plazas with the area of each more than 500 square metres, we will complete the construction of more than 265 fitness paths and 126 basketball courts. Besides, we will build 9 sports and fitness projects for township farmers, newly build greenways of 200 kilometres, and improve the greenway's service management.

Expedite the development of all social undertakings: We will implement the positive employment policy and do well the employment assistance to special groups in need. We will accelerate the construction of the Guangzhou City High-skilled Talents Public Practice Accreditation Base, improve the secondary technical school sponsorship system, and intensify the employment supervision amongst college students and migrant workers, in order to employ 300,000 new workers in the whole year. We will further improve the negotiation system of the three parties, namely, the authority for labor administration, the labor union, and the enterprise, to promote the harmony between the employee and the employer. We will strongly promote the national and provincial education system reform pilot work. We will put in practice the three-year action plan for the preschool education, actively build up the preschool education public service system, enlarge the support to nongovernmental kindergartens, and develop the state-run kindergartens to make sure that the proportion of state-run kindergartens to the total kindergartens in Guangzhou surpasses 30 percent by 2013. We will impel the compulsory education's balanced development, and intensify the construction of teachers team, so as to make all districts (county-level cities) regulate the schools' supervision and acceptance through the compulsory education. We will perfect the special education system and the policy on promoting the nongovernmental education's development and migrant workers' children enrollment with schools. We will advance the international cooperation on education, introduce high-end education resources, and strictly carry out all campus safety actions like the school bus safety. We will deepen the medicine and health system reform, and further expand the basic drug system's implementation range, and build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. We will reinforce the construction of the grassroots health service system to build a grassroots medical health team that mainly consists of general practitioners. To actively cope with the challenge arising from the aging of population, we will improve the urban & rural old-age care system, expedite the construction of Guangzhou City No. 2 Home for the Aged and the municipal-level home-based care comprehensive service platform, and inspire the social forces to participate in the construction and operation of welfare institutions. We will support and develop the charity and public welfare undertaking, extensively organize the poverty alleviation events, consummate and perfect the service system for the disabled, further develop the voluntary service cause, and build a "City of Volunteers". We will initiate the "Healthy City Action Plan", advocate the sunny and healthy lifestyle, strongly promote the citywide fitness, strengthen the construction and opening of public sports facilities, and provide citizens with more public sports services. We will raise the city's comprehensive strength in competitive sports, strongly develop the sports undertaking, and reinforce the management and maintenance to the "Non-Specified Equine Disease Free Zone". We will advance "Guangzhou City Happy Family Promotion Plan", improve the quality of population at birth, carry out the ethnic and religious policies, and promote the national unity and religious harmony. We will pragmatically implement the 6th Five-year Plan of Law Popularization, tighten up the construction of disaster prevention & alleviation facilities, and improve the city's capacity in the "Three-prevention" work. We will fulfill the "Special Care" policies, strengthen the national defense education and "Double Support" work, and do well the work in relation to coastal defense, civil defense, and campaign against smuggling. Besides, we will continue dealing with well overseas Chinese affairs, trade promotion, Taiwan affairs, meteorology, statistics, archiving, confidential, consultation, literature & history, annals revision, etc.

Improve the community's service management level: Focusing on the objective "Building Happy Community", we will transfer the social service management power to lower levels, deepen the reform of street communities and townships & villages' social service management system and mechanism, complete the construction of the street's "One Team and Three Centers", do the innovative pilot work for reform of super-large townships & villages' social service management, and enhance the community's autonomous administration. We will further reform the social organization registration management system, set up the special fund for incubating and developing social organizations at municipal level and district level, build the municipal & district-level social organization incubation bases, and promote the social organizations' orderly and healthy development. We will inspire and support social organizations to take part in the government's purchase of services, redouble the construction of the social talent team, deepen the reform and innovation in diversified grassroots services, encourage residents to participate in the community's public affairs management and the public welfare undertaking, and build the community service work mechanism for volunteers. We will push forward the construction of the "Five Facilities Project" (namely, one family comprehensive service center, one cultural activity center, one sports and leisure park, one health service center, and one video monitoring system for each street) in relation to the community information service, actively develop the household service industry, reinforce the service and management over migrant workers, and continue implementing and improving the "Household Registration by Point-based System" that is geared to the floating population. We will promote basic public services like employment direction, skill training, children schooling, legal assistance, and social security to gradually extend to migrant workers, and actively direct migrant workers to take part in the communities, villages, and townships' social service management.

