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Flower market in Tianhe Sports Center opened
Update: 2024-02-07     Source: GDToday

On February 4th, the Flower Market in Tianhe Sports Center officially opened! This year, the duration of the Flower Market will be doubled to six days, while the stall area will be expanded to twice its original size, offering even more attractions and activities! 

The Flower Market at Tianhe Sports Center boasts the largest-ever flower area, spanning over 50,000 square meters for you to explore. Also, you can catch sight of the unique main archway, watch the performances brimming with the ambiance of the Spring Festival, and appreciate a variety of intangible cultural heritages.

Which route is the most enjoyable? Where are the best spots for taking photos? And what stories lie within the Flower Market? Here’s a handy guide handy to exploring,  shopping, dining and having fun at the Tianhe Sports Center Flower Market.

The main venue of the 2024 Spring Festival Flower Market of Tianhe District is set at the Tianhe Sports Center, located on the new central axis of Guangzhou. Themed "Tianhe Blossoms in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon," the Flower Market will be open from February 4th to 8th (8:30 to 24:00), and on February 9th it will open at 8:30 AM and continue until 2:00 AM on February 10th, lasting for a total of six days.

A traffic guide for the Flower Market has been released by the district, with which you can travel smoothly without getting lost. During the Spring Festival Flower Market, the Transportation Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality will adjust the operating hours of some public transport (including subway, BRT, and bus) and will also introduce additional routes.

The Flower Market this year features 5 distinctive routes with clear division and well-defined directions, namely "Archway Snapping", "Scenery Viewing", "Spring Festival's Shopping", "Lingnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Showcasing", and "Flower Buying."

During the six-day Flower Market, there will be six performances with festival characteristics for the public, including dragon and lion dances, Cantonese opera, acrobatics, martial arts, Chaoyang Yingge dances, Cantonese songs, Guangdong music, and national-level dragon and lion dances and martial arts performances from Guangning, a county assisted by Tianhe District, showcasing various folk culture.

In addition to being visually stunning and entertaining, the Flower Market also offers thoughtful services. On-site facilities are set up to ensure that visitors can stroll through the Flower Market with greater peace of mind and safety, including the command center, service stations, broadcasting rooms, police rooms, medical rooms, mother-and-baby rooms, and warm shelters.

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