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Guangzhou Metro's latest schedule for Spring Festival travel rush revealed
Update: 2024-01-31     Source: GDToday

From February 1 to 9, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 (Jiahewanggang - Guangzhou South Railway Station) will start operation 30 minutes earlier in the morning. It will be implemented three days earlier than the previously announced schedule.

Metro's service time to be extended by 1.5 hours on February 9 (Chinese New Year's Eve)

On February 9 (Chinese New Year's Eve), the service time of the entire network will be extended by 1.5 hours.

During the peak period when people leave Guangzhou:

From February 1 to 9, Line 2 (Jiahewanggang - Guangzhou South Railway Station) will start operation 30 minutes earlier.

From February 6 to 8, the service time of Lines 1, 2, 3 and its north extension, 5, 7 and 8, will be extended by one hour.

During the peak period when people come back to Guangzhou:

From February 15 to 17, the service time of Lines 1, 3 and its north extension, 5, and 8 will be extended by 1 hour, and that of Lines 2 and 7 will be extended by 2.5 hours.

Line 2 (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Jiahewanggang) and Line 7 (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Jitang) will run the night express from 00:30 to 2:00 on the next day. Passengers will only be allowed to disembark at stops along the route.

From February 18 to 19 and February 24 to 27, Line 2 (to Jiahewanggang) and Line 7 (to Jitang) will start night express trains from Guangzhou South Railway Station, both of which will extend their service by 75 minutes, with the last train departing from Guangzhou South Railway Station at 0:45 the next day.

It is worth noting that the stops along the night express train of Line 2 are Nanpu, Luoxi, Changgang, Gongyuanqian, Guangzhou Railway Station, Sanyuanli, Jiangxia and Jiahewanggang (南浦、洛溪、昌岗、公园前、广州火车站、三元里、江夏、嘉禾望岗).

Similarly, the stops on the express train of Line 7 at night are Hanxi Changlong, Yuangang, Higher Education Mega Center S., Dashadong and Jitang (汉溪长隆、员岗、大学城南、大沙东、姬堂).

Line 7 runs short-line trains from Jinlong to Shenjing during peak hours

Guangzhou Metro predicts that during the Spring Festival travel rush, spanning 40-days, will be divided into three phases, namely the pre-holiday peak period (January 26 to February 5), the flower market and the Spring Festival period (February 6 to 17), and the post-holiday travel stage (February 18 to March 5).

As residents leave Guangzhou, the average daily passenger flow will gradually drop from about 8.23 million to about 4.63 million, and then enter the peak along with arrivals in Guangzhou, and the average daily passenger flow is expected to rebound to 8.25 million and above.

During the Spring Festival travel rush, each metro line will arrange 1 to 4 standby trains, and starting from January 26, during the peak period, Line 7 operates the long-line train "Meidi Dadao - Yanshan (美的大道站至燕山站)" and the short-line train "Jinlong - Shenjing (锦龙站至深井站)" to further accommodate the travel needs of passengers at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

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