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Honours and Awards
Honorary titles of Guangzhou
Update: 2017-06-29     Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Guangzhou is among the first to receive the title of "historic and cultural city" in China. The honors it receives also include the National Major Tourist City, the National Model City for Civilization, the National Excellent City for Comprehensive Management of Public Security, the Nations in Bloom, the National Sanitation City, the National Model City for Progress in Science and Technology, the National Model City for Forestry Ecology Construction, the National Model City for Accessible Facilities Construction, the National Model City for Civil Air Defense and the Civilized City in Guangdong. It is also recognized as one of the fifty cities with biggest investment potential in China.

In recent years, Guangzhou has been granted the Dubai International Award for the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment, the Best Practices in China Human Settlements, the Special Prize for Urban Infrastructure Construction and Comprehensive Environmental Rehabilitation in Welcoming the "Ninth National Games", the Award for Contribution to China International Sister-city Undertaking, Gold Award for Environmental Creation and Protection of International Garden Community, the World's Metropolis Award, Best Award for City Tourism Management, China Human Settlements (Water Environment Rehabilitation) Model City, the National Environmental Protection Model City, the Award for Water Management in the Fifth World Water Forum and other honorary titles, the title of Best Commercial City in China's Mainland, International Sustainable Transport Award, etc.. 

Tops in the Chinese Cities of Opportunities Report 2016:At the end of 2016, the United Nations released two reports that point out Guangzhou is the world’s fastest growing mega-city and tops the list on UNDP's Human Development Index. In the Chinese Cities of Opportunities Report 2016 jointly released by PWC and China Development Research Foundation, Guangzhou ranks the top again.

China Habitat Environment Prize:Guangzhou's Haizhu Wetland Park won the China Habitat Environment Prize recently after awarded the provincial habitat prize in 2015. According to the latest statistics, the water in the Haizhu Wetland Park is crystal clear. Its eutrophic indexes (dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, potassium permanganate index, etc) reach or better than the standard of the surface water ClassⅢ, with some indexes reaching ClassⅡ. The wetland park also contributes to the city's biological variety. It's home to 133 species of birds, accounting for 53% of the city's total. It has 36 species of fish and benthos respectively, which almost includes all the species of fish and benthos in Guangzhou.

The Nations in Bloom: the International Park Association conferred the third place of the Nations in Bloom to Guangzhou on Dec. 3, 2001. Guangzhou, the "flower city" became the second city to receive this honor. Being selected as the Nations in Bloom marked that the changes taking place in Guangzhou won recognition from the international community and that the construction concept of "suitable for business and living" in Guangzhou won much broader support and recognition. 

The Nations in Bloom has the reputation of "green Oscar". Many big cities in the world attach great importance to the event. Garden landscaping, management and preservation of natural heritage, environmental protection, citizens and enterprises' participation in natural landscape protection and sustainable development of garden landscape are the main criterion for the selection.

Dubai International Award for the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment: The "Five-year Action Plan for Comprehensive Improvement of Urban Environment" of Guangzhou won the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment in 2002, ranking the fifth among ten nominated programs and was the only winning program from China in 2002. 

Currently, there are three influential international habitat awards in the world: United Nations Habitat Award, Dubai International Award for the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment and World Habitat Award. Dubai International Award for the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment was created in 1995 and held every two years. The candidates are evaluated according to their human settlements program promoting progress in social, economic, environmental and other areas. Strict selection procedure is applied to the selection.

The Second Place of the Third World's Metropolis Award: In the Ninth Assembly and World's Metropolis Award Ceremony held by World Association of Major Metropolises in Sydney from Oct. 22 to Oct. 25, 2008, the "Xinhepu Historic and Cultural Preservation" program submitted by Guangzhou won the second place of the "World's Metropolis Award" given by World Association of Major Metropolises for the planning spirit of detailed research, respecting history and science. Guangzhou was then the only winning city in Asia.

The World's Metropolis Award was created in 2002, and takes place every three years. The focus of the Ninth World's Metropolis Award is as follows: environment, education, health, human habitat, transportation and employment. The winners are selected by professional panel in accordance with the criterion of social influence, city influence, partnership, economic impact and technical impact, etc.