(III) Endeavor to raise the urban & rural construction management level

Improve the urban & rural planning and the land utilization planning system: We will formulate and submit the Overall Planning for Guangzhou City (2010-2020), and do well the specific controlled planning for key regions and the formulation and revision for urban design. We will reinforce the planning and management to key regions, scientifically formulate special plans in respect of rail traffic, power supply, water supply, environment and sanitation, civil air defense, and water systems and coastlines, etc., and complete the overall planning for the eastern new eco-city that is centered on Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge Town and the Science City. We will optimize the planning for sub-centers like Huadu, Zengcheng, and Conghua, radiate and drive the townships and villages' synergic development, formulate the planning for municipal-level significant landscape streets, roads, and nodes, and deepen the protection of the famous historical and cultural city. We will dovetail the urban & rural planning and the land utilization planning, and form a better city space pattern that seamlessly integrates the population, industry, resources and environment.

Save the land resources: We will implement the strictest arable land protection and land saving system in an all-round manner, promote the pilot work for making innovations in the national urban and rural lands coordination and management system, and accelerate the construction of the land market system unified between the city and countryside. We will make innovations in the land reservation mechanism, implement the differentiated, economical, and high-efficiency land supply policy, and give priority to the land demands from key regions, critical projects, significant industries, and important people's livelihood projects, and rural collective land requisition. We will promote the collective construction land's circulation, intensify the handling to collective idle land and low-efficiency land, make good use of urban lands getting from the shutdown of industrial enterprises, and raise the level of land-saving and land-intensive utilization. We will strengthen the planning and management over the "Three old" reconstruction (namely, reconstruction of old towns, old workshops and old villages), perfect different kinds of historical land using procedures, and strongly promote the "Three-old" reconstruction.

Speed up building strategic facilities: We will gather the strength to promote the construction of 12 kinds of strategic facilities like airport, harbor, land transport, main information hub, eco-system, municipal facilities, and energy guarantee, put emphasis on the construction of the Baiyun International Airport Expansion Project, Phase III of Guangzhou Port Nansha Harbor District, and Phase III of Seaward Channel, and complete the construction of Nansha Harbor Grain and General Cargo Terminal. We will make great efforts to put the Guangzhou Section of Guiyang-Guangzhou HSR and Nanning-Guangzhou HSR into operation, speed up the construction of southern, eastern and northern comprehensive traffic hubs, actively boost the construction of the Pearl River Delta's intercity rail traffic lines like Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen Intercity Line, Foshan-Dongguan Intercity Line, and Guangzhou-Foshan Intercity Line, accelerate the construction of the Metro Line VI, Metro Line VII, Metro Line IX, and Guangzhou Section of Guangzhou-Foshan Intercity Line, and start a new round of metro line construction as soon as possible. We will promote the construction of some expressways and highways, and complete the construction of the Zengcheng-Conghua Expressway, Phase II of Guangzhou Section of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway. We will strongly impel the construction of basic energy facilities like megawatt-level power plant, the substation of 110 KV and above, and natural gas high-pressure pipeline, in order to strengthen the support for Guangzhou City's development.

Improve the city's lean management: We will make an all-round innovation in the city management according to the standardized, normalized, grid-based, intelligent, and human-centric requirements. We will establish a uniform and synergistic digital city management information platform by implementing the "Sky Net Project". And we will strengthen the force of cracking down on fake and shoddy commodities, and regulate the market management. We will improve the food and drug supervision system, and strengthen the law enforcement in different links like production, circulation and sales, in an effort to ensure the food and drug's safety. We will intensify the subject responsibility for safety production of enterprises, establish and perfect the hidden trouble inspection and management system, reinforce the comprehensive governance to the public security, and crack down on various illegal and criminal activities. We will deepen the construction of the emergency management system, strongly accentuate the "Public Transportation First", promote the implementation of the urban traffic improvement measures, focus on rectifying 27 traffic "Black Spots", and alleviate the traffic jam. By adopting large numbers of actions, we will ease the "Parking Difficulty" in the downtown of Guangzhou, handle illegal construction and unregistered outdoor signboards by law, constantly rectify the "Six Disorders", further improve the city's environmental health and cleaning level, and do well the preparatory work for passing the review of "National Hygiene City". We will standardize the construction work and the dumper's operation and management, strengthen the city management legislation and the comprehensive law enforcement, and raise the city's level in civilized law enforcement.

