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Design and Architecture

As architecture is said to be the business card of a city, people can know and appreciate the city through the landmark architectures there.

Visitors can feel the heavy and strong ancient cultural flavor from the great traditional buildings with a history of three thousand years in Guangzhou, such as Nanyue King Tomb, Zhenhai Tower, Xiguan Arcade, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. These all mix happily with other modern brand new buildings such as the Guangzhou Tower, West Tower, New Museum of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Opera House, Second Guangzhou Children's Palace, Guangzhou Library, Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Baiyun International Airport, and the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. All of these, both ancient and modern impress us with Guangzhou's distinct beauty, alongside its splendid lakes and parks and green belts. Let us go through several of these now in greater detail.

Baiyun International Convention Center
In the World Architecture Festival held in Barcelona in 2008, Baiyun International Convention Center, by virtue of super large scale in such buildings and the bold ideas of introducing natural landscape, stood out in the fierce competition, won the highes
Canton Tower
The 600-metre Guangzhou Tower is the world‘s highest tower and becomes a new landmark in Guangzhou.
Guangdong Museum
Guangdong Provincial Museum, with a novel design and a unique style, looks at this time like a container full of treasures.
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, currently the largest and the most advanced international airport, in South East Asia enjoys the highest level of China‘s modernization, is one of the three main hub airports in China.
Guangzhou New Library
Known as the first titled building in China, Guangzhou New Library in terms of construction design, seeks to symbolize the concept of
Guangzhou Opera House
As the leader of modern architectures of major size and complexity in the Pearl River environs would undoubtedly be the new Guangzhou Opera House, with its irregular and delicate shape.
Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Adopting the wavy streamline design, the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center boasts a grand scale and extraordinary momentum and two “No.1 in the world”.
West Tower
No matter from which direction a person takes a look at the West Tower, it is like a radiant transparent crystal on the shore of the Pearl River, exuding an elegant, stylish modern atmosphere.
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