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Administrative Regions
Nansha District
Update: 2020-04-28     Source: english.gz.gov.cn

The Nansha District was set up on April 28, 2005, and was duly approved by the State Council. It includes the Nansha Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Pearl River Administrative Region (Longxue Island) and other specially designated areas.

The Nansha District is located in the southern part of Guangzhou, right at the geometric center of the Greater Pearl River Delta Economic Region and is situated at the supporting position among the "A" shape formed by Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau and is the hub node connecting the city groups on the banks of the Pearl River Estuary.

The Nansha District is the principal water thoroughfare of the Pearl River Estuary, being the only passage from Guangzhou to the oceans. It has the ideal features which provide the needed advantages to build an international deepwater port and develop the important port-related industries providing the perfect region for Guangzhou and Guangdong Province to adjust and upgrade its industrial structure. At present, the Nansha deepwater port has a size, whose cargo routes cover the world´s major trade areas, such as Europe, America, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia and others and, after the completion the Phase II and III projects of the Nansha Port project, it will form a new for modernized ports coupled with related industrial zones with an advanced international port as its support. The Nansha District government plans to take advantage of the international port to develop a port-related industrial zone including such fundamental industries as ship manufacture, iron and steel processing, petrol-chemical industries all promoting the concerted development of Guangzhou's traditional industries, the high-tech industries located nearby and service industries.

The Nansha District enjoys unique natural conditions with densely covered water networks and various lakes and ponds, and, as well, the District has a beautiful natural environment and rich land resources. Most of the land in the North is farms and fields, while in the South the majority of the land is reclamed land with a perfect natural ecology. The District built the first everglade forest park in China which is now called "The Kidney of Guangzhou" having over 200 hectares of everglades, over 17 hectares of mangroves and over 20,000 migratory birds in both autumn and winter. The Nansha District also has Nansha Puzhou Park, Nansha Tianhou Temple, Suzhou Watery Region Street, Nansha Golf Course and other tourism resorts and facilities.

According to the physical layout, the Nansha District will be built into a modern industrial base integrating the logistics industry, port-related industries, high-tech industries, and a new modernized ecological urban area with reasonable industrial distribution, strong economic radiation capacity, complete supporting infrastructures and a beautiful natural environment.

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