(IV) Endeavor to promote the construction of the national innovative city

Build the intelligent city: We will take root in intelligent facilities to build high-performance broadband information network, speed up the construction of the "Fiber to the Home" (FTTH) project, and establish National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou and the International Cloud Computing Center. Meanwhile, we will take intelligent technologies as the core to boost high-end chips' R&D and industrialization and tackle key technical problems like Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud computing. We will take the intelligent industry as the framework to strongly develop the software and information service industry, build the National E-business Model City, cultivate the online business center, and build the famous software city of China. We will target at the intelligent application to basically realize the intelligent city management in terms of public security, power grid, underground pipeline, urban planning, overall land utilization planning, and engineering tendering, bidding, etc. We will promote the intelligent construction of those projects relating to the people's livelihood in such segments as traffic, medical treatment, and social security, boost the pilot construction of intelligent towns like Tianhe Intelligent Town, Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge Town, and Nansha New District, and organize the pilot work like intelligent community, intelligent village, and intelligent building in different districts (county-level cities).

Implement the technological innovation project: We will accelerate and promote the introduction and construction of strategic innovation platforms, develop the innovative cluster of strategic emerging industries, incubate technology-based "Little Giant" enterprises, and support the development of innovative backbone enterprises. Also, we will serve as the organizer to obtain significant and key general technologies, promote the commercialization of major technological achievements, introduce innovative & pioneering teams and managers, and foster the "Rising Stars of the Pearl River in Science and Technology". We will continue the international cooperation on significant technologies, make innovations in technological finance, bring together innovation resources, and raise the city's capacity of innovation in an all-round way.

Build an international innovative talent highland: We will strengthen the construction of a high-level and highly-skilled talent team, expand the function of OCS (Guangzhou Convention of Oversea Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology), and build China's first brand of high-level overseas talents communication platform. We will actively conduct international talents exchanges and cooperation, implement large-scale Overseas Talents Converging Project, Overseas Talents to Guangzhou Red Cotton Project, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pioneer 100 Talents Project and Talent Special Zone, and further improve the introduction of overseas talents. We will vigorously spread scientific knowledge, cultivate juvenile technological innovation talents, improve social science attainment, and create a favorable development environment for innovative talents.

Improve the open-type urban innovation system: We will increase R & D investment. The city's R&D expenditure should exceed 2.26 percent of regional GDP. We will strive to promote the construction of Guangzhou China-Singapore Knowledge City, conduct high-standard infrastructure construction, strengthen the cooperation with Singapore, carry out knowledge economy innovation development model experiments, and strive to complete a number of high-end projects. We will promote the Expansion Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Biology and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Technology Phase II, China-Ukraine Barton Welding Research Institute and other major science and technology innovation platforms, speed up the function development of Guangzhou Science City, build Guangzhou International Innovation City, Guangzhou International Technology Cooperation Center, Guangzhou International Technology Incubation Base and Guangzhou International Biological Island by high standards. We will develop technology innovation and research alliances of key areas, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We will support enterprises to set up technology centers, and undertake national, provincial and municipal major scientific and technological projects. We will establish risk insurance mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, expand and take good use of urban venture capital guiding fund, technology guarantees and other technology financial platforms, and bring social capital to innovative enterprises. We will increase investment to patent application and patent industrialization guiding, implement "Mayor Award For Intellectual Property Rights Protection" and other incentives, crack down on illegal infringement, and create good atmosphere for intellectual property protection.

