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Natural resources

Features of Guangzhou's land resources

Guangzhou's land resources are of varied types and present a wide adaptability; the arable land area is 85,700 hectares and the forest land area is 253,000 hectares. Based on soil vertical zonality, the land is divided into medium and low-altitude mountain land (in northeast), hilly land (among mountain land, valleys and basins, and plains), tableland (mainly in Zengcheng City, Conghua City, Baiyun District, and Huangpu District), alluvial plain (mainly including Pearl River Delta Plain, Guanghua Plain resulted from alleviation of the Liuxi River, and coastal zones in Panyu and Nansha, which are main production bases of grains, sugarcanes and vegetables of Guangzhou), and mud flat (mainly in Nansha), etc.

Features in terms of Water

Guangzhou, located in the water-rich area of southern China, has a vast water area, with lots of rivers and water systems. The total water area across Guangzhou is 74,400 hectares, accounting for 10 percent of the total land area. There are 22 rivers respectively having a rainwater catchment area of more than 100 square kilometers, and the old 8 districts have 231 rivers and streams with a total length of 913 kilometers, forming unique cultural characteristics of Lingnan water villages, and playing an active role in improving the landscape and keeping a stable ecological environment of the city.

Biological resources

Guangzhou is one of the areas with the richest fruit tree resources across the country, where over 500 kinds of fruit trees involving 174 species and varieties, 82 genera, 41 families, 3 categories (tropical, subtropical, and temperate) are available. It is the heartland where leechee, longan, canarium pimela (Chinese white olive) originate and form types. The vegetables have more than 300 species of 14 categories and the flowers have over 2000 species of 6 categories. Zengcheng Simiao rice is the first product protected by geographical indication in Guangzhou.

Mineral resources

The geologic structure is complex and there are favorable conditions for mineralization. 47 minerals and 820 ore fields, including 18 large and medium-sized oil deposits, have been found. The main minerals are building granite, cement limestone, ceramic clay, potassium, albite, salt mine, mirabilite, nepheline syenite, fluorite, marble, mineral water and geothermal mineral water.

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