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Environmental Protection
In 2014, the air quality of Guangzhou has reached the standard in 282 days, accounting for 77.5% with an increase of 22 days; the annual concentration of PM2.5 dropped by 7.5%. According to the 2015 Report on the Work of the Government, in 2015, Guangzhou is going to build a tourism area in the north, a leisure area in the middle, a water and ecology area in the south, another 80-kilometer ecology landscape tree belt, 300-kilometer greenway, and 10 forest parks. Landscape engineering projects will be carried forward, and the new children’s parks will be completed as well. The government has launched a new round of ecological park and garden construction, and built 6 Lingnan gardens, 300-kilometer greenway, 129-kilometer ecology landscape tree belt, 10 thousand-mu (about 16,473.69 acres) ecological public-welfare forests and 4 wetland parks. Forest parks and incity parks have also been upgraded and rebuilt. The pattern of “flower city, green city, water city” has taken shape basically.

Air pollution governance has been carried out, ultra clean emission of coal-fired units has been transformed, and desulfurization and denitrification of key enterprises has been completed too. 1,016 small boilers, 87,000 yellow label cars and old cars have been fallen into disuse. 322,000 household changed to use pipeline gas, and now the central urban area is basically a fire coal free area. Guangzhou will also work with the surrounding cities to carry out joint defence and control.

Garbage disposal has been carried out in a deep-going way, the work of establishing national model city of household garbage classification has been launched as well. Garbage classification at a fixed time and location is being promoted around the city, the system of garbage classification, collection and transport is being perfected, 56 waste compacting stations has been remolded, the construction of 3 power plants has been started. The problem of garbage besieging the city is being solved gradually.

The action plan of cleaner water in Guangdong has been put into effect, Liuxi River is now under strict protection, 16 Guangzhou-Foshan boundary rivers have been restored, 16 sewage treatment works have been built or extended, and the processing rate of urban sewage has reached 92.5%. 120 new sanitary sewage facilities have been built in administrative villages, and the processing rate of rural domestic waste is up to 46%. The guarantee capability of water has been enhanced, several water conservancy projects have been established, including Bei River diversion works project, the first-stage project of northern water works, and Niulu reservoir project. The tap water system in rural area has been reformed, and the water qualification rate of urban source of drinking water is 100% and in a very steady state.

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