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Administrative Regions
Baiyun District
Update: 2020-04-28     Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Located to the north of downtown Guangzhou, Baiyun District has a total area of 75.79 square kilometers and a population of 760,000. Its name originates from the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area that is a principal of the district.

Baiyun district has a variety of landforms. In its east and north-east are hilly regions, where are located the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area and Maofengshan, the highest mountain of Guangzhou. The region features gentle slopes, dense woods, lush fruit trees, countless ponds and reservoirs. Dotted with beautiful lakes and hills, the scenery is very pleasant and, in its central part is located the Guanghua plain. In the west part of Baiyun District is the Pearl River water system with the western course of the Pearl River, the Bajiang River and the Liuxi River all flowing through this area. All sorts of water courses are intertwined here with irrigation and transportation systems being the most prominent. The Liuxihe River, running through this area, is the main source of drinking water for Guangzhou citizens.

Baiyun District is a transport hub, boasting the Beijing-Guangzhou electrified railway and many primary and secondary highways, such as Beijing-Zhuhai, Guangzhou-Huizhou, the North Ring, and the Huanan Expressway. Several of the national and provincial highways lead to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Shanxi provinces and other cities of Guangdong Province. Metro Line 2 and the airport expressway also cross this district, forming a traffic network connecting all the areas of the district.

According to Guangzhou's planning scheme, the Baiyun New Town, located in the central area of Baiyun District, will be a key development project of north Guangzhou. The Baiyun International Exhibition Center has been completed. In the future, importance will be placed on the development of the economy of the airport area. The development of trading and logistics centers and low-density residential buildings will also be promoted. High-quality domestic and international enterprises are also slated to be introduced to increase the district's market competitiveness and to promote the optimization of the functional layout and space structure of the entire northern region.

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