(V) Focus on promoting the development and construction of Nansha New District

Create a high-standard plan for Nansha New District: We will follow the core concept of "Scientific Development, Unhurried Construction", highlight the people-oriented philosophy, give priority to livability, appropriately handle the relationship between New City and Old Town, Nansha and Hengqin and Qianhai, Nansha and surrounding areas, Nansha and Hong Kong and Macao, promote the completion and approval of Guangzhou Nansha New Area Development Plan, prepare urban, industrial, land, transportation, population, ecological and other special plans. We will optimize the industrial layout, foster a industry highland with advanced producer services in the leading industry position, build Nansha New District into a business service center, a science and technology innovation center, and an education and training base serving the Chinese mainland and connecting with Hong Kong and Macao, and set up Port Facility Service Industry Co-operation Area and South China International Logistics Center. We will strive to develop the marine economy, and construct Nansha New District to an important base for the implementation of national maritime strategies. We will actively explore new-type development path of urbanization, create a high-quality Lingnan (south of the Five Ridges) Water City, construct the Comprehensive Cooperation Integrated Demonstration and Quality Living Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and strive to build a modern coastal city and an ideal future-oriented city with distinctive Lingnan features.

Boldly carry out pilot projects. We will give full play to the advantages of Nansha Integrated CEPA Implementation Pilot Demonstration Area, promote the co-operation and development with Hong Kong and Macao, and take the lead in building an integrated business environment with Hong Kong and Macao. We will adhere to the combination of government guidance and market operation, and innovate development model of Nansha New District. We will boldly learn from the management mechanism of Hong Kong, Macao and other advanced regions, innovate the modern society governance structure, and carry out social service management innovation pilot programs. We will innovate the policy system, and promote the legislation construction to provide policy and legal protection for the long-term development of Nansha New District.

Solidly construct the Pioneer Area: We will actively attract global investment to the construction of 60-square-kilometre Pioneer Area, and introduce high-quality projects. We will improve the public transit network, high-speed road, port railway and harbor, river port, waterway and other infrastructures, and connect transportation nodes of surrounding cities in Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau. We will enhance living facilities and urban service functions. We will carry out low-carbon economy, intelligent city, and eco-city pilot projects, implement high-standard high-quality construction, and build the Pioneer Area to a development and construction model of Nansha New District.

(VI) Strive to build an eco-city with Lingnan features

Improve the ambient air quality: We will speed up the construction of Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring and Early Warning Center, and integrate PM2.5 (particular matter with diameter not more than 2.5 micrometers) Monitoring Index into the air quality evaluation system in accordance with national and provincial requirements. We will deepen the administration of industrial pollution sources. We will strengthen the upgrading and operation management of desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal facilities, and increase pollution prevention efforts for petrochemical and other key industries. We will promote the use of natural gas and other clean energy, and accelerate the development of solar energy and other new energy sources. We will strengthen the control of motor vehicle pollution sources, fully implement National IV Standards, and strictly implement measures to limit yellow label vehicles. We will actively promote new energy vehicles. We will continue to deepen the control over catering industry and construction site dust pollution, and strive to reduce emissions of various air pollutants.

Deepen the aquatic environment governance: We will construct major rivers flood control and disaster reduction system, strengthen the monitoring and management of marine environment, promote reinforced river and ocean embankment construction, and implement reservoir reinforcement projects. We will accelerate the construction of urban and rural water supply emergency backup water sources, Huadu North River Water Diversion Project, Northern Downtown Water Plant and related water pipeline networks. We will strengthen the drinking water source protection, reserve water management, and on-line monitoring of key sources of pollution and sewage treatment plants. We will establish long-term dynamic surface water monitoring system, and promote river water quality monitoring of key reservoirs. We will speed up the comprehensive improvement and ecological restoration of streams, and basically complete the projects of Phase II of Donghao Stream and Phase III of Lizhi Bay Stream. We will vigorously regulate "Water Immersion Streets". We will improve the pollution interception pipe network. The city's urban sewage treatment rate should reach 89 percent this year. We will start the construction of 5 new lakes, 5 public bathing beaches, and Green Water Road. We will build Pearl River, Zeng River, Liuxi River and coastline landscapes, highlight the features of Lingnan Water Village, and construct an ecological "Watertown".

