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Global participants gather in Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament
Update: 2024-06-17     Source: GDToday

The 2024 Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament was held on the Pearl River on June 16, drawing a massive crowd of over 4,000 athletes from 111 teams worldwide.

The tournament, which took place on the section of the river between the North Gate of Sun Yat-sen University and Guangzhou Bridge, saw teams from China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and China's Hong Kong and Macao, along with teams from 6 cities in Guangdong Province.

Dragon boat teams competing on the Pearl River 

The competition kicked off at 9:00 am and lasted for several hours, with the top teams emerging victorious in each category. The champions were Guangzhou's Haizhu District Datang Wujia Dragon Boat Club in the men's open category; Baiyun District Shimen Village Women's Dragon Boat Team in the women's open category; World Chinese Sports Federation Dragon Boat Team in the men's international category; and South China Normal University Dragon Boat Team in the student category.

In addition to the intense dragon boat racing, the event featured colorful dragon dances, lion dances, and traditional dragon performances. The Pearl River was filled with the sounds of drums and cymbals, creating a festive atmosphere that showcased the unique characteristics of Lingnan culture and deep dragon boat culture.

International teams in the tournament 

Despite occasional rain showers during the event, the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd remained undeterred. Thousands of spectators lined up along both riverbanks, cheering on their favorite teams and enjoying the thrill of the competition.

Spectators along the riverbanks 

To promote cultural exchange and community engagement, organizers had planned pre-event activities such as cultural events in schools, Liede Village of Tianhe district, and Haizhu Wetland Park, allowing locals to experience traditional dragon boat culture firsthand and encouraging integration between culture, commerce, and tourism.

Participating teams were invited to watch a dance drama called "Loong" during the event. The competition site also featured a 100-meter-long dragon boat cultural scroll that vividly displayed the history and cultural connotations of dragon boats, allowing spectators to appreciate the unique charm of dragon boat culture.

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