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Sports and Recreation

Guangzhou features complex and diverse topography and a large network of rivers. With a typical subtropical marine monsoon climate, Guangzhou is blessed with ample sunshine, abundant rainfall and sufficient hydrothermal energy. As a result, Guangzhou is a prime breeding habitat for a multitude of species, with abundant biological resources and a high degree of biodiversity, all of which makes Guangzhou a superb tourism destination.


Situated in the Southeast of Eurasian Plate and next to the Pacific Ocean, Guangzhou is blessed with evergreen forest, abundant rainfalls and various species. As the “oasis on the Tropic of Cancer” with distinct climate features and complex terrain, Guangzhou enjoys rich eco-tourist resources for outdoor activities such as summer vocation, picnic, camping, fishing, resort, forest bath and rafting, providing urban residents an ideal place to get close to nature.

Greenways now wander Guangzhou like slivers of jade. They blend well with the surroundings by inter-connecting and weaving together the beautiful rivers, fields and gardens, historic relics and superior ecological environment that is our Guangzhou re-born. They like supportive hands reach out to the communities in the city and quietly merge in the highways and byways of the surrounding villages. The local residents cannot only enjoy the beautiful scenes and leisure activities through the creation of these Greenways, but also experience the rich history and culture of Guangzhou.
Animal Admiration

Located in the sub-tropical zone, Guangzhou is characterized by temperate climate and abundant rainfall and remains green throughout the year. Thus animal resources in the city are plentiful. In Guangzhou, tourists can watch animals and have fun in zoos and safari parks, or observe them at a remote distance through a telescope.


Guangzhou is an important port in Chinese history while relying on the Pearl River, the mother river. Therefore, water has become the lifeline of Guangzhou. Guangzhou deserves the name of regions of rivers. Besides the Pearl River traversing through the city, numerous small rivers are flowing swiftly. There is also the Shining Beach against Blue Sea on the south bank of the Pearl River entrance to the sea. Citizens can stroll along the river banks and enjoy playing on the beach in Guangzhou.

Flower Appreciation

Boasting blossoms all the year round, Guangzhou is reputed as the City of Flowers. Whether in the suburban or in the inner city parks, Guangzhou always manifests a picture of delicate flowers and a vigorous city. Let us take a walk around parks and scenic spots to enjoy the blooming flowers, the green grasses and emerald willows, with a relaxed heart and a pair of aesthetical eyes.


Guangzhou residents love sports and they enjoy taking exercise together with their friends. Sports population (people who do sports regularly, no less than 3 times a week with more than half an hour a time) is increasing to 60% in Guangzhou now. The amount of sports facilities in Guangzhou is now close to 20,000. With the increasing perfection of the sports facilities in Guangzhou, taking exercise has become a popular life style among people who are taking part in various sports. And collective activities organized by the government such as "Massive Walking", "Swimming across Pearl River in Summer" and "Mountain Climbing in Autumn" have become popular among people.

Rural Experience

Going to the farm, picking fruits and enjoying the rural experience, is a good way for modern people to escape at weekends away from their fast city lifestyle and stressed work schedules.

Hot Spring
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