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Where to Eat

Guangzhou food is renowned both inside and outside of China. All the regional varieties of cuisine can be found in Guangzhou. The fourteen Gourmet streets, scattered in the 12 districts and counties, are based on the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. They also boast Western food, Asian food and traditional Guangdong cuisine, all of which are food and taste landmarks.. 

Huifudong Gourmet Street, Yuexiu District

Location: Yushan Road, Huifudong Road, Shufang Street, Close to Beijinglu PedestrianStreet.

This area features Lingnan cuisine. Traditional Lingnan food and delicacies can be found on Yushan Road. Huifudong Road offers traditional Lingnan food and Southeast Asian food. A food park is located on Shufangjie.

For visitors, this area is renowned for its large number of fashionable people, foreign style food and few parking lots. Close to Beijinglu Pedestrian Street, it boasts Yuenan cuisine, Indian curry, Korean BBQ, Japanese Sushi and Thai Tom Yum Kong.

Shamian Island, Liwan District

Location: Shamian Island with an area of 0.3 square kilometers

Shamian Island is renowned for its unique European architecture, exotic atmosphere, and spectacular river view. This place offers restaurants of different countries, fashionable pubs, 5 star hotels and Chinese teahouses.

All kinds of bars are scattered in the European-style buildings. The island has 15 dining places including White Swan Hotel, Victory Hotel, Shamian Hotel, Qiaomei Shijia, Lan Kwai Fong, Jiaojiangnan, Railway Western food and Rose Garden. Visitors can access all the major cuisines around the world on this small island. Many visitors are from Western countries. It is an ideal place to close friends to chat. The fare is not cheap though, about 30 RMB each person.

Guangzhou Gourmet Park, Liwan District
     Location: At the converging point of Bantang Road and Zhongshanba Road, inside the Lizhiwan leisure zone beside the Liwan Lake. It covers an area of 30,000 square meters and the total length is 300 meters.

The theme of the area is gourmet, Lingnan culture and Xiguan characteristics. Guangzhou cuisine and other cuisine are available here. Guests can also appreciate the Liwan Lake, Renwei Temple, Wen Pogoda and Liwan Museum.
     This is a famous gourmet street in Xiguan. It boasts traditional restaurants like Panxi Restaunrant, Xiguanshijia as well as ordinary dinning places such as Shahe Fencun and Guangzhou Home. Moreover, it features distinctive places such as Kaiji Desert and Shengcheng Laifen. The 2.5-yuan Laifen and 100-yuan delicate Cantonese dish can all satisfy the picky gourmets. The waiters are very warm-hearted. You can make request (more veggies or less salt) to the cooks according to your own taste.

Riverside Gourmet Area of Taikoo Warehouse, Haizhu District

Location: East Bank of Pearl River, Gexin Road

This riverside gourmet area boats exhibitions and trade, yacht, cinema, restaurants, hotels and other industries. 

The Taikoo Warehouse serves as the center. The gourmet area combines European characteristics and local specialties. You can taste the original-packed wine in the Taikoo Warehouse wine purchasing center. Two other restaurants are worth mentioning. One is the Taikoo Port Restaurant which mainly offers Cantonese food and banquet cuisine, such as Cantonese soup, steamed dishes and festive dishes. The other one is Nanyue Jiayan Restaurant. Reshaped from a 2-story factory plant, it is a restaurant with authentic Lingnan cuisine, with Cantonese food, elevenses and shark fins.

Tiyudong Commercial Gourmet Street

Location: The eastern side of Tianhe Sports Center. The total length is 800 meters, from Tianhe Road (south) to Tianhebei Road.

The Tiyudong Gourmet Street is close to the Teem Mall Business Area, Gangding, Tianhebei. It provides high-class restaurants that are well received by white-collar workers, business people and foreigners.

There are more than 20 restaurants in this area. Cantonese cuisine and foreign food are available along with Sichuan food and Hunan food. Some famous restaurants line up here including Guangzhou Restaurant, Japan Fusion, Dongyue Seafood, Laoxianglou and Taoranhui. Some high-taste restaurants that offer Spanish food, French food and Italian food don't even have a signboard. Guests won't be able to find them unless they enter the mansion and see the directions.

Shibohui, Tianhe District

Location: Keyun Interchange, Guangyuan Highway (500 meters east of Favor View Palace), an area of 50,000 square meters.

Shibohui is a giant food area, with restaurants, entertainment, leisure and shopping. It influences Tianhe, Luogang, Baiyun, Huangpu and Pearl River Delta. It offers medium-and-high class cuisine. Apart from the major Chinese cuisine and Southeast Asian food, it also features KTV, night club, SPA, cinema, boutique store and Food Street. It has more than 1000 parking lots. It is estimated to be open at the beginning of 2011.

Gourmet Longue, Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District

Location: the eastern side of Baiyun Avenue, close to Baiyun Moutain, 3 kilometers long. It starts at Baiyun International Convention Center at the south and ends at Baiyunbao in the north.

There are high-class restaurants such as Tangyuan and Jinhua'an and ordinary ones such as Xiangyulou. What food can be offered at the gourmet longue? Each restaurant has its own menu: "shark fin boiled by lava rock" with lava rocks shipped in from other cities; "Xiangyu Steamed Duck", the only one in Guangzhou; "pork and chicken", cooked by spring. The restaurants are a bit scattered though. The distance can be as long as 500 meters. There are sufficient parking lots, making it easy for car drivers.

Fenglebei Gourmet Street, Huangpu District

Location: on the Hengsha section of Fenglebei, Dasha Business Area, with a total length of 300 meters.

It boasts over 10 restaurants featuring southern and northern styles. The price is not high.

Seafood Gourmet Street, Shijiuchong, Nansha District

Location: the southern end of Wanqingsha Town, about 1500 meters long and 30-50meters wide

The central area houses aquatic products trading dock and sightseeing portand leisure platform. Guests can also take a tour on the sea. The coastal gourmet area features Southeast Asian characteristics. It has unique aquatic products, farm products and local specialties and special restaurants. Eight boats are also available for tourists to voyage on the sea.  

Panyu Avenue Gourmet Area, Panyu District

Location: From Nancun Lirendong Road to Shaxi Avenue, about 3-square-kilometer area

Close to Guangzhou Chime-Long Tourist Resort, it is the big comprehensive gourmet area featuring Panyu fresh seafood and delicacies from all countries.

It boasts over 30 restaurants such as Chimelong Hotel, Sihaiyijia, Chengji Seafood Restaurant, Sihaiyipin, New Nanhai City, Huakaiyuan, Xiangjiang Hotel, Chateau Star River and Lijiang Pearl that represent Cantonese food, Western food, Japanses food and Thai cuisine.

Xilideng (Huadu) Gourmet Street, Huadu District

Location: Beside the Baishou Road, Yingbing Avenue, Huadu District. An area of 180,000 square meters 

This street provides seven functions, including big gardening hotels, commercial squares, high-level hotels, pedestrian streets, leisure square, fitting centers and golf course. In the dining area that features famous brands from home and abroad, guests are able to enjoy Cantonese food, Sichuan food, Hunan food, Southeastern food, Japanese food, Korean food and other regional varieties.

Conghua Hot Spring and Gourmet Street, Conghua District

Location: between the Hot Spring Town and Wanggu Hot Spring Resort, about 3 kilometers

Fresh farm produces and local entertainment facilities including hot springs.

Zengcheng Ecological Food Park

Location: The opposite side of Zengcheng Square, with an area of 160 mu 

You can taste all the eight major Chinese cuisine and feel the food culture of China.

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