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The untold story of 'Guangdong Energy' | In Guangdong We Trust
Update: 2024-07-02     Source: Yangcheng Evening News

As an economic and manufacturing powerhouse, Guangdong has achieved significant success in the new energy sector. Emerging clusters in cutting-edge fields such as new energy storage are injecting fresh vitality into the industrial economy.

China's first bidirectional energy storage system launched in Guangzhou

In June 2024, China's first 100-kilowatt-level electric-hydrogen bidirectional conversion device, capable of both hydrogen production and power generation, was launched in Guangzhou. This device enables efficient bidirectional conversion between green electricity and clean hydrogen, marking the transition of China's reversible solid oxide fuel cell technology from the laboratory to practical demonstration.

The "Made in Guangdong" device achieves minute-level conversion between electricity and hydrogen, reaching the forefront of international and domestic standards. By the end of the 15th Five-Year Plan period, this technology is expected to be further applied in industries such as metallurgy and chemical engineering, with the scale of electric-hydrogen conversion set to increase by a hundredfold to the megawatt level.

Also in Guangzhou, Yuntao Hydrogen Energy, a company established just two years ago, has already achieved complete domestic production of six out of eight core components for its hydrogen fuel cell engine systems. A heavy-duty dump truck utilizing hybrid hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries has achieved a cruising range of 350 to 400 kilometers.

By collaborating with 20 key component companies and research institutions along the industry chain, Guangzhou has established China's first hydrogen fuel cell industry innovation consortium. This collaboration aims to reduce costs and increase efficiency across the industry chain, accelerating the large-scale application of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

The rise of hydrogen energy is just one facet of Guangdong's integrated new energy sector. In 2022, the operating revenue of Guangdong's new energy industry cluster reached approximately 710 billion yuan, with an installed power generation capacity of 86.05 million kilowatts.

According to the "Action Plan for Cultivating Emerging Industry Clusters of New Energy Strategic in Guangdong Province (2023-2025)", Guangdong's new energy industry has a solid foundation and strong competitiveness. The province boasts significant advantages in marine energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy resources, and technology, as well as abundant port resources and potential marine oil and gas resources. Guangdong's strong manufacturing base and strengths in the electronic information industry also provide robust support for the enhancement of new energy manufacturing and industrial integration.

"Guangdong Energy" ready for the future

In recent years, Guangdong's new energy industry has continued to expand. Wind energy, solar energy, and biomass energy have achieved large-scale applications, with the province leading the country in nuclear power installed capacity and natural gas storage. Offshore wind power is also on a fast track for development.

In Yangjiang, Guangdong, the Qingzhou No.1 and No.2 offshore wind power projects have launched the world's first 500 kV AC offshore step-up station, the world's first 500kV three-core submarine cable, and China's first wind farm with batch applications of 11MW turbines. Additionally, the Yangjiang Shaba Offshore Wind Power Project has completed the world's first embedded rock tripod jacket wind turbine foundation.

In Qingyuan City's Yuantan Town, Guangdong's first "carbon-neutral" new energy demonstration village, Xinma Village, has seen 250 households sign rooftop photovoltaic cooperation agreements, accounting for nearly 30% of the village's total households. The rooftop photovoltaics not only provide self-sufficient electricity but also generate additional income for the villagers annually.

According to the "Action Plan for Cultivating Emerging Industry Clusters of New Energy Strategic in Guangdong Province (2023-2025)", by 2025, Guangdong's new energy industry is expected to achieve an operating revenue of over 1 trillion yuan, with an added value exceeding 200 billion yuan. The installed power generation capacity of the new energy industry cluster is projected to reach approximately 144.3 million kilowatts, with natural gas supply capacity exceeding 80 billion cubic meters and hydrogen supply capacity surpassing 100,000 tons.

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