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Announcement on Universal Testing for All Residents in Guangzhou’s Liwan District
Update: 2021-05-27     Source: Guangzhou Foreign WeChat

Dear residents of Liwan District, Guangzhou:

  It is our responsibility to stop the spread of the virus. To further enhance COVID-19 response, we are scheduled to carry out mandatory testing for all the residents (long-term and short-term) in the district from May 26 to 27.

  All streets in our district shall strictly implement management measures for COVID-19 control and prevention. Each community (neighborhood committee) shall set up testing stations to ensure that everyone be tested. If you haven’t been tested since the midnight of May 26, please contact your neighborhood committee and follow the guidelines of the staff to do a test at the designated location. Please wear a mask throughout the testing process, maintain social distance (over 1 metre), and do not talk to each other or gather in groups.

  Failure to participate in the testing will cause a lot of inconvenience to your life. You will bear legal responsibilities accordingly if serious consequences are caused. For the health of everyone in the region, please cooperate with us to ensure that the testing will be completed efficiently.

  Liwan Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention

  May 26, 2021

Haizhu District found 1 new positive case

  Haizhu district reported a local positive COVID-19 case at noon today. The patient was found to have link with the previous confirmed case—a 74-year-old female surnamed Song—in Liwan district.

  Song's niece, a 17-year-old who lives in Yiju Street, Nanzhou Mingyuan Community at Ruibao Street, Haizhu district(瑞宝街南洲名苑小区怡居街), tested positive this morning when she went to seek medical help for a fever in the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (south hospital).

  As a day student of Guangzhou Light Industry Technician College(广州市轻工高级技工学校), she often goes to school via public transport and has not travelled to any medium- and high-risk areas at home and abroad in the past 14 days. Song visited her on May 22 and stayed for a meal with four other family members.

  Haizhu is requiring residents of Nanzhou Mingyuan Community and those working and living in surrounding areas, students, faculty and staff of the Guangzhou Light Industry Technician College as well as their family members to go take virus test as soon as possible.

  People who have travel history to the above-mentioned places should avoid going out or attending group activities before their test results come out, local health authority said in a statement.

Liwan District: 2 new confirmed cases; 1 new asymptomatic case

  From 6 pm on May 25 to 6:00 am on May 26, Guangzhou reported two new confirmed COVID-19 cases and one asymptomatic COVID-19 case, with the three persons involved living under one roof. The cases were discovered during an investigation by the People's Hospital of Liwan District (Mingxin District), while the individuals involved have been transferred to the Eighth People's Hospital of Guangzhou for quarantine and treatment purposes.

  The current situation of the three individuals is as follows:

  The first confirmed case was identified in an individual surnamed Song, a female, aged 74, who is a retiree living at East 2nd Alley, in Heyuan Community. She consumed morning tea at Youyijian restaurant (Zhongshan Seventh Road branch) at No. 668 Kangwang Middle Road on the morning of May 19, the same period of time that the previously confirmed case, Ms. Guo, ate at the restaurant.

  The second identified case was found in an individual surnamed Xu, the grandson of Song, an 11-year-old male child studying at the Peizhen Primary School.

  Meanwhile, the asymptomatic case was found in a patient surnamed Lei, Song's daughter-in-law, aged 38 years old, who works at a beauty salon in Building A of Zhonghai Huawan No.1 community.

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