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Education and Human Resources

In its implementation of the 9-year compulsory education plan, Guangzhou has been carrying out the policy of ‘Two Exemptions and One Supplement’ targeting students from verified poor families. Free education is also provided to abnormal children who are still in the period of compulsory education and aid is also extended to students from rural areas.

Starting from 2015, the enrollment of state-run elementary schools in Guangzhou adopts on-line registration and has been incorporated into the electronic school roll management system. In the stage of compulsory education, public schools in Guangzhou adhere to the principle of ‘nearby enrollment without examination’, and non-state-run schools stick to the principle of ‘enrollment without examinations’.

In 2014, there are 26,500 newly enrolled graduate students in Guangzhou, 77,200 graduate students at school and 22,700 graduates with a master degree. As for regular higher education, there are 301,500 newly recruited students in colleges and universities, 1,019,300 undergraduates at school, and 254, 000 graduates with a bachelor degree. In secondary vocational schools, there are 88,400 newly enrolled students, 244,600 students at school, and 74,700 graduates. In ordinary secondary schools, there are 173,600 newly recruited students, 532,900 students at school and 178,200 graduates. As for primary schools, there are 173,900 newly enrolled pupils, 900,100 students at school and 125,000 graduates. There are 404,300 preschoolers in kindergartens.

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center is the center for top talent training, scientific research and exchange in South China. It is a national first-class university park integrated with science, research and production, and also the information port and intelligence center in southern China. The planning and construction of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center officially started in January 2003, and the first-stage construction was completed 19 months later. In September 1, 2004, ten colleges and universities entered the Center. Another two colleges will be stationed in the Center after the second-stage construction is finished.

On May 4, 2015, Guangzhou government approved the Construction Project Planning Program on Elevating Nursery, Elementary and Secondary Schools in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. According to the program, at least 4 schools and kindergartens will be built in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center over the next 10 years, including 2 kindergartens, 1 elementary school and 1 secondary school.

Policies concerning the introduction of talent

Guangzhou has stipulated that a series of preferential policies which are designed to attract, cultivate and train talents be implemented. Favorable policies are provided to talented people in higher education aimed at solving problems related to job transfers, Hukou registration, housing and the education of their children. Programs facilitating exchanges of high-tech elites are also organized regularly.

In 2014, 106,700 people migrated to Guangzhou from other places, over 90% of whom registered their residence in Guangzhou through family reunion, introduction of talents, and institutional household in schools.

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