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Religious Venues

Guangzhou boasts a long history of religion. The world's top five religions, Buddhism, Taoism, Islamism, Catholicism, and Christianity, all have a presence here, among which Taoism is the only native religion. Buddhism was the first religion introduced into Guangzhou in 255 A.D., Taoism the second in 306 A.D., Islamism in early Tang Dynasty, Catholicism in late Ming Dynasty and Christianity in early Qing Dynasty.

By the end of 2007, there had been 66 religious sites and 1 temporary foreigner religious site registered and opened by the government according to relevant laws. Among them, four are national key historical and cultural heritage protection units (Liu Rong Temple, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shamian Chapel of Lady of Lourdes and Huaisheng Mosque), three provincial historical and cultural heritage protection units (Liu Rong Temple, Huaisheng Mosque, and Mausoleum of Ancient Islamic Sage) and eight municipal historical and cultural heritage protection units (Hualin Temple, Dafo Temple, Haitong Temple, Sanyuan Taoist Temple, Chunyang Daoist Temple, Renwei Temple, Haopan Mosque, and Dongshan Christian Church).

Further nearly 10 major temples, mosques and churches are distributed along Guangzhou's former axle, outlining the unique human landscape integrating the religious cultures and Guangzhou's historical culture and adding much to the charms of Guangzhou as a famous historic and cultural city.

Buddhism was introduced into Guangdong during the Western Han Dynasty and Eastern Han Dynasty through the land via the west regions and the sea via Guangzhou.
Major Buddhism sites in Guangzhou
Baode Temple Dafo Temple Guangxiao Temple Haitong Temple
Hualin Temple Liurong Temple (Six Banyan Temple) Luofeng Temple Zizheng Dafu Temple
Guangdong became the first stop for foreign missionaries to enter mainland China because of its geographical location.
Major Catholicism sites in Guangzhou
Longdong Catholic Church Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel
Sacred Heart Cathedral (Siaksat Cathedral) Click to read the Impact of Catholicism on Guangdong Province...
In 1807, Robert Morrison, a missionary sent by the London Missionary Society in England, arrived in Guangzhou. He was the first Christian missionary in China and the London Missionary Society became the first western missionary organization in China.
Major Christianity sites in Guangzhou
Dongshan Christian Church Fangcun Christian Church Guangxiao Christian Church
Henan Christian Church Shahe Christian Church Shamian Christian Church
Zion Christian Church Read the information about the impact of Christianity on Guangdong Province...
In the depth of Guangta Road, the Bonker of Huaisheng Mosque has sounded for over 1,300 years. For the vast amount of Muslims in China, Huaisheng Mosque has a special meaning.
Major Islam sites in Guangzhou
Haopan Mosque Huaisheng Mosque (Lighthouse Mosque)
Mausoleum of Ancient Islamic Sage You may want to learn about the impact of Islam on Guangdong Province...
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