Enhance waste disposal and utilization: We will vigorously carry out environmental publicity to enhance public awareness of environmental protection. We will adhere to waste reduction, resource recovery, and hazard-free treatment, promote garbage classification, standardize centralized collection, transportation and processing of food waste, and realize standardized management of construction waste. We will enhance the recycle of renewable resources, and promote waste reduction from the source. We will create new waste disposal models to encourage social forces to participate in waste disposal. We will speed up the construction of Likeng Landfill, Xingfeng Landfill and other landfills, power plants, integrated treatment plants and Municipal Waste Safe Disposal Center, build Panyu, Nansha, Huadu, Zengcheng, Conghua life waste incineration plants and Luogang Solid Waste Renewable Resource Center, and strive to realize the city life garbage treatment rate of 92 percent, resource utilization rate of 30 percent, zero growth of life waste per capita per day, and hazardous waste disposal rate of 100 percent .

Enhance the urban forest greening: We will improve the construction of forests, green space, wetlands, nature reserves, coastal shelter forests and other natural ecosystems, effectively protect ancient and rare trees, build the "One Screen and Four Belts" ecological barrier and the "Three Vertical and Five Horizontal" ecological corridors, and promote the biodiversity. We will strive to promote the five projects of urban greening and beautification and forest resource protection, and build 2.39 million mu of ecological forests. We will promote the forest greenbelt around the city, green isolation belt and other ecology landscape to ensure that the forest coverage remains at 41.66 percent or more. We will implement the garden building plan and build more than one garden in each district (county-level city). We will landscape the surroundings of urban main roads, pedestrian bridges, buildings, rooftops and major landmarks. We will improve the construction of urban green space system and urban green galleries, flower galleries, promote the construction of community parks and the planting of native trees and colorful foliage and flowering plants to build Lingnan garden landscape with forests around the city and green roads through the city, and highlight the features of "Green City" and "Flower City".

Carry out the eco-city pilot construction: In accordance with the implementation steps of "piloting in the first year, fully spreading in three years, taking shape in five years", we will build an ecological demonstration zone of different themes in each district (county-level city). We will focus on the construction of ecological demonstration zones and eco-tourism resort demonstration areas in Zengcheng, Conghua, Huadu, 10,000 Mu Orchard Wetland Reserve in Zhuhai, tourism and leisure agriculture demonstration zone and Water Green Road in Panyu, eco-industrial parks in three national development areas, eco-community in downtown, and ecological new city demonstration zones in eastern Shanshui New District and Nansha New District.

(VII) Strive to promote integrated development of urban and rural areas

Develop the urban-type modern agriculture: We will vigorously promote the construction of Conghua Flower Garden, Nansha Urban Agriculture Industrial Park, Zengcheng Small Building, Huadu "Flower City" and other modern agricultural parks, focus on building five 10,000-mu demonstration bases of rice, vegetables, fruit, flowers, aquatic products and the one-million pig breeding base. We will vigorously promote the "company + base + cooperating organization + farmer" agricultural industrialization models and other new ones. We will support the construction of farmer cooperatives. We will thoroughly implement a new round of "Shopping Basket" projects, establish "Shopping Basket" production bases outside Guangzhou, and enhance the link between farmers and supermarkets. We will accelerate the development of seeds and seedlings industry, tourism and leisure agriculture, and ecological agriculture, and expand agricultural functions. We will establish a multi-level widely-covered agricultural risk protection system. We will improve the circulation infrastructure of agricultural products, enhance quality and safety supervision, and keep agricultural market stable.

Implement the Beautiful Countryside Action Plan: We will improve the city's village and town planning system, reasonably arrange the farmland protection, village distribution, ecological conservation and other rural spatial distribution, and strive to protect the ecological environment and cultural resources in rural areas. We will implement the Famous Towns and Famous Villages Projects, and focus on promoting the construction of three famous towns and four famous villages. We will promote village renovation, and further improve rural living environment and the cleaning and greening level of towns and villages, explore rural leisure functions, create beautiful livable urban countryside, and guide and promote the two-way interaction between urban and rural lives.

