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Exhibition featuring revolutionary culture underway in Guangzhou
Update: 2024-03-18     Source: GDToday

On March 15, an exhibition featuring revolutionary culture kicked off at the Guangzhou Museum of Art, showcasing Chinese paintings, oil paintings, paper-cutting, calligraphy, watercolor paintings, and more.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition 

The exhibition is divided into two parts, displaying nearly 30 pieces of revolutionary-themed artworks created by famous Guangdong artists and collected by the Guangzhou Museum of Art. It also includes about 100 pieces of artwork by students from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In particular, artworks related to the Long March are displayed, supplemented by a wealth of auxiliary exhibition materials.

The prototypes of the artworks by the students in this exhibition are exhibits from museums rich in revolutionary resources, such as Guangzhou, Shantou, Meizhou, and Shanwei. Through on-site research and life drawing, students have recreated masterpieces and depicted revolutionary cultural relics from the perspective of young people.

During the exhibition, the Guangzhou Museum of Art will organize a series of public education activities. From March 15 to April 12, 2024, selected exhibits will be launched in two primary schools, Liwan District Library, and a railway group. The museum will organize guided tours, inviting experts, artists, and explainers to guide the audience to understand the stories behind the artworks. There will also be curatorial and creative sharings, special tour routes, and study tours for young people.

The exhibition is part of the city's "Hero Flowers Bloom in the Hero City" activities, presenting the revolutionary cultural heritage of Guangzhou. The city flower, known as the "hero flower," is the kapok.

Some key artworks in the exhibition

"The Light That Never Goes Out", a traditional Chinese painting by renowned ink artist Yang Zhiguang

"The Hero Trail", a traditional Chinese painting by ink-brush painting master Guan Shanyue

"The Transmitter", a painting created with both watercolors and colored pencils by Jiang Fangxin, a student from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

"The Mark of The Times", a painting created with both watercolors and colored pencils by Ke Changzhong, a student from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

"The Sewing Machine", a painting created with both watercolors and colored pencils by Chen Jiangweimei, a student from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

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