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Guangzhou's Huangpu reforms to improve business environment
Update: 2024-06-06     Source: GDToday

Guangzhou Development District and Huangpu District plan to create an industry-friendly, enterprise-friendly, and talent-friendly business environment, according to the Action Plan for the Construction of Provincial Business Environment Reform Pilot in Guangzhou Development District and Huangpu District, Guangzhou recently released by Guangzhou Development District and Huangpu District in Guangzhou.

(Guangzhou Development District/Huangpu District)

The action plan has introduced 30 key tasks and 120 reform measures, promoting strong industrial chains, personalized value-added services, digitalization, and diversified social participation in the business environment.

"The reform will closely focus on key industrial chains, promoting the integration of industrial chains, innovation chains, talent chains, and capital chains, and further enhance the cohesion of the industrial ecosystem and the ability to manage high-end factors," said Li Yongwei, the head of the Business Environment Reform Bureau of Guangzhou Development District.

(Guangzhou Development District/Huangpu District)

The action plan proposes promoting the development of strategic emerging industries. The supply chain in key areas, such as innovative drugs and high-end medical devices, will be strengthened. A "White list" system will be implemented for importing items used in biological and pharmaceutical research and development.

More efforts will be put into developing chip manufacturing, equipment components, core materials, and advanced packaging and testing.

The district will facilitate the operation of autonomous vehicles across the entire district. Demonstration operations of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles will also be available in the district. The development of new energy storage, photovoltaics, and other sub-sectors will be emphasized.

As for the low-altitude economy, plans for low-altitude air routes and landing points will be compiled, and the application of low-altitude flights in scenarios such as manufacturing logistics and high-end business will be promoted.

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