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Dance drama 'Blooming Life' tells the story of the flower city
Update: 2024-03-12     Source: Yangcheng Evening News

The love for flowers is deeply ingrained in the soul of Lingnan people. In Guangzhou, the "Flower City", flowers represent the colors of the four seasons, the grace of blossoms, and a way of life and aesthetics.

The dance drama "Blooming Life" will meet the audience for the first time on April 26th, and will beplayeduntil the 27th.

Created by the Guangdong Song and Dance Theater, the dance drama is set against the backdrop of "flowers," focusing on the ordinary mother and son in a flower shop on the first floor of an arcade. The blooming flowers become symbols of life and mediators of emotions. The secular emotions of the old streets and alleys of Lingnan, the depiction of ordinary people's homes, and the delicate emotions between mother and son all find a unique landscape through the connection of flowers.

In the story, the mother, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, blurs the boundary between reality and illusion, constantly struggling between remembering and forgetting. Her son, the most important person in her life, also faces multiple pressures in life and work, as well as the increasing severity of his mother's illness. Conflict arises between mother and son. As the mother cannot distinguish between illusion and reality, the son follows in the footsteps of his mother's memory and relearns his mother's life. It is at this moment that he realizes that his mother's life once bloomed like a flower, and perhaps companionship is the most beautiful flower of true love and the flower of the soul.

The artistic advisor of this drama, Feng Shuangbai, Chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association, is full of expectations for the work. He said, "I hope this work canpresentpeople the deep affection between mother and son, and more importantly, demonstrate that 'flowers' are the most romantic, free, and warm soul of Guangzhou."

Guangzhou, as the "southern gateway" to China, has always enjoyed the reputation of being the "millennium commercial capital" and the "Lingnan Flower City." Over more than two thousand years, flowers have penetrated every street and alley, every brick and tile, serving as an essential part of the collective memory of the people of Guangzhou. Flower fields, flower markets, flower shops, flower combs, flower drinks, flower dishes...poetic nouns tell the moving stories of this millennium-old flower city. It is for this reason that stories related to this city always start with "flowers.""Blooming Life" condenses the city, where flowers bloom all year round, into a small shop full of flowers, set against the backdrop of arcade buildings, intertwining their daily lives with the city. Flowersleadthe son to explore his mother's past memories, get closer to his mother's heart, and lead us closer to the aesthetic habits and worldly past of this city.

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