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Foreigners in Guangzhou

Till October 15th, 2014, the total population of foreigners living in Guangzhou is 118,000, in which Asian has the most: 57,000 while European has 22,000, African has 16,000, North American has 14,000, South American has 5,000 and Oceania has 4,000. In terms of nationalities, Japanese, Korean and American rank the top 3 among the population of foreigners. In the top 20 nationalities, only Nigerian, the 14th and Egyptian, the 17th, are Africans.  

Foreigners Prefer to Live in Tianhe, Yuexiu, Panyu and Baiyun district

Among 118,000 foreigners in Guangzhou, 47,000 are permanent residents (Living in Guangzhou over 6 months, including about 10,000 overseas students). Divided by the administrative region in Guangzhou, the permanent foreign residents are over 5,000 in Tianhe, Yuexiu, Panyu, and Baiyun districts, respectively. There are 119 communities with more than 50 foreign residents in each one. The number of foreign resident in Guangzhou increased year by year, which are 28,000, 31,000, 36,000, 37,000, and 47,000 respectively, from year 2010 to 2015.

Favorable inhabiting environment attract foreigners stay in Guangzhou

According to statistics, the number of foreigners in Guangzhou ranked 3rd in China, following Beijing and Shanghai. In fact, it is a tradition that foreigners settle down in Guangzhou. Foreigners choose to settle down in Guangzhou because of the following reasons:

1, It is convenient for living or running business in Guangzhou because the good location and medical condition.

2, Guangzhou is the center of the Pearl River Delta. Owning the port, Guangzhou is a major distribution center for goods. What’s more, it is close to Hong Kong. which is very suitable for business.

3, Guangzhou is shoppers’ paradise because of the high quality products and adequate supply of goods.

4, Compare to other big cities in China, the relatively low cost of living. in Guangzhou attracted many foreigners. Most of them prefer the unhurried pace of life in Guangzhou.

5, The traffic in Guangzhou is very convenient. Guangzhou not only connect to Europe and America easily, but also has direct flight or connect flight to over 20 countries in Africa.


6, Guangzhou is a gourmet paradise. There are delicacies from around the world. The local Guangzhou dishes are sweet and light, so that foreigners can easy to get used for the local food.

7, People in Guangzhou are inclusive, enthusiastic and pragmatic. Guangzhou residents are not strange to foreigners in different skin color or different languages. Guangzhou People communicate with foreigners in reasonable manner, and treat them as compatriots. Living in Guangzhou, foreigners feel very comfortable, which feel like living in their own country!

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