The First Place of the "Award for Water Management in the Fifth World Water Forum": The Fifth World Water Forum was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from March 16 to March 22, 2009. The Forum is the largest, the most authoritative and the most important World Water Forum. Guangzhou won high praise from the experts of World Water Council for the actions and measures taken in promoting water environment rehabilitation. Standing out from over 30 cities in the world, Guangzhou won the first place of the "Award for Water Management in the Fifth World Water Forum".

The award was co-founded by World Water Council and Mexico, the host of 2006 World Water Forum, aiming at giving award to local governments that implemented effective policy of public water resources management between 2006 and 2008.

The title of "China's Gourmet Capital" and "International Gourmet Capital": The reputation of "Gourmet in Guangzhou" really deserves the titles. On Sep. 19 and Sep. 20, 2010, the judge panel made up of experts from China Cuisine Association and World Association of China's Cuisine conducted on-site appraisal of Guangzhou for its application for"Gourmet in Guangzhou · China's Gourmet Capital · International Gourmet Capital". Through presentation, data validation, on-site survey and questions and answers, the experts unanimously approved its application. Guangzhou was the first city to win both titles.

International Best Practices (Strategic Planning): On Sep. 24, 2010, Guangzhou's strategic planning was awarded the "International Best Practices" in the 46th International Planning Assembly held in Kenya. Guangzhou became China's first city to win the highest-level award of global planning.

The panel of the Assembly holds the opinion that Guangzhou has fully learned and absorbed the successful experiences of different countries in preparing the strategic planning of city development since 1960s, combining them with China's social and economical condition, and conducting thorough system innovation. Guangzhou has set up an example for other developing cities to follow in formulating and implementing strategic planning. Consistent with the theme of the Assembly "sustainable city/developing world", the strategic planning of Guangzhou features "originality, dynamic progress, prospective study, extensive public participation and application of advanced technology".

Forbes 2010 Best Commercial City in China's Mainland: On Oct. 12, 2010, Guangzhou topped the list of Forbes Best Commercial City in China's Mainland for the first time.

The eight reference indexes for the list in 2010 are talent, city size, consumptive power, passenger transport, freight transport, operational cost, economic vitality and innovation, which are adopted to measure the business environment of the cities in China's mainland. Among all indexes, city size, consumptive power and innovation were new in 2009 to completely assess the city's sustainable development ability when China's economy steers toward domestic demand and endogenous impetus.
"Top Ten Happiest Cities": The "2010 China's (Mainland) Happiest Cities" election campaign was co-hosted by the working committees of Oriental Outlook Weekly of the Xinhua News Agency and China Urban Development Report of China Association of Mayors. Guangzhou won the first place and became the only winning city among the four first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The campaign was based on the criterion of internationally recognized city happiness indexes. The twenty indexes includes interpersonal relations, traffic condition, medical condition, quality of education, natural environment, house price and commodity price level, etc.

International Sustainable Transport Award: In the World Transportation Conference held on Jan. 24, 2011 EST, Guangzhou Municipal Government won the highest Award----2011 Sustainable Transportation Award due to the outstanding achievements in Zhongshan Avenue BRT System, public bicycle system and Greenway System, etc. Guangzhou was the first domestic city to win the honor.

The award ceremony of Sustainable Transportation Award is held annually, jointly by UN Regional Development Committee, UITP, ITDP and American Transportation Research Board Annual Conference. The wining cities have made outstanding contribution to sustainable transportation and played an instructive role internationally.

Greenhouse Gas Verifier Certification: The carbon quarantine work carried out by Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit Operation and Management Co., Ltd. (BRT Co., Ltd.) has been approved by the ISO Environmental Protection authority and the low carbon emission standards achieved have been awarded the Greenhouse Gas Verifier Certification by the chairman of the 14064 working group of the British Standards Association (BSI). This is the second international award Guangzhou BRT has won.

Statistics indicates that the carbon dioxide emitted by the various lines of buses driving along Zhongshan Avenue has totaled 143755.241 tons in the previous year before BRT was put into operation. And in the first year since BRT was put into operation, the data has decreased 6235 tons. The actual traffic volume of buses on Zhongshan Avenue has substantially increased by 39.6%, while the energy consumed by the buses has fallen by 4.3%.

