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Coming to Guangzhou please follow
Update: 2020-03-17     Source: Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission

A Letter to All Friends Coming to Guangzhou from Outside of mainland China

Please contact the management company of your building or the administration office of your community as soon as possible for the most updated information for the epidemic control and prevention. If you are employed in Guangzhou, please contact your employer as well. Please make your registration and declaration through Suikang WeChat Mini Program from both your dwelling place and workplace to generate your personal Suikang code. Show your Suikang code for inspection as required.

If you have returned to Guangzhou from a seriously affected country/region (where you stayed for various reasons, including study, residence, labor service, business, travel, stopover, etc.) within the last 14 days, you will be isolated at home or in a designated place for medical observation according to the applicable requirements. Please comply with the arrangement.

During your stay in Guangzhou, if you experience a fever, weakness, cough, or other symptoms, please wear a mask and go to the nearest fever clinic of a designated COVID-19 hospital as soon as possible. If it is necessary, you may also ask the management company of your building or the administration office of your community to arrange one of their staff to take you to the designated COVID-19 hospital for testing.

If you go to a pharmacy to buy medicines for your fever and cough, the shop assistants will check your temperature and ask for your relevant information for the prevention and control of COVID-19. Please cooperate and answer the questions accurately and truthfully.

During your stay in Guangzhou, please pay attention to your self-protection. Wash your hands frequently. Maintain proper ventilation. Avoid visiting and gathering with other people. Minimize outdoor activities. Wear a mask when you have to go out. Pay attention to rest and nutrition intake. Enhance your physical fitness.

Keep the records of the following:

  1. The time of your arrival in Guangzhou

  2. The means and route of your transportation (the Flight /Train/Voyage No., the vehicle and vessel license plate, and your seat No.)

  3. Your daily activities, including the places you have been to and the persons you have come into contact with, from 2 days before your arrival in Guangzhou to 14 days after your arrival in Guangzhou

  4. Pay close attention to the health of your companions, roommates, persons you recently contact with, and yourself.

AppendixThe designated COVID-19 hospitals in Guangzhou are as follows.

★Designated Hospitals at Provincial Level★

① Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital

② Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital

③ The Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

④ Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University

⑤ The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

⑥ The Eighth People's Hospital of Guangzhou

★Designated Hospitals at Municipal Level★

① The First People's Hospital of Guangzhou

② Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center

③ The Eighth People's Hospital of Guangzhou

④ The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

⑤The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

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