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Attention! Outbound international flights to be adjusted to T2 at Baiyun Airport [2022-06-28] 
To Travelers from Macao and Shenzhen: Report immediately [2022-06-22] 
Attention! Some inbound and outbound adjustments at T1 of Baiyun Airport [2022-06-10] 
Notice to all inbound travelers from outside Guangdong [2022-05-24] 
A Letter to All Residents in Guangzhou—Rainstorm Alerts [2022-05-11] 
Notification of New Lockdown, Partial Lockdown and Restricted Zones in Huadu District (No. 48) [2022-05-05] 
Notification of Readjustments to Some Partial Lockdown Zones in Baiyun District (No. 39) [2022-05-05] 
Notification of New Lockdown and Partial Lockdown Zones in Renhe Town and Helong Subdistrict, Baiyun District (No. 38) [2022-05-05] 
Notification of Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in Huadu District (No. 35) [2022-04-28] 
Notification of Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in Baiyun District [2022-04-28] 
Notification of Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in Yuexiu Distict [2022-04-28] 
Notification of Resuming In-person Classes in Primary Schools, Kindergartens, Training Institutions and Childcare Institutions in Baiyun District (No. 17) [2022-04-23] 
Notification of Further Strengthening COVID-19 Control and Prevention Measures in Exposure Sites in Haizhu District [2022-04-13] 
Guangzhou closes some scenic areas & cultural venues for COVID prevention [2022-04-13] 
GZ reports a total of 23 cases in the wave +newest travel notice [2022-04-11] 
Reminders [2022-04-10] 
Notice No.32 of GZ Municipal COVID-19 Control&Prevention Command [2022-04-09] 
COVID-19 Update: A Truck Driver from Outside Guangdong Test Positive for COVID-19 [2022-04-01] 
One Inbound Traveler to Panyu District from Outside Guangdong Tested Positive during Home Quarantin [2022-03-31] 
关于深莞来(返)穗市民主动报备配合完成“四个一”等健康管理措施的温馨提示Reminder: Residents travelling to/from Shenzhen and Dongguan are advised to report to local community for health administration purposes [2022-02-28] 
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