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Higher Education
Administrative Regulations

The Administrative Regulations on Higher-Education Institutions Hosting International Students provide that:

1. Higher-education institutions shall make proper arrangements for international students' studies according to the institution's unified teaching plans and conduct instructions with consideration to the international students' psychological characteristics and cultural backgrounds. When necessary, higher-education institutions may adjust the compulsory and elective courses for international students without compromising teaching quality.

2. The Chinese language and China overview shall be made compulsory courses for international students in non-degree programs. Political theory shall be a compulsory course for international students majoring in philosophy, political science and economics, and may be exempted for students majoring in other subjects.

3. Chinese shall be the primary medium of instruction in academic programs designed for international students. Higher-education institutions shall provide supplemental Chinese lessons for international students whose Chinese language proficiency is inadequate for their field of study.

4. Higher-education institutions may conduct instructions in English or other languages in specialized courses for international students if the institution has the capacity to do so. International students attending non-degree programs in a foreign language are required to write their graduation theses in Chinese.

5. Higher-education institutions shall arrange for practicums and internships for international students. Such practicums and internships shall be in line with teaching plans and be integrated with those arranged for Chinese students. The locations of such practicums and internships shall conform to the applicable foreign-related regulations.

6. Higher-education institutions shall provide international students with the necessary learning conditions according to teaching requirements. International students requiring access to equipment and/or materials not covered in the teaching plans shall file an application, subject to the approval of the institution according to the related regulations and procedures.

7. Higher-education institutions shall perform student status management with regard to international students according to the applicable national regulations. Institutions shall file all dismissals and expulsions of international students with the provincial education authorities, and notify the China Scholarship Council in writing if the international student in question was enrolled under the national admission plan.

8. Higher-education institutions shall issue graduation certificates, completion certificates or education experience certificates to international students, depending on the actual status of their studies at the end of their programs. Institutions shall confer degrees upon students who have successfully completed their degree programs. If required, the institution shall provide a foreign-language version of the certificates.

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