Speed up the upgrading of rural infrastructure: We will implement the "Five Networks" upgrade project of rural infrastructures, and complete a new round of 1,200-kilometre village road construction tasks. We will vigorously strengthen the infrastructure construction of farmland irrigation and water conservancy, steadily carry out rural water supply projects, and set up sewage treatment facilities in 43 impoverished villages in northern mountainous areas. We will accelerate fiber-to-home construction in mountainous rural areas, and improve the service quality of rural wireless communication. We will promote the unified urban and rural garbage collection, transportation and handling, and speed up the popularization of safe septic tanks and sanitary latrines. We will continue to promote the Phase II of rural "Lighting" project, and continuously improve rural production and living conditions.

Improve public service levels in rural areas: We will conduct new-type rural community development, accelerate the construction of rural public service stations, and implement the "Elite Schools Counterpart Supporting Project" in rural areas to improve rural compulsory education level. We will basically complete the standardized construction of 25 town hospitals and town clinics and 370 village-level clinics, and form the 30-minute medical service circle in rural areas. We will improve the rural social assistance system. We will popularize the "Farm Library", and expand the coverage of rural "Ten-Mile Cultural Circles". We will promote training of job skills for farmers and train 8,000 new-type farmers every year.

Improve the long-term urban and rural integration mechanism: We will establish a sound platform for the transfer of rural property, basically complete rural collective land registration and certification, promote the "Four Rights" legal transfer of land contractual management right, collective construction land right, home ownership and collective forest right. We will further improve the rural land requisition compensation policies, complete the historical debts of remaining rural land, improve the rural homestead management, and effectively protect farmers' land rights. Integrate urban and rural endowment insurance system, and coordinate the basic medical insurance system for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical care system. We will establish the long-term mechanism for the city's poverty alleviation and development, and enhance the "Hematopoietic Ability" of towns and villages to advance from poverty to prosperity. We will fully complete the "Dual To (plan to household and responsibility to individual)" poverty alleviation and development tasks between Guangzhou and Meizhou, Yangjiang and Maoming, and carry out the supporting work for Xinjiang and Tibet.

(VIII) Strive to boost Guangzhou City spirit

Deepen the construction of a civilized city. Indefinite civilization requires nonstop construction. We will further improve the long-term mechanism of urban civilized construction, achieve the institutionalization, standardization, and normalization of urban civilization construction, and extend urban civilized construction activities to the towns and villages to realize deep-level development. We will strengthen the socialist core value system, and foster the modern urban humanistic spirit of the new era. We will enhance the guiding role of media in promoting healthy practices, rewarding the good and restraining the evil, and moral and ethical development, and strengthen social morality, professional ethics and family values, personal qualities and juvenile ideological and moral construction. We will build the social credit system, advocate social voluntary services and mutual love, actively foster good social attitude in the whole society to promote the civilized fashion of being well bred, ethical, harmonious, and enhance overall citizen quality and urban civilization.

Vigorously promote the Lingnan culture: We will establish a multi-level historical and cultural relics protection system, thoroughly dig, integrate and utilize Lingnan cultural resources, focus on creating the Maritime Silk Road, history and culture of Nanyue (an ancient state of China), modern revolutionary history, Chinese culture, religion culture, Cantonese culture and ancient city cultural brand. In accordance with the overall protection framework of "One Mountain, One River, One Urban Area, and Eight Theme Areas", strengthen the protection of the city's 48 historical and cultural reserve areas, focus on strengthening the protection and development of Changzhou Island, Huangpu Old Port Village, Shawan Ancient Town, Nanhai Temple, Thirteen Trades, Conghua Guangyu Temple and other historical cultural heritage. We will implement the protection and utilization of traditional historic buildings and specialty commercial streets. We will encourage the creation of Lingnan fine arts, and vigorously support the development of Cantonese opera, Cantonese music, and Lingnan arts. We will protect the development of folk culture, emphasize on the support, protection and spread of "Three Sculpture Arts (Ivory, Jade and Wood), Color Painted China and Embroidery" and other intangible cultural heritage. We will scientifically design and plan the construction of the city's distinctive cultural landmarks, create a number of city business cards with Guangzhou characteristics, enhance the city quality, highlight the city charm, and demonstrate the city spirit.

