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Lanterns to illuminate Guangzhou Cultural Park from February 21st-24th
Update: 2024-02-21     Source: GDToday

The 2024 Lantern Festival at Guangzhou Cultural Park, themed as "Vibrant Bay Area, Colorful Guangzhou," will illuminate the nights from February 21st (the 12th day of the first lunar month) to February 24th (the Lantern Festival). Serving as the grand finale of the Spring Festival Flower Fair, this Lantern Festival integrates thematic lanterns with floral landscapes, creating a romantic atmosphere and marking the climax of the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year.

The 2024 Lantern Festival incorporates the zodiac element of the "loong" with a record-breaking number of 40 lantern groups. These groups feature some of the most extensive and elaborate designs in recent years. One standout is the main gate archway lantern group, which includes elements such as loong horns, lion dances, and firecrackers. The loong gate itself spans 12 meters and creatively uses loong horn shapes to exude a cute and vivid vibe. This design symbolizes the auspicious ascent to success and fame.

The lantern group, with its grandeur, features two loongs, each 15 meters long, raising loong claws amidst a sea of flowers and auspicious clouds, soaring majestically. The central square adopts models of red cotton trees, palace lanterns, and loong and phoenix figures, blending floral lanterns to create the most festive scene of the lantern festival. In addition to the zodiac "loong," the lantern festival also incorporates themes of Chinese New Year customs, chess culture, and more, to showcase the cultural charm of colorful Guangzhou.

As the "City of Poetry", Guangzhou naturally makes poetry an essential element in the lantern festival layout. A highlight of the 2024 Lantern Festival is the installation of poetry lanterns reflecting the combination of classical and romantic elements. As visitors look up to appreciate the poetry, it feels as if they are traversing time and space, engaging in dialogue with ancient poets. The overall atmosphere is filled with poetic sentiment, presenting the cultural ambiance of romantic Guangzhou. The lantern festival conveys the beauty of poetry and culture through exquisite lantern decorations, allowing visitors to experience the unique romance of the Chinese people.

In addition, the 2024 lantern festival utilizes energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. It incorporates sound, light, and motion technologies to seamlessly integrate the lantern groups into the park's water and tree landscapes, creating dazzling effects of fire and light.

During the 2024 Lantern Festival, the Cultural Park will also host various enrichment activities such as lantern riddles, Cantonese storytelling, chess performances, and Spring Festival calligraphy and painting exhibitions.

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