Most Chinese-Culture-Featured City: Net buddies around the world elected ten most Chinese-culture-featured Cities, which included Guangzhou alongside nine other cities. Led by the news office at the State Council, Ministry of Culture, National Tourism Administration and hosted by China Radio International, the Internet rating activity "2011 most Chinese culture featured city—the most Chinese-culture-featured City recommended by the net buddies around the globe" was launched in April and introduced to the outside world with 26 languages by the host. Through the medium of online voting and voting by messages from June 1 to July 30, 5.76 million votes were collected from all over the world, among which the overseas netizens' votes accounted for 65.84% of all those cast. The competition in its presentation fully displayed the immense glamour of the multiple and characteristic culture of Chinese cities, such as Guangzhou, in overseas netizens' minds.

2011 International Liveable Communities Gold Medal Award: On 31 October 2011, at the close of the final round of the United Nation's 15th "Annual International Awards for Liveable Communities" it was announced that the Nansha district of Guangzhou had stood out from the other 14 international cities to take the coveted Category D, "Whole City " gold medal award.  This means that Nansha becomes the first district in Guangzhou to be conferred with this honour. Further, two other projects of Nansha, Nansha Wetlands and Improving the Living Environment in a Rural Area, also respectively won silver in the "Projects Awards Natural" and "Individual Criteria Awards Community Involvement" Categories.

This prestigious UN contest commonly referred to as LivCom is globally recognized as the "Green Oscar Awards", and maintains a high reputation among international civic contests. It covers important issues on key issues such as the general living environment management in cities and communities, ecology construction, resource usage, human beings and nature, sustainable development, etc.. LivCom also bestows one of the highest honours in the world in the fields of city construction and communities management. The contest and its awards were approved by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and jointly organized by UNEP and International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration (IFPRA). Since its inaugural debut in 1997, the contest has been run 15 times.

United Nations Environment Programme Award for Outstanding Environmental Planning: On December 16, 2011, the award ceremony for Outstanding Environmental Planning was hosted in Beijing. Guangzhou won the Best Practice Award for Environmental Planning in China. Bureau of Forestry, Urban Utilities and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality won the Award for Model Department in Environmental Planning.

The Best Practice Award for Environmental Planning was issued by the United Nations Environment Programme after a nationwide selection. After four months of application, online and reader voting as well as expert review, the city of Guangzhou and Bureau of Forestry, Urban Utilities and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality stand out in a number of candidates. This award aims to encourage cities and department that has made outstanding contributions to the environmental planning.

Top Ten Asia-Pacific Cities of the Future 2011-12 for Foreign Direct Investment: At the Award Ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Cities of the Future 2011-12, Guangzhou was honored as one of the Top Ten Asia-Pacific Cities of the Future 2011-12 for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Guangzhou, a millennium commercial capital serving as a window for the exchange between China and the rest of the world, was highly praised by the attendees at the award ceremony. Strong industrial foundation, high market demand, solid infrastructure, high quality human resource and good business environment are the advantages enjoyed by Guangzhou in participating in international economic cooperation and exchanges.

Released by FDI Intelligence magazine, a leading publication in providing global investment promotion information owned by The Financial Times based in UK, the Asia-Pacific Cities of the Future 2011-12 were selected through independent data collection and sample investigation among 141 Asia-Pacific cities by professional organizations according to the standards of the seven aspects: economic potential, human resources, cost efficiency, quality of life, infrastructure, business environment and FDI strategy.

Industry Innovation Award: Themed on "Global Vision and Innovation Driven", organized by the Economic Daily, the Third China Indigenous Innovation Annual Conference took place at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 18 and unveiled a new system for the assessment of innovative cities and enterprises and innovators, and announced China's top 1o innovative cities and a number of innovative cities, districts and enterprises with the strongest growth potential and innovation capacity. Guangzhou, along with Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Qingdao, Dalian, Shenyang and other cities, received the "China Top 10 Innovative Cities – Industry Innovation Awards".

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