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New Central Axis

Located in Zhujiang New Town, Huacheng Square, the largest public square in Guangzhou, covers a total area of 560,000 square meters and is regarded as "the new living room of the city". Home to a man-made lake, a large fountain and a light square, Huacheng Square is equipped with a cold-fog cooling system and planted with some 600 trees. At the northern tip of the square sit five flower islands, three of which are cherry islands while the other two are peach blossom islands. Planted with willow trees and a variety of flowers, these five islands present enchanting natural surroundings and are a testimony to Guangzhou's reputation as a city of flowers. Huacheng Square will be developed into the largest flower exhibition venue of Guangzhou, which features the most varieties of flowers.

Apart from picturesque surroundings and countless trees, Huacheng Square also boasts excellent geographical conditions and an attractive cultural environment. Located in close proximity to the new CBD in Zhujiang New Town, Huacheng Square is surrounded by financial institutions and company headquarters and is within walking distance from such cultural landmark buildings as Guangzhou Grand Theater, Guangzhou City Library and Guangdong Provincial Museum. After taking a mind-refreshing walk around City Flower Square, you can pay a visit to Guangdong Provincial Museum to increase your knowledge of Cantonese customs and ritual.

It is certainly worth your time to visit Huacheng Square at night. Standing on the water platform in the central garden of the square and watching the reflections of trees and light in water, you may have an evasive feeling of dreaming. Walking along the Pearl River, you will be greeted by an endless stream of pedestrians. Shrouded in glaring light, the square adds radiance to Guangzhou Tower (also known as "Slim Waist"), presenting a beautiful scene without equal.

۞ If fatigue sets in, walk northward to Liuyun Community for a cup of coffee. Located on the south side of Grandview Plaza and Teem Plaza, Liuyun Community is a fifteen-year-old residential neighborhood. In close proximity to the commercial circle of Tianhe, the community is home to a variety of distinctive shops.

※ Transportation:
Take Metro Line 5 to Zhujiang New Town:
1. Between 7:30 am and 21:30 from Monday to Friday: you can exit the station through R&F International Center. After exiting the station, turn left, walk five minutes in the direction of Guangzhou Grand Theater and your will reach Huacheng Square.
2. From Saturday to Sunday: Exit the station through Exit B1. Walk 150 meters straight, cross the zebra line (No traffic lights, so pay attention to passing vehicles) and walk straight for about 15 minutes.

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