Promote the development of cultural undertakings and the cultural industry: We will deepen cultural restructuring, and guide social forces to participate in culture construction. We will strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation, and expand the influence and radiation of Guangzhou Cultural. We will improve basic public cultural service system, implement rural film and cultural consumption subsidies and other cultural projects to benefit and enrich rural cultural life. We will construct new Guangzhou Museum, Museum of Migrant Workers, Museum of South Guangdong Ancestral Celebrities, "Communist Youth League First Congress" Memorial Plaza and other major cultural facilities, and organize China (Guangzhou) Xinghai International Chorus Championship, Guangzhou International Cantonese Opera Festival, Chinese Music Golden Bell Awards and other key cultural activities. We will strengthen policy support for the cultural industry, promote the construction of national cultural industry demonstration zone, promote Guangzhou International Media Port, Guangzhou Cultural and Creative Industries Center and other major projects, focus on the development of cultural creation, media and publishing, performing arts and entertainment and other cultural industries, and construct a cultural and creative city.

(IX) Focus on building a government that people are satisfied with

Strive to build a law-based government: Government staff should take the lead in the study and argument of and compliance with law, and enhance awareness of the rule of law, promote social respect for the law. We will conscientiously implement the resolutions and decisions by Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee, representatives' proposals and resolutions, suggestions, criticisms, opinions, and the opinion research and processing of the Standing Committee. We will seriously implement the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Political Consultative Procedure (Trial), and consciously accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, and actively listen to community opinions and suggestions. We will implement the Regulation of Guangzhou Major Administrative Decision-making Procedures, and expand effective public participation in government decision-making. We will strengthen the government's legislative work, and focus on the legislation promotion in the fields of urban management, social development and basic public services. We will persistently act according to law and strictly execute law enforcement. We will carry out the law-based government demonstration area and law-based administration demonstration spot activities, expand the coverage of legal aid and legal services, and improve the resolution mechanism of social contradictions and dispute.

Strive to build a service-oriented government: We will strengthen the government's functions in economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public services, and promote the government function transformation. We will accelerate the construction of e-government service platform to achieve 90 percent online processing rate of government administrative licensing matters. We will further deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system, carry out the "Zero Fee" pilot system of administrative examination and approval management, and reduce the administrative licensing matters. We will improve the municipal and district (county-level city) labor management system of unified responsibilities, rights and interests, and promote the downward shift of management focus. We will actively and steadily push forward the institution classification reform. We will strengthen the work-style construction and improve service attitude and levels.

Strive to build a government in the sunshine: We will adhere to the policy of incorrupt government, diligent administration, good governance and people first. We will improve the mechanism of making government affaires public, and promote more transparent process and results of executing political power. We will improve the sound press releases and spokesman system, fully utilize the government micro-blog and other means of communication to broaden the political interactive channels with the people, and promote the political discussion on the Internet. We will improve and implement the departmental budget publicity mechanism. We will consciously accept supervision by the masses and public social media, and promote the healthy administration execution in the sunshine, ensure the people's rights of information, expression, participation, and supervision, and promote social fairness and justice.

Strive to build an incorrupt government: We will establish a sound administrative decision-making and corruption risk prevention mechanism. We will improve the public finance system, and optimize the fiscal expenditure structure. We will strengthen the supervision and inspection of government investment project bidding, commercial land using right transfer, and government procurement. We will adhere to austerity and thrift. Strictly control the expenditures on "official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips", and establish a good clean image of serving people, pragmatic, honest and incorrupt.

All representatives,the key to a new journey of new goals is implementation. We must firmly establish the concepts of implementation to enhance team building, improve work style, strengthen supervision and assessment, fully improve government execution ability, and effectively perform the government duties. Let us more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee, led by Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, under the strong leadership of the municipal CPC committee, and closely rely on the people of the city to dedicate ourselves heart and soul to the same cause, forge ahead, and work hard to take the lead in the transformation, upgrading and construction of "Happy Guangzhou"!

Note: Chen Jianhua was elected as the Mayor of Guangzhou on January 11, 2012.

(Translated by Transn)

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