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Sister Cities
Sister Cities
Update: 2020-03-18     Source: Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

Since 1979 Guangzhou has forged sister-city ties with 38 cities all around the world.

1. Fukuoka, Japan

Location signed: Fukuoka

Date: 1979.5.2

2. Los Angeles, the United States of America

Location signed: Los Angeles

Date: 1981.12.8

3. Manila, Philippines

Location signed: Manila

Date: 1982.11.5

4. Vancouver, Canada

Location signed: Vancouver

Date: 1985.3.27

5. Sydney, Australia

Location signed: Sydney

Date: 1986.5.12

6. Bari, Italy

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 1986.11.12

7. Lyon, France

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 1988.1.19

8. Frankfurt, Germany

Location signed: Frankfurt

Date: 1988.4.11

9. Auckland, New Zealand

Location signed: Auckland

Date: 1989.2.17

10. Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 1996.10.25

11. Linkoping, Sweden

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 1997.11.24

12. Durban, South Africa

Location signed: Durban

Date: 2000.7.17

13. Bristol, the United Kingdom

Location signed: Bristol

Date: 2001.5.23

14. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2002.7.10

15. Arequipa, Peru

Location signed: Arequipa

Date: 2004.10.27

16. Surabaya, Indonesia

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2005.12.21

17. Vilnius, Lithuania

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2006.10.12

18. Birmingham, the United Kingdom

Location signed: Birmingham

Date: 2006.12.04

19. Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Location signed: Beijing

Date: 2007.2.27

20. Recife, Brazil

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2007.10.22

21. Tampere, Finland

Location signed: Tampere

Date: 2008.12.02

22. Bangkok, Thailand

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2009.11.13

23. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Location signed: Buenos Aires

Date: 2012.04.16

24. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

Location signed: Dubai

Date: 2012.4.18

25. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2012.4.25

26. Kazan, Russia

Location signed: Forged friendly ties through letters

Date: 2012.7.06

27. Istanbul, Turkey

Location signed: Istanbul

Date: 2012.7.18

28. Harare, Zimbabwe

Location signed: Signed in Guangzhou and delivered to Harare

Date: 2012.9.03

29. San Jose, Costa Rica

Location signed: San Jose

Date: 2012.9.11

30. Noboribetsu, Japan

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2012.11.15

31. Valencia, Spain

Location signed: Signed in Guangzhou and delivered to Valencia

Date: 2012.12.29

32. Rabat, Morocco

Location signed: Rabat

Date: 2013.10.03

33. Lodz, Poland

Location signed: Forged friendly ties through letters

Date: 2014.8.20

34. Ahmedabad, India

Location signed: Ahmedabad

Date: 2014.9.17

35. Pokhara, Nepal

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2014.11.29

36. Quito, Ecuador

Location signed: Guangzhou

Date: 2014.11.29

37. Santiago, Chile

Location signed: Forged friendly ties through letters

Date: 2017.6.20

38. Mombasa County, Kenya

Location signed: Forged friendly ties through letters

Date: 2018.11.27

(Sourced from Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office)

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